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Comamonas testosteroni: alcohol dehydrogenase (azurin)Inferred from experiment: qheDH

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The direction shown, i.e. which substrates are on the left and right sides, is in accordance with the Enzyme Commission system.

Mass balance status: Balance undetermined; a substrate lacks a chemical formula

Enzyme Commission Primary Name: alcohol dehydrogenase (azurin)

Enzyme Commission Synonyms: type II quinoprotein alcohol dehydrogenase, quinohaemoprotein ethanol dehydrogenase, QHEDH, ADHIIB

Taxonomic Range: Bacteria

Enzyme Commission Summary:
A soluble, periplasmic PQQ-containing quinohaemoprotein. Also contains a single haem c. Occurs in Comamonas and Pseudomonas. Does not require an amine activator. Oxidises a wide range of primary and secondary alcohols, and also aldehydes and large substrates such as sterols; methanol is not a substrate. Usually assayed with phenazine methosulphate or ferricyanide. Like all other quinoprotein alcohol dehydrogenases it has an 8-bladed 'propeller' structure, a calcium ion bound to the PQQ in the active site and an unusual disulphide ring structure in close proximity to the PQQ.

Citations: [Groen86, deJong95, Toyama95, Matsushita99, Chen02b , Oubrie02]

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Gene-Reaction Schematic

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