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EC Number:

Enzymes and Genes:

Bos taurus: phenylacetyl-coenzyme A:glycine N-acyltransferaseInferred from experiment: GAT

In Pathway: L-phenylalanine degradation IV (mammalian, via side chain)

The direction shown, i.e. which substrates are on the left and right sides, is in accordance with the Enzyme Commission system.

Most BioCyc compounds have been protonated to a reference pH value of 7.3. Please see the PGDB Concepts Guide for more information.

Mass balance status: Balanced.

Enzyme Commission Primary Name: glycine N-phenylacetyltransferase

Enzyme Commission Synonyms: arylacetyl-CoA N-acyltransferase, arylacetyltransferase, GAT (gene name)

Standard Gibbs Free Energy (ΔrG in kcal/mol): -5.0441284Inferred by computational analysis [Latendresse13]

Enzyme Commission Summary:
Not identical with EC (glycine N-acyltransferase). This enzyme was purified from bovine liver mitochondria. L-asparagine, L-glutamine and L-arginine are also substrates, but have higher Km values.

Citations: [Nandi79, Kelley90, Vessey98 ]

Gene-Reaction Schematic

Gene-Reaction Schematic

Unification Links: KEGG:R05841, Rhea:27850

Relationship Links: BRENDA:EC:, ENZYME:EC:, IUBMB-ExplorEnz:EC:

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Revised 03-Nov-2010 by Caspi R, SRI International


Kelley90: Kelley M, Vessey DA (1990). "The effects of ions on the conjugation of xenobiotics by the aralkyl-CoA and arylacetyl-CoA N-acyltransferases from bovine liver mitochondria." J Biochem Toxicol 5(2);125-35. PMID: 2283662

Latendresse13: Latendresse M. (2013). "Computing Gibbs Free Energy of Compounds and Reactions in MetaCyc."

Nandi79: Nandi DL, Lucas SV, Webster LT (1979). "Benzoyl-coenzyme A:glycine N-acyltransferase and phenylacetyl-coenzyme A:glycine N-acyltransferase from bovine liver mitochondria. Purification and characterization." J Biol Chem 254(15);7230-7. PMID: 457678

Vessey98: Vessey DA, Lau E (1998). "Determination of the sequence of the arylacetyl acyl-CoA:amino acid N-acyltransferase from bovine liver mitochondria and its homology to the aralkyl acyl-CoA:amino acid N-acyltransferase." J Biochem Mol Toxicol 12(5);275-9. PMID: 9664233

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