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E. coli Gene-Link Table

This table can be downloaded separately here.

#  ecocyc 22.6 Genes link table generated on Tue Nov 20, 2018
#  All columns are separated by tab characters.
#  Columns are: 
#  GENE-ID  EG#  b#  y-name  CGSC-ID  UniProt-ID  GENE-NAME  
#   GENE-ID      = Pathway Tools unique identifier for the gene
#   EG#          = EcoGene identifier
#   b#           = Blattner Genbank record identifier
#   y-name       = EcoGene y-name assigned in 1998 if the function was not established at that time
#   CGSC-ID      = Coli Genetic Stock Center identifier
#   UniProt-ID = Swiss-Prot identifier
#   GENE-NAME    = Pathway Tools gene name
EG10981	EG10981	b0728		17845	P0A836	sucC
EG12263	EG12263	b3536	yhjS		P37657	bcsE
EG10804	EG10804	b1676		17620	P0AD61	pykF
EG11964	EG11964	b3602	yibL		P0ADK8	yibL
EG10357	EG10357	b4122		18289	P14407	fumB
EG11998	EG11998	b2119	yehL		P33348	yehL
EG10701	EG10701	b0903		410	P09373	pflB
EG12251	EG12251	b3524	yhjG		P37645	yhjG
EG50010	EG50010	b0356			P25437	frmA
EG11874	EG11874	b3920	yiiQ		P32160	yiiQ
EG10358	EG10358	b1611		15273	P05042	fumC
G6915	EG13971	b1689	ydiL		P76196	ydiL
EG10756	EG10756	b3956		368	P00864	ppc
EG11713	EG11713	b3689	yidR		P31455	yidR
EG10480	EG10480	b2719		33151	P16433	hycG
G6996	EG13516	b1815	yoaD		P76261	pdeD
G592	EG13186	b1380			P52643	ldhA
EG11522	EG11522	b0702	ybfB		P0AAU5	ybfB
EG11168	EG11168	b3061	ygjA	33459	P05847	ttdA
G7163	EG14088	b2250	yfaZ		P76471	yfaZ
EG10803	EG10803	b1854		32363	P21599	pykA
G7876	EG12516	b4222	ytfP		P0AE48	ytfP
EG10481	EG10481	b2718		33140	P0AEV7	hycH
G7321	EG14209	b2513	yfgM		P76576	yfgM
EG10031	EG10031	b1241		1041	P0A9Q7	adhE
EG11293	EG11293	b1209	ychC	31940	P61320	lolB
EG10478	EG10478	b2721		33159	P16431	hycE
G7461	EG13076	b2833	ygdR		P65294	ygdR
EG11169	EG11169	b3062	ygjB	33462	P0AC35	ttdB
G7759	EG12946	b3442	yhhZ		P46855	yhhZ
EG10475	EG10475	b2724		33169	P0AAK1	hycB
EG10218	EG10218	b2314			P09549	dedD
G7567	EG13018	b3014	yqhH		P65298	yqhH
EG11174	EG11174	b3121	yhaC		P11864	yhaC
EG11110	EG11110	b0736	ybgC		P0A8Z3	ybgC
G6200	EG13604	b0335	yahU		P77495	prpE
G7674	EG12813	b3220	yhcG		P45423	yhcG
EG10281	EG10281	b1187		789	P0A8V6	fadR
EG11091	EG11091	b0239	yafA		P04335	frsA
EG10278	EG10278	b3845		794	P21151	fadA
EG10653	EG10653	b3365		451	P08201	nirB
G7213	EG14128	b2342	yfcY		P76503	fadI
G7306	EG14217	b2489			P77668	hyfI
G36	EG12723	b3081	ygjL		P42593	fadH
EG12332	EG12332	b0156	yadR		P0ACC3	erpA
G6922	EG13978	b1699	ydiS		P77337	ydiS
EG11552	EG11552	b2713		33521	P0AAK4	hydN
EG11672	EG11672	b2224		985	P76461	atoB
G6775	EG12622	b1478	yddN		P39451	adhP
G6918	EG13974	b1695	ydiO		P0A9U8	ydiO
EG11910	EG11910	b3951	yijL	35843	P32674	pflD
EG11668	EG11668	b2220		984	Q06065	atoC
EG10655	EG10655	b3366		35425	P0A9I8	nirD
G6201	EG20276	b0346			P77569	mhpR
EG10483	EG10483	b2726		33104	P0A700	hypA
EG10279	EG10279	b3846		793	P21177	fadB
G7304	EG14215	b2487			P77329	hyfG
M011	EG20274	b0348			P0ABR9	mhpB
EG11150	EG11150	b2481	yffE		P23481	hyfA
G6105	EG13145	b0221	yafH		Q47146	fadE
EG12068	EG12068	b2208	yojG	36544	P0AAL0	napF
G6923	EG13979	b1700	ydiT		P77714	ydiT
G7305	EG14216	b2488			P77423	hyfH
EG12357	EG12357	b1701	ydiD		P38135	fadK
EG10257	EG10257	b1851		825	P0ADF6	edd
G6920	EG13976	b1697	ydiQ		P76201	ydiQ
G6903	EG13960	b1675	ydhZ		P0ACX5	fumD
EG11669	EG11669	b2221		18514	P76458	atoD
EG10337	EG10337	b2168		743	P0AEW9	fruK
G6206	EG13293	b0353	yaiK		P77589	mhpT
EG12375	EG12375	b0913	ycaI		P37443	ycaI
EG11530	EG11530	b1805		792	P69451	fadD
G6769	EG13779	b1462	yddH		P76121	yddH
EG10280	EG10280	b2344		790	P10384	fadL
G0-10648	EG14480	b4675	yoaJ		C1P603	yoaJ
G6195	EG13600	b0330	yahP		P77743	prpR
G6564	EG13430	b1104	ycfL		P75946	ycfL
G7212	EG14127	b2341	yfcX		P77399	fadJ
G0-10737	EG14502	b4707				esrE
EG12432	EG12432	b1694	ydiF		P37766	ydiF
G6454	EG13689	b0869	ybjT		P75822	ybjT
G6921	EG13977	b1698	ydiR		P77378	ydiR
G0-16695						naRNA2
EG11670	EG11670	b2222		986	P76459	atoA
G6329	EG13531	b0600	ybdL		P77806	ybdL
G6244	EG13251	b0443	ybaW		P77712	fadM
G6180	EG13585	b0310	ykgH		P77180	ykgH
EG11667	EG11667	b2219		37061	Q06067	atoS
EG11963	EG11963	b3605			P33232	lldD
G6720	EG13746	b1399	ydbY		P76086	paaX
G7554	EG13006	b2997	yghV		P69741	hybO
G6338	EG13538	b0612	ybdS		P0AE74	citT
EG11799	EG11799	b2996		33407	P0AAJ8	hybA
EG20080	EG20080	b2976		711	P37330	glcB
EG10285	EG10285	b4079		18400	P07658	fdhF
EG12417	EG12417	b2091		713	P0A9S3	gatD
EG10649	EG10649	b1109		457	P00393	ndh
EG12245	EG12245	b3519		35861	P62601	treF
EG10468	EG10468	b0972		31781	P69739	hyaA
EG11906	EG11906	b3947	yijH		P32670	ptsA
EG11227	EG11227	b1474		32160	P24183	fdnG
EG11648	EG11648	b0207	yafB		P30863	dkgB
EG10318	EG10318	b0684		31496	P61949	fldA
EG11221	EG11221	b1852		2	P0AC53	zwf
EG11858	EG11858	b3894		33985	P32176	fdoG
EG10971	EG10971	b2705		153	P05707	srlD
EG11801	EG11801	b2994		33418	P0ACE0	hybC
EG10700	EG10700	b1723		412	P06999	pfkB
EG10469	EG10469	b0973		31784	P0ACD8	hyaB
EG10564	EG10564	b1622		32257	P23256	malY
EG10648	EG10648	b1468		18103	P19319	narZ
EG10411	EG10411	b2029		669	P00350	gnd
EG10330	EG10330	b4154		742	P00363	frdA
EG10336	EG10336	b2167		350	P20966	fruA
EG12067	EG12067	b2206	yojD	36550	P33937	napA
EG10087	EG10087	b2714		33230	P24242	ascG
EG10638	EG10638	b1224		459	P09152	narG
EG10016	EG10016	b3126	yhaF		P23522	garL
EG10331	EG10331	b4153		741	P0AC47	frdB
G7945	EG12590	b4358	yjjN		P39400	lgoD
EG11814	EG11814	b0997		17575	P33225	torA
G7542	EG12995	b2975	yghK		Q46839	glcA
EG10647	EG10647	b1467		32142	P19318	narY
G6716	EG13742	b1395	ydbU		P76083	paaH
G6849	EG13847	b1591	ynfI		P69853	dmsD
G6205	EG13292	b0352			P51020	mhpE
EG10639	EG10639	b1225		18118	P11349	narH
EG20044	EG20044	b3528		872	P0A830	dctA
EG11492	EG11492	b4051		36654	P28304	qorA
EG12414	EG12414	b2094		715	P69828	gatA
G7023	EG13277	b1873	yecK		P52005	torY
EG12144	EG12144	b0688		406	P36938	pgm
EG12697	EG12697	b2895			P0ABY4	fldB
EG11867	EG11867	b3903		292	P32170	rhaA
EG12062	EG12062	b2204	yejZ	36556	P33934	napH
EG11447	EG11447	b2696		34504	P69913	csrA
EG10334	EG10334	b3844		49	P0AEN1	fre
EG11101	EG11101	b0476	ybaC		P23872	aes
G7413	EG12963	b2710	ygaJ		Q46877	norV
EG10949	EG10949	b0146		30524	P0A823	sfsA
EG12064	EG12064	b2205	yojA	36553	P0AAL3	napG
EG10616	EG10616	b3600		479	P09424	mtlD
EG11328	EG11328	b2525		32984	P0A9R4	fdx
EG10561	EG10561	b3416		527	P15977	malQ
G7022	EG13276	b1872			P46923	torZ
EG10369	EG10369	b0124		30502	P15877	gcd
EG12244	EG12244	b3518	yhjA		P37197	ccp
EG10254	EG10254	b3075		829	P06846	ebgR
EG11563	EG11563	b0042	yaaR		P31574	fixB
EG10060	EG10060	b0396		29861	P23910	araJ
EG11562	EG11562	b0041	yaaQ		P60566	fixA
