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Homo sapiens: diphosphoinositol polyphosphate phosphohydrolase 3βInferred from experiment: NUDT11
diphosphoinositol polyphosphate phosphohydrolase 3αInferred from experiment: NUDT10

Note that this reaction equation differs from the official Enzyme Commission reaction equation for this EC number, which can be found here .

The direction shown, i.e. which substrates are on the left and right sides, is in accordance with the Enzyme Commission system.

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Mass balance status: Balanced.

Enzyme Commission Primary Name: adenosine-tetraphosphatase

Standard Gibbs Free Energy (ΔrG in kcal/mol): -101.96472Inferred by computational analysis [Latendresse13]

Enzyme Commission Summary:
Also acts on inosine tetraphosphate and tripolyphosphate but shows little or no activity with other nucleotides or polyphosphates.

Citations: [Leslie02, Small66]

Gene-Reaction Schematic

Gene-Reaction Schematic

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Latendresse13: Latendresse M. (2013). "Computing Gibbs Free Energy of Compounds and Reactions in MetaCyc."

Leslie02: Leslie NR, McLennan AG, Safrany ST (2002). "Cloning and characterisation of hAps1 and hAps2, human diadenosine polyphosphate-metabolising Nudix hydrolases." BMC Biochem 3;20. PMID: 12121577

Small66: Small GD, Cooper C (1966). "Purification and properties of nucleoside tetraphosphate hydrolase from rabbit muscle." Biochemistry 5(1);14-26. PMID: 4287215

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