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EcoCyc Advisory Board

The EcoCyc Advisory Board guides the EcoCyc project on a variety of matters including task prioritization, database content, Pathway Tools software, user interface issues, and community outreach.

The current members are as follows.

  • Tomer Altman, Altman Analytics LLC
  • Paul Babitzke, Penn State University
  • Chris Beecher, IROA Technologies
  • Robert Bourret, University of North Carolina
  • William Cannon, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
  • Sean Crosson, Michigan State University
  • Todd DeSantis, Second Genome
  • Art Edison, University of Georgia
  • Clay Foster, University of Oklahoma
  • Peter Freddolino, University of Michigan
  • Mark Goulian, University of Pennsylvania
  • Meagan Hamblin, Stanford University
  • Terence Hwa, University of California, San Diego
  • James Imlay, University of Illinois
  • Robert Landick, University of Wisconsin
  • Lukas Mueller, Boyce Thompson Institute
  • Ranjan Srivastava, University of Connecticut

Former Steering Committee Members

We wish to thank former members for their service:

  • Sankar Adhya, Laboratory of Molecular Biology, NCI, NIH
  • James Anderson, National Institutes of Health
  • Dana Boyd, Harvard University
  • Carol Bult, Jackson Laboratory
  • J. Michael Cherry, Stanford University
  • Rex Chisholm, Northwestern University
  • Stanley Cohen, Stanford University
  • Tyrell Conway, Oklahoma University
  • John Cronan, University of Illinois
  • George Garrity, Michigan State University
  • Richard Gourse, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Jay Gralla, University of California Los Angeles
  • Carol Gross, University of California, San Francisco
  • Alan Grossman, Massachussets Institute of Technology
  • Robert Gunsalus, University of California Los Angeles
  • Roger Hendrix, University of Pittsburgh
  • James Hu, Texas A&M University
  • Matt Jacobson, University of California, San Francisco
  • Patricia Kiley, University of Wisconsin
  • Sydney Kustu, University of California, Berkeley
  • Costas Maranas, Pennsylvania State University
  • Philip Matsumura, University of Illinois
  • Tim Meredith, Penn State University
  • Frederick Neidhardt, University of Michigan
  • Nicole Perna, University of Wisconsin
  • Virgil Rhodius, Dupont
  • Monica Riley, Marine Biological Laboratory
  • Martin Ringwald, The Jackson Laboratory
  • Daniel Segre, Boston University
  • Lyle Simmons, University of Michigan
  • Amy Vollmer, Swarthmore
  • Barry Wanner, Purdue University
  • Bart Weimer, University of California, Davis
  • Charles Yanofsky, Stanford University