G7910	EG12549	b4297	yjhG		P39358	yjhG
G7535	EG12988	b2968	yghD		Q46832	yghD
G7446	EG13168	b2788	ygcY		Q46915	gudX
G6759	EG13770	b1448	yncA		P76112	mnaT
G6713	EG13739	b1392	ydbR		P76081	paaE
EG10015	EG10015	b2516	yfgA		P27434	rodZ
G6196	EG13601	b0331	yahQ		P77541	prpB
G6895	EG13952	b1667	ydhR		P0ACX3	ydhR
EG13159	EG13159	b2406			P45562	xapB
G7443	EG13034	b2777	ygcF		P64554	queE
EG12296	EG12296	b3612	yibO		P37689	gpmM
G7112	EG14055	b2073	yegL		P76396	yegL
EG12034	EG12034	b2170	yeiO		P33026	setB
G7298	EG14197	b2475	ypfJ		P64429	ypfJ
EG11848	EG11848	b3883	yihV		P32143	yihV
EG10372	EG10372	b1761		712	P00370	gdhA
EG11402	EG11402	b4239		34597	P28904	treC
G6455	EG13690	b0870	ybjU		P75823	ltaE
EG11074	EG11074	b3565		5	P00944	xylA
EG10944	EG10944	b2913		173	P0A9T0	serA
EG10819	EG10819	b3753		12086	P0ACQ0	rbsR
EG10945	EG10945	b4388		172	P0AGB0	serB
EG10593	EG10593	b2150		501	P0AEE5	mglB
EG10946	EG10946	b0907		171	P23721	serC
EG10558	EG10558	b4035		529	P68187	malK
EG10187	EG10187	b3607		894	P0A9D4	cysE
EG10364	EG10364	b2837		721	P03024	galR
EG10192	EG10192	b2414		889	P0ABK5	cysK
EG10165	EG10165	b2417		905	P69783	crr
EG10193	EG10193	b2421		17722	P16703	cysM
EG10057	EG10057	b1901		1023	P02924	araF
EG10079	EG10079	b0754		1002	P0AB91	aroG
M013	EG14274	b0350			P77608	mhpD
EG11271	EG11271	b2598			P0AD72	pheL
G7891	EG12538	b4264	yjgS		P39343	idnR
EG10707	EG10707	b2599		403	P0A9J8	pheA
G7335	EG13459	b2541	yfhX		P0CI31	hcaB
EG11039	EG11039	b2600		58	P07023	tyrA
G6710	EG14299	b1389	ynbF		P76078	paaB
EG11026	EG11026	b1262		72	P00909	trpC
G6094	EG13219	b0186			P52095	ldcC
EG11274	EG11274	b1265			P0AD92	trpL
EG12760	EG12760	b3127	yhaU		P0AA80	garP
EG11027	EG11027	b1263		71	P00904	trpD
EG12286	EG12286	b3582	yiaR		P37679	sgbU
EG11024	EG11024	b1260		74	P0A877	trpA
EG11961	EG11961	b3603		35161	P33231	lldP
EG10080	EG10080	b1704		1001	P00887	aroH
EG11845	EG11845	b3880	yihS		P32140	yihS
EG11028	EG11028	b1264		70	P00895	trpE
EG11319	EG11319	b1236	ychD	719	P0AEP3	galU
EG11025	EG11025	b1261		73	P0A879	trpB
EG11055	EG11055	b1617		36	P05804	uidA
EG10449	EG10449	b2019		630	P60757	hisG
EG10816	EG10816	b3750		12089	P0AGI1	rbsC
EG10446	EG10446	b2021		634	P06986	hisC
EG10577	EG10577	b4119		522	P06720	melA
EG11269	EG11269	b2018			P60995	hisL
EG10555	EG10555	b4033		531	P02916	malF
EG10450	EG10450	b2023		629	P60595	hisH
EG10355	EG10355	b2804			P0AEN8	fucU
EG10447	EG10447	b2020		633	P06988	hisD
EG10143	EG10143	b1735		18481	P17410	chbR
EG10444	EG10444	b2024		636	P10371	hisA
EG10054	EG10054	b0064		1026	P0A9E0	araC
EG10451	EG10451	b2026			P06989	hisI
M009	EG13456	b2538	yfhU		P0ABR5	hcaE
EG10448	EG10448	b2025		631	P60664	hisF
G7789	EG11718	b4479	yidW		P31460	dgoR
EG10445	EG10445	b2022		635	P06987	hisB
G7264	EG14163	b2429	yfeV		P77272	murP
G0-9281						alaB
G6653	EG13916	b1315	ycjS		P77503	ycjS
EG10107	EG10107	b3572		971	P09053	avtA
EG20252	EG20252	b3566		17773	P37387	xylF
G7184	EG14101	b2290	yfbQ		P0A959	alaA
EG12734	EG12734	b3091	ygjW	17	P42604	uxaA
G7242	EG14198	b2379	yfdZ		P77434	alaC
EG12276	EG12276	b3568		33783	P0AGI4	xylH
EG11408	EG11408	b1190		883	P29012	dadX
EG11957	EG11957	b4085	yjcU		P32719	alsE
EG10001	EG10001	b4053		1034	P0A6B4	alr
EG11729	EG11729	b3719	yieL		P31471	yieL
G7731	EG12917	b3379	yhfV		P45548	php
EG11288	EG11288	b0394	yajF		P23917	mak
G7846	EG12484	b4181	yjfI		P0AF76	yjfI
EG11052	EG11052	b3668		15448	P09835	uhpB
EG11217	EG11217	b4397	yjjD	34809	P0AE91	creA
EG10789	EG10789	b2416		347	P08839	ptsI
EG10501	EG10501	b3769		18214	P0ADG1	ilvM
EG10568	EG10568	b1818		18175	P69801	manY
EG11275	EG11275	b3672			P03061	ivbL
EG10526	EG10526	b0343		577	P02920	lacY
EG10494	EG10494	b3671		608	P08142	ilvB
EG10351	EG10351	b2799		17698	P0A9S1	fucO
EG10502	EG10502	b3670		15441	P0ADF8	ilvN
EG10140	EG10140	b1738		34873	P69795	chbB
EG10499	EG10499	b0078		602	P00894	ilvH
EG10035	EG10035	b1415		17767	P25553	aldA
EG10495	EG10495	b3774		607	P05793	ilvC
G8210	EG10969	b2702			P56579	srlA
EG10500	EG10500	b0077		601	P00893	ilvI
G7723	EG12909	b3371	yhfN		P0AC00	frlB
EG10496	EG10496	b3771		606	P05791	ilvD
G6986	EG13507	b1800	yeaU		P76251	dmlA
EG11270	EG11270	b3766			P62522	ilvL
G6347	EG13545	b0621			P0ABP3	dcuC
EG10493	EG10493	b3772		609	P04968	ilvA
EG20173	EG20173	b2297		353	P0A9M8	pta
EG11040	EG11040	b4054		57	P04693	tyrB
EG12419	EG12419	b2096	yegF		P0C8J6	gatY
EG10497	EG10497	b3770		605	P0AB80	ilvE
EG12253	EG12253	b3526	yhjI	591	P37647	kdgK
EG11576	EG11576	b0072		570	P0A6A6	leuC
EG11909	EG11909	b3950	yijK		P69816	frwB
EG11226	EG11226	b0074		572	P09151	leuA
EG11658	EG11658	b1616			P0CE44	uidB
EG11577	EG11577	b0073		571	P30125	leuB
EG11225	EG11225	b4138		34476	P0ABN5	dcuA
EG11280	EG11280	b0075			P0AD79	leuL
EG10972	EG10972	b2706		33198	P15081	gutM
EG11575	EG11575	b0071		569	P30126	leuD
EG10754	EG10754	b0871		369	P07003	poxB
G6884	EG13944	b1644	ydhJ		P76185	ydhJ
EG10565	EG10565	b0403		29868	P21517	malZ
G7064	EG13378	b1978	yeeJ		P76347	yeeJ
EG10522	EG10522	b2587		32867	P0AEX3	kgtP
G6983	EG13504	b1797	yeaR		P64488	yeaR
EG10348	EG10348	b2800		17701	P0AB87	fucA
EG10081	EG10081	b3390		30224	P0A6D7	aroK
EG10114	EG10114	b3721		964	P11988	bglB
EG10076	EG10076	b1693		1005	P05194	aroD
EG10024	EG10024	b0114		1050	P0AFG8	aceE
EG10073	EG10073	b0908		1008	P0A6D3	aroA
G7948	EG12594	b4366	yjjR		P39404	bglJ
EG10082	EG10082	b0388		999	P0A6E1	aroL
G7546	EG12998	b2980	yghN		P0ACL5	glcC
EG10077	EG10077	b3281		1004	P15770	aroE
G6721	EG13747	b1400	ydbZ		P77181	paaY
EG10074	EG10074	b3389		1007	P07639	aroB
G6718	EG13744	b1397	ydbW		P0C7L2	paaJ
EG11234	EG11234	b1692	ydiB		P0A6D5	ydiB
G6278	EG13265	b0509	ybbQ		P77161	glxR
EG10078	EG10078	b2601		1003	P00888	aroF
EG20049	EG11716	b4477	yidU	36891	Q6BF16	dgoA
EG10075	EG10075	b2329		1006	P12008	aroC
EG12415	EG12415	b2093		714	P37188	gatB
EG10064	EG10064	b3959		1020	P0A6C8	argB
EG12148	EG12148	b2943		722	P0AEP1	galP
EG11223	EG11223	b3960		1014	P11447	argH
EG11868	EG11868	b3904		291	P32171	rhaB
EG10068	EG10068	b3172		1015	P0A6E4	argG
EG11448	EG11448	b4069	yfaC	34317	P27550	acs
EG10065	EG10065	b3958		1019	P11446	argC
EG11175	EG11175	b3124	yhaD		P23524	garK
EG11286	EG11286	b3957		1017	P23908	argE
EG10969	EG14373	b2703		155	P56580	srlE
EG10069	EG10069	b4254		1013	P04391	argI
EG10656	EG10656	b3188		35693	P0ACH1	sfsB
EG10063	EG10063	b2818		1021	P0A6C5	argA
EG10562	EG10562	b3418		526	P06993	malT
EG10767	EG10767	b0243		364	P07004	proA
EG10380	EG10380	b3428		33653	P0AC86	glgP
EG10768	EG10768	b0242		363	P0A7B5	proB
EG10256	EG10256	b1850		826	P0A955	eda
EG10769	EG10769	b0386		362	P0A9L8	proC
EG10085	EG10085	b2716		33236	P24240	ascB
EG10096	EG10096	b0928		990	P00509	aspC
G7919	EG12561	b4309	yjhS		P39370	nanS
EG10091	EG10091	b3744		995	P00963	asnA
G7447	EG13169	b2789	ygcZ		Q46916	gudP
EG10092	EG10092	b0674		994	P22106	asnB
G6714	EG13740	b1393	ydbR		P76082	paaF
EG10209	EG10209	b3809		17713	P0A6K1	dapF
G6198	EG11756	b0333	yzzD		P31660	prpC
EG10088	EG10088	b3433		996	P0A9Q9	asd
EG13235	EG13235	b0731			P54745	mngA
EG10590	EG10590	b3940		506	P00562	metL
EG12316	EG12316	b0118	yacJ	36955	P36683	acnB
EG10549	EG10549	b2838		540	P00861	lysA
EG12100	EG12100	b2465		29992	P33570	tktB
EG10207	EG10207	b0166		877	P0A9D8	dapD
EG11864	EG11864	b3900	yiiK		P32155	frvA
EG10066	EG10066	b3359		1018	P18335	argD
EG11427	EG11427	b2935		103	P27302	tktA
EG10998	EG10998	b0002		111	P00561	thrA
EG11075	EG11075	b3564		4	P09099	xylB
EG10550	EG10550	b4024		539	P08660	lysC
EG10842	EG10842	b3906		290	P09378	rhaR
EG10208	EG10208	b2472		876	P0AED7	dapE
EG10594	EG10594	b2148		500	P23200	mglC
EG10205	EG10205	b2478		880	P0A6L2	dapA
EG10559	EG10559	b4037		18178	P03841	malM
EG11000	EG11000	b0004		109	P00934	thrC
EG10365	EG10365	b2151		499	P25748	galS
EG10999	EG10999	b0003		110	P00547	thrB
EG10252	EG10252	b3076		830	P06864	ebgA
EG10583	EG10583	b3008		514	P06721	metC
EG10058	EG10058	b1900		1022	P0AAF3	araG
EG10584	EG10584	b3829		512	P25665	metE
M014	EG13625	b0351			P77580	mhpF
EG10581	EG10581	b4013		516	P07623	metA
G7892	EG12540	b4266	yjgU		P0A9P9	idnO
EG10587	EG10587	b4019		509	P13009	metH
G7336	EG13460	b2542	yfhY		P77650	hcaD
EG11134	EG11134	b1765	ydjA		P0ACY1	ydjA
G6711	EG13737	b1390	ydbP		P76079	paaC
EG11542	EG11542	b0494		31102	P0ADA1	tesA
G6141	EG13345	b0269	yagF		P77596	yagF
G7612	EG12743	b3098	yqjD		P64581	yqjD
EG12768	EG12768	b3137	yraC	592	P0AB74	kbaY
EG11735	EG11735	b1019	ycdB		P31545	efeB
EG12287	EG12287	b3583	yiaS		P37680	sgbE
EG10846	EG10846	b3593			P16916	rhsA
EG11965	EG11965	b3601		36774	P0AF10	mtlR
EG11922	EG11922	b4023	yjbD		P32685	yjbD
EG11846	EG11846	b3881	yihT		P32141	yihT
G7499	EG13063	b2880	ygfM		P64557	ygfM
EG11330	EG11330	b2663		728	P25527	gabP
EG12097	EG12097	b2593	yfiH		P33644	pgeF
EG11065	EG11065	b1521		16	P0A6L7	uxaB
G7417	EG13104	b2736	ygbJ		Q46888	ygbJ
EG10817	EG10817	b3748		314	P04982	rbsD
EG12290	EG12290	b3586	yiaV		P37683	yiaV
EG10578	EG10578	b4120		521	P02921	melB
G7202	EG14117	b2331	yfcN		P0A8B2	smrB
EG10556	EG10556	b4032		530	P68183	malG
EG12705	EG12705	b2958	yggN		P0ADS9	yggN
EG10362	EG10362	b0759		724	P09147	galE
G7027	EG14013	b1878			P76297	flhE
EG10144	EG10144	b1734	ydjD	17734	P17411	chbF
G0-10470	EG11348	b4557	yidD		P0A8C8	yidD
EG10055	EG10055	b0061		1025	P08203	araD
G6970	EG13494	b1784	yeaH		P76235	yeaH
M010	EG20273	b0347			P77397	mhpA
G7821	EG12459	b4089	yjcY		P0ACS7	alsR
G6866	EG12668	b1615			Q47706	uidC
G7331	EG13455	b2537	yfhT		Q47141	hcaR
G0-16680		b4718				gadF
G6708	EG13735	b1387	ydbN		P77455	paaZ
G6635	EG12967	b1267	yciO		P0AFR4	yciO
EG20253	EG20253	b3569		3	P0ACI3	xylR
G0-9582	EG14302	b4415	ybdY		P77091	hokE
EG12738	EG12738	b3093		800	P0AA78	exuT
G6502	EG13726	b0968	yccX		P0AB65	yccX
EG12279	EG12279	b3575	yiaK		P37672	yiaK
G6243	EG13250	b0442	ybaV		P0AAR8	ybaV
EG11958	EG11958	b4086	yjcV		P32720	alsC
G6399	EG13664	b0769	ybhH		P0AAV8	ybhH
EG11827	EG11827	b4090	yjcA		P37351	rpiB
EG10797	EG10797	b2557		336	P15254	purL
EG11313	EG11313	b3907		34185	P27125	rhaT
EG10794	EG10794	b2312		340	P0AG16	purF
EG11053	EG11053	b3667		15449	P09836	uhpC
EG10791	EG10791	b2476		343	P0A7D7	purC
EG10814	EG10814	b3749		12082	P04983	rbsA
EG11314	EG11314	b1131		344	P0AB89	purB
EG10569	EG10569	b1819		346	P69805	manZ
EG10798	EG10798	b2499		335	P08178	purM
EG10527	EG10527	b0344		576	P00722	lacZ
EG10792	EG10792	b4005		342	P15640	purD
EG10352	EG10352	b2801		10875	P11551	fucP
EG11809	EG11809	b1849		32348	P33221	purT
EG10141	EG10141	b1737		18487	P17334	chbC
EG10799	EG10799	b2500		17623	P08179	purN
EG10052	EG10052	b0062		1028	P08202	araA
EG10796	EG10796	b0522		17995	P09029	purK
GB4478	EG20050	b4478	yidU	859	Q6BF17	dgoD
EG10793	EG10793	b0523		341	P0AG18	purE
G7724	EG12910	b4474	yhfP		P45541	frlC
G6188	EG13593	b0323	yahI		P77624	yahI
G7128	EG12418	b2095			P0C8J8	gatZ
EG10135	EG10135	b0033		935	P00968	carB
G6626	EG13900	b1199	ysgS		P76014	dhaL
G7185	EG14102	b2291	yfbR		P76491	yfbR
EG20248	EG20248	b4323		13	P39160	uxuB
EG11279	EG11279	b4246			P0AD83	pyrL
EG12458	EG12458	b4088	yjcX		P39265	alsB
EG10808	EG10808	b3642		327	P0A7E3	pyrE
EG12272	EG12272	b3553	yiaE		P37666	ghrB
EG11646	EG11646	b2166	yeiC		P30235	psuK
EG11912	EG11912	b3953	yijN		P32676	frwD
EG10806	EG10806	b1062		329	P05020	pyrC
EG11698	EG11698	b0756		35171	P0A9C3	galM
EG10134	EG10134	b0032		936	P0A6F1	carA
EG11230	EG11230	b4118		18166	P0ACH8	melR
EG10774	EG10774	b1207		357	P0A717	prs
EG10974	EG10974	b2707		152	P15082	srlR
EG10634	EG10634	b0675		36240	P0AF24	umpH
EG10787	EG10787	b1101		349	P69786	ptsG
EG10805	EG10805	b4245		330	P0A786	pyrB
EG10566	EG10566	b1613		525	P00946	manA
G7500	EG13064	b2881	ygfN		Q46814	xdhD
EG10524	EG10524	b0342		579	P07464	lacA
G7487	EG13051	b2868	ygeU		Q46801	xdhC
EG10349	EG10349	b2802		10878	P69922	fucI
G7486	EG13050	b2867	ygeT		Q46800	xdhB
EG10115	EG10115	b3722		18502	P08722	bglF
G7485	EG13049	b2866	ygeS		Q46799	xdhA
EG10025	EG10025	b0115		26530	P06959	aceF
EG11702	EG11702	b3996	yjaD		P32664	nudC
G7990	EG10005	b2169			P69811	fruB
EG11125	EG11125	b1257	yciE		P21363	yciE
G7565	EG13015	b3012	yqhE		Q46857	dkgA
G7828	EG12466	b4126	yjdI		P0AF59	yjdI
G6811	EG13817	b1525	yneI		P76149	sad
G7690	EG12827	b4472	yhdP		P46474	yhdP
G6719	EG13745	b1398			P76085	paaK
EG11188	EG11188	b3618	yibB		P25666	htrL
G6283	EG13621	b0514	ybbZ		P77364	glxK
EG10120	EG10120	b0778		956	P13000	bioD
EG20051	EG20051	b3693	yidV	858	P31459	dgoK
EG10117	EG10117	b0774		959	P12995	bioA
EG12416	EG12416	b2092			P69831	gatC
EG10124	EG10124	b3551		951	P20099	bisC
EG12152	EG12152	b4268		17686	P39208	idnK
EG10121	EG10121	b0776		955	P12998	bioF
EG11869	EG11869	b3909		589	P0A712	kdgT
EG10118	EG10118	b0775		958	P12996	bioB
EG11561	EG11561	b0040	yaaP	36822	P31553	caiT
EG10122	EG10122	b3412		954	P13001	bioH
EG11176	EG11176	b3125	yhaE		P0ABQ2	garR
EG10119	EG10119	b0777		957	P12999	bioC
EG10970	EG10970	b2704		11886	P05706	srlB
G6851	EG13849	b1593	ynfK		P0A6E9	ynfK
EG10699	EG10699	b3916		413	P0A796	pfkA
EG10418	EG10418	b2688		659	P0A6W9	gshA
EG10563	EG10563	b1621		32254	P19642	malX
EG10419	EG10419	b2947		33370	P04425	gshB
EG10381	EG10381	b3431			P15067	glgX
G7187	EG14104	b2293	yfbT		P77625	hxpA
EG10282	EG10282	b2925		786	P0AB71	fbaA
G7384	EG13518	b2649	ypjB		P76612	ypjB
EG10086	EG10086	b2715		33233	P24241	ascF
EG12438	EG12438	b2263	yfbB		P37355	menH
EG10006	EG10006	b4123		34479	P0ABN9	dcuB
EG11143	EG11143	b2232	yfaB	44	P17993	ubiG
G7920	EG12562	b4310	yjhT		P39371	nanM
EG11476	EG11476	b3835	yigS		P0A6A0	ubiB
G7463	EG13096	b2843	yqeE		Q46938	kduI
EG10370	EG10370	b2515		32909	P62620	ispG
G6715	EG13741	b1394	ydbT		P77467	paaG
G7582	EG13031	b3042	yqiC		Q46868	ubiK
G6199	EG13603	b0334	yahT		P77243	prpD
EG11396	EG11396	b3843	yigY		P0AAB4	ubiD
EG13236	EG13236	b0732	ybgG		P54746	mngB
G6912	EG13968	b1686	ydiI		P77781	menI
EG12399	EG12399	b1198	ycgC		P37349	dhaM
EG11368	EG11368	b2262		519	P0ABU0	menB
EG12133	EG12133	b2426	yfeF		P37440	ucpA
EG12715	EG12715	b0173	yaeM		P45568	dxr
EG11866	EG11866	b3902		289	P32169	rhaD
EG11294	EG11294	b1208	ychB		P62615	ispE
EG11443	EG11443	b2914	ygfC	264	P0A7Z0	rpiA
EG12362	EG12362	b2265	yfbA	35955	P38051	menF
EG11076	EG11076	b4031		17776	P0AGF4	xylE
EG11044	EG11044	b2311		17797	P0AG03	ubiX
EG10843	EG10843	b3905		17950	P09377	rhaS
EG11532	EG11532	b2261		518	P29208	menC
EG10615	EG10615	b3599		481	P00550	mtlA
EG10508	EG10508	b0421		30978	P22939	ispA
EG10560	EG10560	b3417		528	P00490	malP
EG11473	EG11473	b3833	yigO		P0A887	ubiE
EG10366	EG10366	b0758		720	P09148	galT
G7423	EG13110	b2747	ygbP		Q46893	ispD
EG10253	EG10253	b3077		18412	P0AC73	ebgC
EG11369	EG11369	b4039		48	P26602	ubiC
EG10059	EG10059	b4460		18535	P0AE26	araH
EG11324	EG11324	b2907		43	P25534	ubiH
M015	EG13457	b2539	yfhV		Q47140	hcaF
EG12437	EG12437	b2260		17653	P37353	menE
G7893	EG12541	b4267	yjgV		P39346	idnD
EG11816	EG11816	b2746	ygbB		P62617	ispF
G7445	EG13167	b2787	ygcX		P0AES2	gudD
EG10579	EG10579	b2264		517	P17109	menD
G6712	EG13738	b1391	ydbQ		P76080	paaD
EG11474	EG11474	b3834	yigP		P0ADP7	ubiJ
G6143	EG13347	b0271	yagH		P77713	yagH
EG10017	EG10017	b3187	yhbD	35712	P0AD57	ispB
EG12957	EG12957	b2388		707	P0A6V8	glk
G7508	EG13072	b2889	ygfV		Q46822	idi
EG12292	EG12292	b3588	yiaX	35668	P37685	aldB
G6365	EG13658	b0662	yleB		P75728	ubiF
EG12013	EG12013	b2132	yohA		P33363	bglX
EG11333	EG11333	b2906			P25535	ubiI
EG11847	EG11847	b3882	yihU		P0A9V8	yihU
EG11485	EG11485	b3850	yihB	642	P0ACB4	hemG
EG11387	EG11387	b1927	yedC	30745	P26612	amyA
EG10430	EG10430	b3804		645	P09126	hemD
EG11066	EG11066	b4322		14	P24215	uxuA
EG10427	EG10427	b1210		648	P0A6X1	hemA
EG10818	EG10818	b3752		315	P0A9J6	rbsK
EG11543	EG11543	b3997		644	P29680	hemE
EG10592	EG10592	b2149		502	P0AAG8	mglA
EG10431	EG10431	b0475		641	P23871	hemH
EG10557	EG10557	b1620		18181	P18811	malI
EG10428	EG10428	b0369		647	P0ACB2	hemB
EG10363	EG10363	b0757		723	P0A6T3	galK
EG10188	EG10188	b3368		893	P0AEA8	cysG
EG10161	EG10161	b2049		18460	P24174	cpsB
EG12189	EG12189	b2436		643	P36553	hemF
EG10056	EG10056	b2841		1024	P0AE24	araE
EG10432	EG10432	b0154		372	P23893	hemL
M012	EG20275	b0349			P77044	mhpC
EG10429	EG10429	b3805			P06983	hemC
G7858	EG12496	b4196	yjfV		P39304	ulaD
EG11836	EG11836	b3867	yihJ		P32131	hemN
G7334	EG13458	b2540	yfhW		P0ABW0	hcaC
G6349	EG13240	b0638			P52086	cobC
G6709	EG13736	b1388	ydbO		P76077	paaA
EG12150	EG12150	b1992			P36561	cobS
G495	EG13079	b2901	yqfC		Q46829	bglA
EG12151	EG12151	b1991			P36562	cobT
EG12739	EG12739	b3094		801	P0ACL2	exuR
EG13238	EG13238	b1993			P0AE76	cobU
EG12284	EG12284	b3580	yiaP	36908	P37677	lyxK
EG10130	EG10130	b1270		18493	P0A9H5	btuR
EG11959	EG11959	b4087	yjcW		P32721	alsA
EG10261	EG10261	b0593		820	P0AEJ2	entC
EG11843	EG11843	b3878	yihQ		P32138	yihQ
EG10259	EG10259	b0596		822	P15047	entA
EG11316	EG11316	b3571		17659	P25718	malS
EG11493	EG11493	b1096		31889	P28305	pabC
EG11054	EG11054	b3666		37	P0AGC0	uhpT
EG11138	EG11138	b1865	yebD		P0AFC0	nudB
EG10815	EG10815	b3751		12092	P02925	rbsB
EG11673	EG11673	b3058	ygiG		P0AC16	folB
EG10576	EG10576	b3236		523	P61889	mdh
EG11374	EG11374	b0142		29572	P26281	folK
EG10543	EG10543	b0116		544	P0A9P0	lpd
EG10682	EG10682	b3360		429	P00903	pabA
EG10353	EG10353	b2805		10884	P0ACK8	fucR
EG50011	EG50011	b3177		29566	P0AC13	folP
EG10142	EG10142	b1736		18484	P69791	chbA
EG11375	EG11375	b2153		32718	P0A6T5	folE
EG10053	EG10053	b0063		1027	P08204	araB
EG10683	EG10683	b1812		428	P05041	pabB
M004	EG11960	b3386	yhfD		P0AG07	rpe
EG11306	EG11306	b0628		31534	P60716	lipA
G7726	EG12912	b3374	yhfQ		P45543	frlD
EG11591	EG11591	b0630		555	P60720	lipB
G7249	EG14154	b2386	ypdG		P77579	fryC
EG11796	EG11796	b4386	yjjF	33052	P32099	lplA
G6627	EG13901	b1200	ycgT		P76015	dhaK
EG11829	EG11829	b3857		921	P32173	mobA
EG20249	EG20249	b4324		12	P39161	uxuR
EG11597	EG11597	b0784		18475	P30748	moaD
EG12522	EG12522	b3128	yhaG		P39829	garD
EG11511	EG11511	b0009	yaaG	917	P0AF03	mog
EG12275	EG12275	b3567		33780	P37388	xylG
EG11859	EG11859	b3895		33972	P32177	fdhD
EG11956	EG11956	b4084	yjcT		P32718	alsK
EG11598	EG11598	b0785		31228	P30749	moaE
EG11708	EG11708	b3681	yidM		P31450	glvG
EG11595	EG11595	b0781		922	P30745	moaA
EG11258	EG11258	b0904	ycaE	31732	P0AC23	focA
EG10153	EG10153	b0827		919	P12281	moeA
EG11051	EG11051	b3669		15437	P0AGA6	uhpA
G7496	EG13060	b2877	ygfJ		Q46810	mocA
EG10788	EG10788	b2415		348	P0AA04	ptsH
EG11666	EG11666	b0783		31225	P0A738	moaC
EG10567	EG10567	b1817		17656	P69797	manX
EG11596	EG11596	b0782		31222	P0AEZ9	moaB
EG10525	EG10525	b0345		578	P03023	lacI
EG10154	EG10154	b0826		18472	P12282	moeB
EG10350	EG10350	b2803		10881	P11553	fucK
EG11747	EG11747	b0131		425	P0A790	panD
EG10116	EG10116	b3723		963	P11989	bglG
EG11190	EG11190	b3634	yicA	33900	P0A6I6	coaD
EG10027	EG10027	b2296		1048	P0A6A3	ackA
EG12312	EG12312	b0103	yacE		P0A6I9	coaE
G81	EG12737	b3092	ygjY	15	P0A8G3	uxaC
EG11675	EG11675	b0134		427	P31057	panB
G7631	EG12763	b3132	yhaX		P0C8K0	kbaZ
G6239	EG13271	b0425			P0A9J4	panE
G6867	EG12667	b1618			P0ACT6	uidR
EG11746	EG11746	b0133		426	P31663	panC
EG10222	EG10222	b4384		865	P0ABP8	deoD
EG10922	EG10922	b3974		17731	P0A6I3	coaA
G7757	EG12944	b3440	yhhX		P46853	yhhX
EG10004	EG10004	b3639		18430	P0ABQ0	dfp
G7738	EG12924	b3394	yrfC		P64634	hofN
EG10693	EG10693	b2564		416	P0A794	pdxJ
G7634	EG12767	b3136	yraB		P42907	agaS
EG12693	EG12693	b1813	yeaB		P43337	nudL
EG12234	EG12234	b3499	yhiR		P37634	rlmJ
EG10691	EG10691	b0052		420	P19624	pdxA
EG11865	EG11865	b3901	yiiL		P32156	rhaM
G0-9461	EG10692	b2320			P05459	pdxB
G7855	EG12492	b4192	yjfR		P39300	ulaG
G6350	EG13241	b0639	ybeN		P0A752	nadD
G7739	EG12925	b3395	yrfD		P45753	hofM
EG10663	EG10663	b1740		28576	P18843	nadE
G7736	EG12922	b3392	yrfA		P45750	hofP
G7409	EG12698	b2700	ygaD		P0A6G3	pncC
G6868	EG13931	b1624	ydgJ		P77376	ydgJ
EG12192	EG12192	b2615	yfjE		P0A7B3	nadK
EG12019	EG12019	b2137	yohF		P33368	yohF
EG10742	EG10742	b0931		380	P18133	pncB
G7747	EG12934	b3413	yhgH		P46846	yhgH
EG10630	EG10630	b0750		467	P11458	nadA
G7737	EG12923	b3393	yrfB		P45751	hofO
G7961	EG13179	b1385	ydbG		P80668	feaB
G7288	EG14188	b2458	ypfA		P77218	eutD
EG11546	EG11546	b0109		465	P30011	nadC
EG12113	EG12113	b3391			P34749	hofQ
EG11135	EG11135	b1768	ydjB		P21369	pncA
EG11099	EG11099	b0456	ybaA		P0AAQ6	ybaA
EG10631	EG10631	b2574		466	P10902	nadB
EG11855	EG11855	b3890	yiiF		P0AFU6	yiiF
G6566	EG13432	b1106	ycfN		P75948	thiK
G7650	EG12788	b3156	yhbS		P63417	yhbS
G6237	EG13612	b0420	yajP		P77488	dxs
EG11690	EG11690	b3663	yicN		P0ADL3	yicN
EG11590	EG11590	b3990		34292	P30140	thiH
EG11166	EG11166	b3039	ygiD		P24197	ygiD
EG11586	EG11586	b3993		34301	P30137	thiE
EG11515	EG11515	b3215	yhcA		P28722	yhcA
G7135	EG20225	b2103			P76422	thiD
G7742	EG12928	b3399	yrfG		P64636	yrfG
G1	EG14363	b4407			O32583	thiS
G7871	EG12510	b4216	ytfJ		P39187	ytfJ
EG11587	EG11587	b3992		34298	P30138	thiF
EG11267	EG11267	b3563	yiaB		P11286	yiaB
M007	EG14069	b2104			P76423	thiM
G6791	EG13798	b1501	ydeP		P77561	ydeP
G6246	EG13216	b0446			P46891	cof
EG12633	EG12633	b3034	yqiE		Q93K97	nudF
G6234	EG20227	b0417			P0AGG0	thiL
EG11438	EG11438	b1087	yceF		P0A729	yceF
EG11589	EG11589	b3991		34295	P30139	thiG
G7740	EG12926	b3397	yrfE		P45799	nudE
EG11585	EG11585	b3994		115	P30136	thiC
G6717	EG13743	b1396	ydbV		P76084	paaI
G6442	EG13678	b0844	ybjI		P75809	ybjI
EG12298	EG12298	b3614	yibQ		P37691	yibQ
EG11322	EG11322	b0415	ybaF	35688	P61714	ribE
EG11241	EG11241	b0897	ycaC		P21367	ycaC
EG11079	EG11079	b0025	yaaC	35833	P0AG40	ribF
G7636	EG12772	b3141	yraG		P42912	agaI
EG11331	EG11331	b1277		287	P0A7I7	ribA
G6647	EG13910	b1309	ycjM		P76041	ycjM
EG11202	EG11202	b3812	yigB		P0ADP0	yigB
G7408	EG13530	b2690	yqaB		P77475	yqaB
EG11406	EG11406	b1662		11923	P0AFU8	ribC
G6539	EG13869	b1033	ycdW		P75913	ghrA
EG11321	EG11321	b0414	ybaE	35685	P25539	ribD
EG12069	EG12069	b2210	yojH		P33940	mqo
EG10465	EG10465	b3041		286	P0A7J0	ribB
G7158	EG14083	b2245	yfaU		P76469	yfaU
G6236	EG13611	b0419	yajO		P77735	yajO
G6428	EG13471	b0825	ybiZ		P78055	fsaA
EG12211	EG12211	b3459	yhhK		P37613	panZ
EG11761	EG11761	b1461	ydcE		P31992	pptA
EG11828	EG11828	b3856	yihC		P32125	mobB
G6810	EG13816	b1524	yneH		P0A6W0	glsB
EG10611	EG10611	b2113			P0AF08	mrp
EG12702	EG12702	b0901	ycaK		P43340	ycaK
EG12224	EG12224	b3487	yhiI		P37626	yhiI
EG11568	EG11568	b0046	yabF		P0A754	kefF
G7148	EG14077	b2176			P76446	pdeN
G7868	EG12507	b4211	ytfG		P39315	qorB
EG12342	EG12342	b4385	yjjJ		P39410	yjjJ
G6727	EG13748	b1408	ynbA		P76090	ynbA
G6993	EG13514	b1809	yoaB		P0AEB7	yoaB
EG12318	EG12318	b0123	yacK		P36649	cueO
EG12874	EG12874	b0412	yajI		P46122	yajI
EG11289	EG11289	b2147	yeiA		P25889	preA
G6897	EG13954	b1669	ydhT		P77147	ydhT
G7717	EG12902	b3351	yheR		P0A756	kefG
G0-10645	EG14478	b4673	ymjD		P0CD93	ymjD
G6654	EG13917	b1316	ycjT		P77154	ycjT
G6760	EG13772	b1449	yncB		P76113	curA
EG12172	EG12172	b1103	ycfF		P0ACE7	hinT
G0-10707	EG14499	b4703			G3MTW7	pmrR
EG10138	EG10138	b3918		931	P06282	cdh
G6542	EG13872	b1036	ycdZ		P75916	ycdZ
G7490	EG13054	b2871	ygeX		P66899	ygeX
G0-16693						gndA
G6556	EG12669	b1059			P40874	solA
G6434	EG13477	b0834	yliF		P75801	dgcI
G7160	EG14085	b2247	yfaW		P77215	rhmD
G6126	EG13337	b0251	yafY		P77365	yafY
G6437	EG13480	b0837	yliI		P75804	yliI
G6292	EG13883	b0532			P77468	sfmD
EG11850	EG11850	b3885	yihX		P0A8Y3	yihX
EG11647	EG11647	b0185		29829	P0ABD5	accA
G7123	EG14367	b2086	yegS		P76407	yegS
EG10273	EG10273	b0954		799	P0A6Q3	fabA
G6261	EG13247	b0485	ybaS		P77454	glsA
EG10217	EG10217	b2316		28570	P0A9Q5	accD
EG11692	EG11692	b3665	yicP		P31441	adeD
EG11317	EG11317	b1092			P0AAI9	fabD
G7877	EG12524	b4243	yjgF		P0AF93	ridA
EG10274	EG10274	b2323		798	P0A953	fabB
G6731	EG12695	b1412			P41407	azoR
EG11528	EG11528	b1288		812	P0AEK4	fabI
EG12409	EG12409	b2468	yffG		P37127	aegA
EG11318	EG11318	b1093			P0AEK2	fabG
EG11298	EG11298	b3248	yhdE		P25536	yhdE
EG12221	EG12221	b3475	yhhU		P37623	acpT
G7721	EG12906	b3358	yhfK		P45537	yhfK
EG10276	EG10276	b3256		29834	P24182	accC
G6701	EG13183	b1378	ydbK		P52647	ydbK
EG11531	EG11531	b1661		10810	P0A9H7	cfa
EG12293	EG12293	b3589	yiaY		P37686	yiaY
EG10247	EG10247	b2563			P24224	acpS
EG10995	EG10995	b0452		17581	P0AGG2	tesB
EG11284	EG11284	b0180	yaeA	30597	P0A6Q6	fabZ
G7599	EG12722	b3080	ygjK		P42592	ygjK
EG12606	EG12606	b1095		795	P0AAI5	fabF
G6580	EG13446	b1134	ymfB		P0AEI6	nudJ
EG10277	EG10277	b1091		31860	P0A6R0	fabH
G7164	EG13275	b2251	yfaO		P52006	nudI
G6456	EG13691	b0872	ybjV		P75824	hcr
EG11943	EG11943	b4068	yjcH		P0AF54	yjcH
EG11905	EG11905	b3946	yijG		P32669	fsaB
G7145	EG14074	b2146	yeiT		P76440	preT
EG11832	EG11832	b3861	yihF		P32128	yihF
G6326	EG13644	b0581	ybdK		P77213	ybdK
G6551	EG13875	b1046	ymdC		P75919	clsC
EG11728	EG11728	b3718	yieK		P31470	yieK
G0-9662	EG13233	b4517	yccL		P0AC92	gnsA
EG11645	EG11645	b1537	ydeJ		P31131	ydeJ
EG11674	EG11674	b3059	ygiH		P60782	plsY
EG11437	EG11437	b1090		18046	P27247	plsX
EG11467	EG11467	b3820	yigI		P0ADP2	yigI
G6406	EG13671	b0789	ybhO		P0AA84	clsB
G6250	EG13253	b0453	ybaY		P77717	ybaY
G7848	EG12486	b4183	yjfK		P39293	yjfK
EG12060	EG12060	b2202	yejX	36566	P0ABL5	napC
G6554	EG12659	b1057	yceJ		P75925	yceJ
EG11251	EG11251	b1214	ychA		P0AGM5	ychA
EG12061	EG12061	b2203	yejY	36560	P0ABL3	napB
EG11781	EG11781	b4070		34336	P0ABK9	nrfA
G7732	EG12918	b3380	yhfW		P45549	yhfW
EG10172	EG10172	b1418		17728	P0ABE5	cybB
EG11945	EG11945	b4071	yjcI	34364	P0ABL1	nrfB
EG11157	EG11157	b2840	ygeA		P03813	ygeA
EG12294	EG12294	b3610	yibM		P0AC62	grxC
EG11031	EG11031	b3781		65	P0AA25	trxA
G7620	EG12750	b3106	yhaK		P42624	yhaK
EG12688	EG12688	b1064			P0AC59	grxB
EG11887	EG11887	b2582	yfiG		P0AGG4	trxC
EG10951	EG10951	b4387	ytjB	34649	P0AGC7	ytjB
G7401	EG13286	b2673	ygaN		P0AC65	nrdH
G7529	EG12981	b2953	yggU		P52060	yggU
EG12181	EG12181	b1654	ydhD		P0AC69	grxD
G0-10752	EG31190	b4713				agrB
EG10417	EG10417	b0849		17683	P68688	grxA
G0-16600	EG31192	b4714				ralA
G7435	EG13124	b2769	ygcQ		Q46907	ygcQ
G0-10751	EG31189	b4712				agrA
EG10275	EG10275	b3255		796	P0ABD8	accB
EG11095	EG11095	b0404	yajB		P21515	acpH
G7286	EG14186	b2456	yffY		P0AEJ8	eutN
EG50003	EG50003	b1094		31871	P0A6A8	acpP
G7104	EG13569	b2059			P77414	wcaA
G7101	EG13572	b2056			P71238	wcaD
G7098	EG13575	b2047			P71241	wcaJ
G7094	EG12651	b2043	yefK		P71244	wcaM
G7102	EG13571	b2057			P71237	wcaC
G7099	EG13574	b2054			P0ACD2	wcaF
G7095	EG12652	b2044	yefL		P71243	wcaL
G7106	EG13567	b2061			P0AAB2	wzb
EG11790	EG11790	b2050	yefD		P32057	wcaI
G7103	EG13570	b2058			P0ACC9	wcaB
G7100	EG13573	b2055			P71239	wcaE
G7096	EG13577	b2045			P71242	wcaK
EG11983	EG11983	b2034	yefG		P37749	wbbI
G7590	EG13416	b3052	yqiF		P76658	hldE
EG12267	EG12267	b3546	yhjW		P37661	eptB
EG10519	EG10519	b0918		18202	P04951	kdsB
G7662	EG12803	b3197	yrbH		P45395	kdsD
EG10973	EG10973	b2708		33206	P17115	gutQ
G6106	EG13146	b0222	yafI		P63224	gmhA
EG11736	EG11736	b0200	yaeD		P63228	gmhB
G7165	EG13155	b2252			P45565	ais
EG10838	EG10838	b3619		299	P67910	rfaD
EG10518	EG10518	b1215		17671	P0A715	kdsA
G7167	EG14090	b2254	yfbF		P77757	arnC
EG12180	EG12180	b0622	ybeG		P37001	pagP
G7170	EG14093	b2257	yfbI		P76473	arnT
G7663	EG12804	b3198	yrbJ		P0ABZ4	kdsC
G6637	EG13904	b1279	yciS		P0ACV4	lapA
EG12691	EG12691	b1280	yciM		P0AB58	lapB
EG11569	EG11569	b0054	yabG	36754	P31554	lptD
EG10855	EG10855	b0641		17929	P0ADC1	lptE
EG11893	EG11893	b2010	yeeC		P33013	dacD
G7147	EG14076	b2175	yeiV		P0AFV4	mepS
G6904	EG14015	b1678	ynhG		P76193	ldtE
EG11253	EG11253	b0925	ycbB		P22525	ldtD
G6571	EG13437	b1113	ycfS		P75954	ldtC
G6422	EG13324	b0819	ybiS		P0AAX8	ldtB
EG10203	EG10203	b0839		34706	P08506	dacC
G7073	EG12682	b1990	yzzT		P39176	ldtA
G6892	EG13949	b1655	ydhO		P76190	mepH
G6092	EG13329	b0174	yaeS		P60472	ispU
EG10379	EG10379	b3430		708	P0A6V1	glgC
G6215	EG13298	b0363	yaiP		Q47536	yaiP
EG10377	EG10377	b3429		710	P0A6U8	glgA
EG11381	EG11381	b3049		29727	P26649	glgS
EG10378	EG10378	b3432		709	P07762	glgB
G6530	EG13864	b1023	ycdR		P75906	pgaB
G6529	EG13863	b1022	ycdQ		P75905	pgaC
G6528	EG13862	b1021	ycdP		P69432	pgaD
EG12260	EG12260	b3533	yhjP		P37653	bcsA
EG12259	EG12259	b3532	yhjN		P37652	bcsB
EG11926	EG11926	b4029	yjbH		P32689	yjbH
EG11925	EG11925	b4028	yjbG		P32688	yjbG
EG11924	EG11924	b4027	yjbF		P32687	yjbF
EG10609	EG10609	b3250		31348	P16926	mreC
G7928	EG12570	b4331	yjiI		P39380	kptA
G6342	EG13542	b0616	ybdW		P0A9I1	citE
EG10456	EG10456	b2552			P24232	hmp
G7860	EG12498	b4198	yjfX		P39306	ulaF
G7517	EG12973	b2920	ygfH		P52043	scpC
EG12319	EG12319	b0126	yadF		P61517	can
G7419	EG13106	b2738	ygbL		Q46890	ygbL
EG11032	EG11032	b0888		17569	P0A9P4	trxB
G7932	EG12574	b4335	yjiM		P39384	yjiM
G6343	EG13543	b0617	ybdX		P69330	citD
G7911	EG12550	b4298	yjhH		P39359	yjhH
G6277	EG11584	b0508	ybbG		P30147	hyi
G7553	EG13005	b2989	yghU		Q46845	yghU
EG12361	EG12361	b2842	yqeD		P37769	kduD
G7493	EG13057	b2874	yqeA		Q46807	yqeA
EG11844	EG11844	b3879	yihR		P32139	yihR
G7195	EG14263	b2303			P0AC19	folX
G6661	EG13228	b1325	ycjG		P51981	ycjG
G7914	EG12553	b4301	yjhK		P39362	sgcE
G6341	EG13541	b0615	ybdV		P75726	citF
EG10425	EG10425	b1619		32248	P0AET8	hdhA
G7859	EG12497	b4197	yjfW		P39305	ulaE
G7516	EG12972	b2919	ygfG		P52045	scpB
EG12285	EG12285	b3581	yiaQ		P37678	sgbH
G7234	EG13284	b2371	yfdE		P76518	yfdE
EG11444	EG11444	b2917	yliK		P27253	scpA
EG11428	EG11428	b3962			P27306	sthA
G7093	EG13578	b2042	yefG		P0AAB6	galF
EG12373	EG12373	b2795	ygdH		P0ADR8	ppnN
EG11789	EG11789	b2051	yefC		P32056	gmm
EG11060	EG11060	b0480		22	P07024	ushA
G7677	EG12816	b3223	yhcJ		P0A761	nanE
EG10632	EG10632	b0677		464	P0AF18	nagA
EG10637	EG10637	b3225		17647	P0A6L4	nanA
EG10633	EG10633	b0678		463	P0A759	nagB
G7676	EG12815	b3222	yhcI		P45425	nanK
EG10095	EG10095	b4139		991	P0AC38	aspA
EG10960	EG10960	b2937		160	P60651	speB
EG10961	EG10961	b2965		159	P21169	speC
EG12882	EG12882	b2988			P0AES0	gss
EG10962	EG10962	b0120		158	P0A7F6	speD
EG10959	EG10959	b2938		161	P21170	speA
G6842	EG12447	b1584			P0A951	speG
EG10963	EG10963	b0121		17590	P09158	speE
EG10626	EG10626	b0099		468	P08337	mutT
EG11417	EG11417	b4238		34589	P28903	nrdD
EG10408	EG10408	b2551		675	P0A825	glyA
EG10327	EG10327	b2315		17704	P08192	folC
G6862	EG13189	b1606	ydgB		P0AFS3	folM
EG10328	EG10328	b0529		31127	P24186	folD
EG11810	EG11810	b2903		28661	P33195	gcvP
EG10585	EG10585	b3941		511	P0AEZ1	metF
EG10371	EG10371	b2904		28664	P0A6T9	gcvH
EG10326	EG10326	b0048		744	P0ABQ4	folA
EG11819	EG11819	b1232	ychI	35231	P37051	purU
EG11442	EG11442	b2905		28667	P27248	gcvT
EG12073	EG12073	b2214	yojK		P0AB85	ftp
EG11653	EG11653	b3807			P27838	cyaY
EG10022	EG10022	b4015		1052	P0A9G6	aceA
EG10023	EG10023	b4014		1051	P08997	aceB
EG10589	EG10589	b2942		507	P0A817	metK
EG12608	EG12608	b0035		36834	P39206	caiE
EG11560	EG11560	b0039	yaaO	36825	P60584	caiA
EG11564	EG11564	b0043	yaaS		P68644	fixC
EG11557	EG11557	b0036	yaaL	36831	P31551	caiD
EG11565	EG11565	b0044	yaaT		P68646	fixX
EG11559	EG11559	b0038	yaaN	36800	P31572	caiB
G6891	EG13421	b1651			P0AC81	gloA
G6099	EG13330	b0212	yafR		P0AC84	gloB
G6958	EG13483	b1771	ydjG		P77256	ydjG
G6475	EG13704	b0927	ycbL		P75849	gloC
G6497	EG12307	b0963	yccG		P0A731	mgsA
G7544	EG12996	b4468	yghL		P52073	glcE
EG11583	EG11583	b0507		31107	P0AEP7	gcl
G7545	EG12997	b2979	yghM		P0AEP9	glcD
G0-8601	EG13291	b4467	yghL		P52074	glcF
G6879	EG13940	b1636	ydgS		P77150	pdxY
G7259	EG12642	b2418	yfeI		P40191	pdxK
EG11487	EG11487	b1638		417	P0AFI7	pdxH
EG11556	EG11556	b0008	yaaK	36818	P0A870	talB
EG11797	EG11797	b2464			P0A867	talA
EG10993	EG10993	b3616		17584	P07913	tdh
EG10512	EG10512	b3617		18205	P0AB77	kbl
G7627	EG12758	b3114	yhaS		P42632	tdcE
EG11172	EG11172	b3115	yhaA		P11868	tdcD
EG10582	EG10582	b3939		515	P00935	metB
EG13139	EG13139	b1386		59	P46883	tynA
EG10990	EG10990	b3117		17587	P0AGF6	tdcB
EG10361	EG10361	b2662		727	P22256	gabT
EG11329	EG11329	b2661		729	P25526	gabD
EG11934	EG11934	b4055	yjbP		P0AE22	aphA
EG11539	EG11539	b0171		324	P0A7E9	pyrH
EG10810	EG10810	b2780		325	P0A7E5	pyrG
EG10795	EG10795	b4006		338	P15639	purH
EG10220	EG10220	b4383		867	P0A6K6	deoB
G6358	EG12701	b0651	ybeK		P41409	rihA
EG11102	EG11102	b0477		658	P0AEW6	gsk
EG10661	EG10661	b2235		444	P69924	nrdB
EG10160	EG10160	b4213		909	P08331	cpdB
EG12381	EG12381	b2676	ygaD		P37146	nrdF
EG11045	EG11045	b3831		41	P12758	udp
EG10422	EG10422	b0104		655	P60560	guaC
EG10048	EG10048	b0049		17761	P05637	apaH
EG10994	EG10994	b1238		120	P23331	tdk
EG10414	EG10414	b0238			P0A9M5	gpt
EG10030	EG10030	b1623		1042	P22333	add
EG10225	EG10225	b0160		30546	P15723	dgt
EG11332	EG11332	b2498		24	P0A8F0	upp
EG10221	EG10221	b4381		866	P0A6L0	deoC
G85	EG20250	b2407		9	P45563	xapA
EG11265	EG11265	b0910	ycaF	31736	P0A6I0	cmk
EG20098	EG20098	b0125		622	P0A9M2	hpt
EG11082	EG11082	b0030	yaaF		P22564	rihC
EG10650	EG10650	b2518		32926	P0A763	ndk
EG10051	EG10051	b0469		1029	P69503	apt
EG12030	EG12030	b2162	yeiK		P33022	rihB
EG11002	EG11002	b2827		104	P0A884	thyA
EG10420	EG10420	b2507		657	P04079	guaA
EG10032	EG10032	b0474		1040	P69441	adk
EG11701	EG11701	b2066		42	P0A8F4	udk
EG10965	EG10965	b3648		33871	P60546	gmk
EG10251	EG10251	b3640		832	P06968	dut
EG11418	EG11418	b2065		875	P28248	dcd
EG10809	EG10809	b1281		326	P08244	pyrF
EG11326	EG11326	b0337		913	P25524	codA
EG10790	EG10790	b4177		345	P0A7D4	purA
EG10219	EG10219	b4382		868	P07650	deoA
EG20257	EG20257	b2675			P39452	nrdE
EG11090	EG11090	b0159	yadA		P0AF12	mtn
EG10660	EG10660	b2234		445	P00452	nrdA
EG10137	EG10137	b2143		932	P0ABF6	cdd
EG12302	EG12302	b1098	ycfG		P0A720	tmk
EG10421	EG10421	b2508		656	P0ADG7	guaB
EG10039	EG10039	b1982		17764	P0AE12	amn
G6880	EG13942	b1640	ydhH		P77570	anmK
G6567	EG13433	b1107	ycfO		P75949	nagZ
G7263	EG14162	b2428	yfeU		P76535	murQ
G6576	EG13442	b1119	ycfX		P75959	nagK
G7265	EG14164	b2430	yfeW		P77619	yfeW
EG11050	EG11050	b3449		33697	P10908	ugpQ
EG10398	EG10398	b3926		691	P0A6F3	glpK
EG11904	EG11904	b3945		34147	P0A9S5	gldA
EG10399	EG10399	b2239		690	P09394	glpQ
EG10394	EG10394	b3426		693	P13035	glpD
EG12629	EG12629	b3437		35465	P46859	gntK
EG10033	EG10033	b1002		31830	P19926	agp
G6655	EG13918	b1317	ycjU		P77366	ycjU
G7502	EG13066	b2883	ygfP		P76641	guaD
G7293	EG14193	b2463	ypfF		P76558	maeB
G7040	EG13279	b1932	yedL		P76319	yedL
EG12164	EG12164	b4395	ytjC		P0A7A2	ytjC
EG11699	EG11699	b0755		35790	P62707	gpmA
EG11685	EG11685	b3656	yicI		P31434	yicI
EG11517	EG11517	b3925		30884	P0A9C9	glpX
EG11245	EG11245	b2930	yggF		P21437	yggF
EG11239	EG11239	b0766	ybhA	37794	P21829	ybhA
EG10948	EG10948	b1479		32176	P26616	maeA
EG10759	EG10759	b1702		367	P23538	ppsA
EG10703	EG10703	b2926		408	P0A799	pgk
EG10702	EG10702	b4025		409	P0A6T1	pgi
EG10688	EG10688	b3403		422	P22259	pck
EG10368	EG10368	b2927		32089	P0A9B6	epd
EG10367	EG10367	b1779			P0A9B2	gapA
EG10283	EG10283	b4232		784	P0A993	fbp
EG10258	EG10258	b2779		823	P0A6P9	eno
EG10719	EG10719	b4098		34535	P16688	phnJ
EG10716	EG10716	b4101		34544	P16685	phnG
EG10723	EG10723	b4094		34523	P16690	phnN
EG10720	EG10720	b4097		34532	P16678	phnK
EG10717	EG10717	b4100		34541	P16686	phnH
EG10738	EG10738	b3821		384	P0A921	pldA
EG11403	EG11403	b2502		32899	P0AFL6	ppx
EG10725	EG10725	b4092		34514	P16692	phnP
EG10721	EG10721	b4096		34529	P16679	phnL
EG10718	EG10718	b4099		34538	P16687	phnI
EG10755	EG10755	b4226		34394	P0A7A9	ppa
EG20091	EG20091	b3608		663	P0A6S7	gpsA
EG11510	EG11510	b2501		32894	P0A7B1	ppk
EG10727	EG10727	b0383		398	P00634	phoA
EG10190	EG10190	b2763		891	P17846	cysI
EG10185	EG10185	b2750		896	P0A6J1	cysC
G6952	EG14007	b1757	ynjE		P78067	ynjE
EG11705	EG11705	b3678	yidJ		P31447	yidJ
EG10043	EG10043	b4214		34409	P22255	cysQ
G6907	EG13963	b1681	ynhC		P77689	sufD
EG11378	EG11378	b1684	ydiC		P77667	sufA
G6788	EG13796	b1498	ydeN		P77318	ydeN
EG10191	EG10191	b2764		890	P38038	cysJ
G7454	EG13082	b2810	ygdJ		Q46925	csdA
EG12423	EG12423	b0368	yaiG		P37610	tauD
EG10186	EG10186	b2752		895	P21156	cysD
G7038	EG14038	b1919	yedO		P76316	dcyD
EG11955	EG11955	b4083	yjcS		P32717	yjcS
EG10089	EG10089	b3801		33957	P25549	aslA
G6908	EG13964	b1682	ynhD		P77499	sufC
G6477	EG13706	b0935	ycbN		P80645	ssuD
EG10194	EG10194	b2751		18436	P23845	cysN
G7455	EG13083	b2811	ygdK		P0AGF2	csdE
EG10189	EG10189	b2762		892	P17854	cysH
G6909	EG13965	b1683	ynhE		P77522	sufB
EG11601	EG11601	b2522		33026	P0AFZ1	sseB
G6906	EG13962	b1680	ynhB		P77444	sufS
EG12345	EG12345	b1539	ydfG		P39831	ydfG
G6523	EG13859	b1012	ycdM		P75898	rutA
G6520	EG13856	b1009	ycdJ		P75895	rutD
G6457	EG13692	b0873	ybjW		P75825	hcp
G6284	EG13622	b0515	ylbA		P75713	allE
EG10403	EG10403	b3212		686	P09831	gltB
G7596	EG12718	b3073	ygjG		P42588	patA
EG10176	EG10176	b0339		31258	P0ABE9	cynT
G6755	EG13766	b1444	ydcW		P77674	patD
EG12188	EG12188	b2829	ygdO		P37177	ptsP
G6521	EG13857	b1010	ycdK		P0AFQ5	rutC
G6518	EG13854	b1007	ycdH		P75893	rutF
G6285	EG13623	b0516	ylbB		P77425	allC
EG10404	EG10404	b3213		17689	P09832	gltD
G6275	EG13615	b0505	ybbT		P77731	allA
EG10383	EG10383	b3870			P0A9C5	glnA
G6944	EG13999	b1748	ydjW		P77581	astC
G6522	EG13858	b1011	ycdL		P75897	rutB
G6519	EG13855	b1008	ycdI		P75894	rutE
G6286	EG13624	b0517	ylbC		P77555	allD
G6281	EG13619	b0512	ybbX		P77671	allB
G7237	EG14145	b2374	yfdW		P69902	frc
G6848	EG13846	b1590	ynfH		P76173	ynfH
G6847	EG13845	b1589	ynfG		P0AAJ1	ynfG
G6846	EG13844	b1588	ynfF		P77783	ynfF
G6845	EG13843	b1587	ynfE		P77374	ynfE
G6670	EG13352	b1338	ydaJ		P77357	abgA
G6669	EG13351	b1337	ydaI		P76052	abgB
EG12384	EG12384	b0521	ybcF		P37306	ybcF
EG11762	EG11762	b3592	yibF		P0ACA1	yibF
EG10739	EG10739	b3825		5001	P07000	pldB
EG10049	EG10049	b0980		17758	P07102	appA
EG10764	EG10764	b4201		29153	P07013	priB
EG10236	EG10236	b4052		850	P0ACB0	dnaB
EG11412	EG11412	b0640		31431	P28630	holA
EG10746	EG10746	b3863		375	P00582	polA
EG10245	EG10245	b0470		838	P06710-2	dnaX
EG12197	EG12197	b0687		31506	P0AFY8	seqA
EG10242	EG10242	b3701		842	P0A988	dnaN
EG11505	EG11505	b1842		31439	P0ABS8	holE
EG10765	EG10765	b0467		29161	P23862	priC
EG11413	EG11413	b4259		31456	P28905	holC
EG11199	EG11199	b3742	yieB	18154	P03817	mioC
EG10686	EG10686	b3019		33440	P0AFI2	parC
EG10837	EG10837	b3778		303	P09980	rep
EG10238	EG10238	b0184		373	P10443	dnaE
EG11414	EG11414	b4372		31460	P28632	holD
EG10763	EG10763	b3935		27611	P17888	priA
EG10687	EG10687	b3030		33451	P20083	parE
EG11038	EG11038	b1610		17800	P16525	tus
EG10244	EG10244	b4362		839	P0A8J2	dnaT
EG12158	EG12158	b0393	yaiD		P36767	rdgC
EG10239	EG10239	b3066		847	P0ABS5	dnaG
EG11500	EG11500	b1099		31447	P28631	holB
EG10829	EG10829	b3652		307	P24230	recG
EG12690	EG12690	b0892	ycaJ		P0AAZ4	rarA
EG11071	EG11071	b2894		30201	P0A8P8	xerD
EG10426	EG10426	b0962		31769	P15038	helD
EG11296	EG11296	b4389		34653	P24554	radA
EG10833	EG10833	b3822		17959	P15043	recQ
EG10329	EG10329	b3635		18133	P05523	mutM
EG11193	EG11193	b3645	yicD	33582	P23840	dinD
EG10828	EG10828	b3700		308	P0A7H0	recF
EG10736	EG10736	b0708		391	P00914	phr
EG10625	EG10625	b2733		469	P23909	mutS
G7117	EG14059	b2080	yegP		P76402	yegP
EG10834	EG10834	b0472		31049	P0A7H6	recR
EG11222	EG11222	b2068		1035	P04395	alkA
EG10037	EG10037	b2212		18544	P05050	alkB
EG11068	EG11068	b1960		28927	P09184	vsr
EG12717	EG12717	b3068	ygjF		P0A9H1	mug
EG11871	EG11871	b3385	yhfE		P32662	gph
EG10627	EG10627	b2961		18130	P17802	mutY
EG10925	EG10925	b1863		32474	P0A814	ruvC
EG10534	EG10534	b2411		557	P15042	ligA
G6992	EG13513	b1808	yoaA		P76257	yoaA
EG11281	EG11281	b4170		470	P23367	mutL
EG10832	EG10832	b2565		17962	P0A7H3	recO
G6383	EG13237	b0714			P50465	nei
G6251	EG13254	b0454	ybaZ		P0AFP2	atl
EG11058	EG11058	b2580		25	P12295	ung
EG11619	EG11619	b1114		35179	P30958	mfd
EG10986	EG10986	b3549		124	P05100	tag
EG10624	EG10624	b2831		471	P06722	mutH
EG10830	EG10830	b2892		17965	P21893	recJ
G6407	EG13672	b0790	ybhP		P0AAW1	ybhP
EG10825	EG10825	b2822		310	P07648	recC
EG10575	EG10575	b4345		34613	P15006	mcrC
EG11094	EG11094	b0398	yajA	30972	P0AG76	sbcD
EG10926	EG10926	b2011		178	P04995	sbcB
EG10826	EG10826	b2819		4975	P04993	recD
EG11098	EG11098	b0422	yajE	17557	P0A8G9	xseB
EG10459	EG10459	b4350		620	P08956	hsdR
EG11072	EG11072	b2509		6	P04994	xseA
EG10927	EG10927	b0397		17917	P13458	sbcC
EG11915	EG11915	b3998	yjaF		P68739	nfi
EG10824	EG10824	b2820		311	P08394	recB
EG11336	EG11336	b2945		824	P25736	endA
EG10574	EG10574	b4346		4978	P15005	mcrB
G6954	EG14009	b1759	ynjG		P77788	nudG
EG11334	EG11334	b3647	yicF		P25772	ligB
EG10894	EG10894	b3987		233	P0A8V2	rpoB
EG10666	EG10666	b0416		440	P0A780	nusB
EG11092	EG11092	b0240		30625	P24251	crl
G6602	EG13886	b1162	ycgE		P75989	bluR
EG10895	EG10895	b3988		232	P0A8T7	rpoC
EG10423	EG10423	b2231		651	P0AES4	gyrA
EG11013	EG11013	b1274		89	P06612	topA
EG10667	EG10667	b3982		31308	P0AFG0	nusG
G6673	EG13355	b1341	ydaM		P77302	dgcM
EG10899	EG10899	b3649		28445	P0A800	rpoZ
EG12428	EG12428	b3782			P0ADF3	rhoL
EG10424	EG10424	b3699		650	P0AES6	gyrB
G7133	EG14066	b2101	yegW		P0ACM5	yegW
EG11014	EG11014	b1763		29988	P14294	topB
EG10893	EG10893	b3295		234	P0A7Z4	rpoA
G7950	EG12596	b4371	yjjT		P39406	rsmC
G7325	EG12677	b2530	yzzO		P0A6B7	iscS
G6364	EG13657	b0661	yleA		P0AEI1	miaB
EG12098	EG12098	b2594	yfiI		P33643	rluD
EG11311	EG11311	b3260	yhdG		P0ABT5	dusB
EG10812	EG10812	b0405		29889	P0A7F9	queA
G7750	EG12938	b4475	yhgJ		P46849	rtcA
EG11932	EG11932	b4049	yjbN		P32695	dusA
EG11247	EG11247	b2785	ygcA		P55135	rlmD
EG10523	EG10523	b0051		583	P06992	rsmA
G7712	EG12896	b3343	yheL		P45530	tusB
G7008	EG14023	b1835	yebU		P76273	rsmF
EG12609	EG12609	b0058	yabO	36966	P0AA37	rluA
EG11794	EG11794	b2806	ygdE		P0ADR6	rlmM
EG11118	EG11118	b1086	yceC		P0AA39	rluC
EG10375	EG10375	b3741		18277	P0A6U3	mnmG
G7603	EG12726	b3084	ygjO		P42596	rlmG
G6732	EG12936	b1413			P43329	hrpA
EG12366	EG12366	b2946	yggJ		P0AGL7	rsmE
EG11757	EG11757	b4168	yjeE		P0AF67	tsaE
EG11022	EG11022	b3965		79	P23003	trmA
G7449	EG13171	b2791	yqcB		P0AA41	truC
G6501	EG13725	b0967	yccW		P75876	rlmI
EG12216	EG12216	b3470	yhhP		P0A890	tusA
EG11503	EG11503	b0195	yaeB		P28634	trmO
EG10967	EG10967	b3651		33877	P0AGJ2	trmH
G7327	EG13452	b2532	yfhQ		P0AE01	trmJ
G6416	EG13319	b0807	ybiN		P75782	rlmF
EG12163	EG12163	b3289	yhdB		P36929	rsmB
EG11344	EG11344	b1133	ycfB	37613	P25745	mnmA
EG10858	EG10858	b1804		270	P09155	rnd
G7843	EG12481	b4166	yjeS		P39288	queG
G7199	EG14114	b2324	yfcK		P77182	mnmC
G6238	EG13273	b0423	yajK		P77718	thiI
EG12022	EG12022	b2140	yohI		P33371	dusC
EG11254	EG11254	b0636	ybeA		P0A8I8	rlmH
G7713	EG12897	b3344	yheM		P45531	tusC
EG12876	EG12876	b0969	yccK		P0AB18	tusE
EG11888	EG11888	b3606	yibK		P0AGJ7	trmL
EG11171	EG11171	b3064	ygjD		P05852	tsaD
EG10376	EG10376	b3740		18274	P0A6U5	rsmG
G7641	EG12777	b3146	yraL		P67087	rsmI
EG12401	EG12401	b2517	yfgB		P36979	rlmN
EG11768	EG11768	b0503	ybbB		P33667	selU
EG11023	EG11023	b2607		76	P0A873	trmD
EG10136	EG10136	b3056		933	P06961	cca
G7452	EG13173	b2794	yqcD		Q46920	queF
G6581	EG13447	b1135	ymfC		P75966	rluE
EG12233	EG12233	b3497	yhiQ		P68567	rsmJ
EG11507	EG11507	b3179		33511	P0C0R7	rlmE
EG10996	EG10996	b0406		118	P0A847	tgt
G7422	EG13109	b2745	ygbO		Q57261	truD
G6449	EG13427	b0859	ybjF		P75817	rlmC
EG11362	EG11362	b0144	yadB		P27305	gluQ
EG10862	EG10862	b3704		267	P0A7Y8	rnpA
G7845	EG12483	b4180	yjfH		P63177	rlmB
G7297	EG14196	b2474	ypfI		P76562	tmcA
G6245	EG13252	b0444	ybaX		P77756	queC
EG12044	EG12044	b2183	yejD	36034	P0AA43	rsuA
EG10690	EG10690	b0143		13584	P0ABF1	pcnB
G7714	EG12898	b3345	yheN		P45532	tusD
EG11921	EG11921	b4022	yjbC		P32684	rluF
EG11177	EG11177	b3166	yhbA	35528	P60340	truB
EG10454	EG10454	b2318		623	P07649	truA
G7698	EG12840	b3282	yrdC		P45748	tsaC
EG12433	EG12433	b1269	yciL		P37765	rluB
EG11779	EG11779	b2960	yggH		P0A8I5	trmI
EG11085	EG11085	b0082	yabC		P60390	rsmH
EG10343	EG10343	b3465	yhhF		P0ADX9	rsmD
G7456	EG13084	b2812	ygdL		Q46927	tcdA
G6675	EG13357	b1344	ydaO		P76055	ttcA
EG11538	EG11538	b2575	yfiC		P31825	yfiC
G7431	EG13120	b2765	ygcM		P65870	queD
G6488	EG13717	b0948	ycbY		P75864	rlmL
EG12207	EG12207	b1822	yebH		P36999	rlmA
EG11372	EG11372	b2559	yfhC		P68398	tadA
EG11547	EG11547	b1652		32271	P30014	rnt
G7629	EG12761	b3130	yhaV		P64594	yhaV
EG11259	EG11259	b4179	yjeC		P21499	rnr
G7175	EG14260	b2268			P0A8V0	rbn
EG10863	EG10863	b3643		33892	P0CG19	rph
EG10859	EG10859	b1084		269	P21513	rne
EG30069	EG30069	b3123		266		rnpB
EG10844	EG10844	b3780		36971	P0A8J8	rhlB
EG11620	EG11620	b1286		272	P30850	rnb
G7830	EG12468	b4128	yjdK		P0AF61	ghoS
EG10860	EG10860	b0214		268	P0A7Y4	rnhA
EG10856	EG10856	b0611		273	P21338	rna
EG10743	EG10743	b3164		379	P05055	pnp
G7842	EG12480	b4162	yjeR		P0A784	orn
G7459	EG13091	b2830	ygdP		P0A776	rppH
EG10861	EG10861	b0183		30604	P10442	rnhB
G0-10451	EG14421	b4532	yncN		P76106	hicA
EG10857	EG10857	b2567		271	P0A7Y0	rnc
EG30112	EG30112	b1666		17560		valW
EG30093	EG30093	b0971		168		serT
EG30053	EG30053	b4270		561		leuX
EG30037	EG30037	b2864		672		glyU
EG30019	EG30019	b2692		35607		argZ
EG30109	EG30109	b0744		10		valT
EG30067	EG30067	b2189		17629		proL
EG30050	EG30050	b3174		564		leuU
EG30034	EG30034	b4008		678		gltV
EG30016	EG30016	b2348		17752		argW
G7069	EG31120	b1984				asnW
EG30106	EG30106	b1231		53		tyrT
EG30064	EG30064	b4134		18061		pheU
EG30047	EG30047	b4369		38293		leuP
EG30031	EG30031	b0664		37443		glnX
EG30013	EG30013	b2691		35604		argQ
G6392	EG31122	b0749				lysQ
EG30103	EG30103	b3273		105		thrV
EG30060	EG30060	b2816		35659		metV
EG30044	EG30044	b3277		611		ileU
EG30028	EG30028	b0670		696		glnU
EG30010	EG30010	b0203		1036		alaV
G6389	EG31125	b0746				valZ
EG30097	EG30097	b1032		17878		serX
EG30057	EG30057	b0745		28352		lysW
EG30041	EG30041	b4165		35642		glyY
EG30023	EG30023	b3760		989		aspT
EG12167	EG12167	b0921	ycbD		P36566	cmoM
EG30113	EG30113	b2402		28696		valX
EG30094	EG30094	b1975		167		serU
EG30054	EG30054	b1909		17668		leuZ
EG30038	EG30038	b4163		35636		glyV
EG30020	EG30020	b1977		992		asnT
EG30110	EG30110	b2401		17782		valU
EG30068	EG30068	b3799		17626		proM
EG30051	EG30051	b4368		563		leuV
EG30035	EG30035	b2590		677		gltW
EG30017	EG30017	b3796		17749		argX
G7387	EG31121	b2652				ileY
EG30107	EG30107	b3977		52		tyrU
EG30065	EG30065	b2967		18058		pheV
EG30048	EG30048	b4370		38296		leuQ
EG30032	EG30032	b3969		680		gltT
EG30014	EG30014	b0536		17755		argU
G7020	EG14033	b1870	yecO		P76290	cmoA
EG30104	EG30104	b0244		10363		thrW
EG30061	EG30061	b3171		504		metY
EG30045	EG30045	b0202		610		ileV
EG30029	EG30029	b0665		695		glnV
EG30011	EG30011	b2397		32851		alaW
G6390	EG31123	b0747				lysY
EG30101	EG30101	b3979		107		thrT
EG30058	EG30058	b0673		505		metT
EG30042	EG30042	b3797		625		hisR
EG30024	EG30024	b0206		988		aspU
EG30008	EG30008	b3853				alaT
EG30114	EG30114	b2403		28699		valY
EG30095	EG30095	b2695		166		serV
EG30055	EG30055	b0743		537		lysT
EG30039	EG30039	b1911		670		glyW
EG30021	EG30021	b1986		17746		asnU
EG10997	EG10997	b3706		17806	P25522	mnmE
EG30111	EG30111	b1665		17563		valV
EG30092	EG30092	b3658		17887		selC
EG30052	EG30052	b0672		562		leuW
EG30036	EG30036	b3978		673		glyT
EG30018	EG30018	b2693		35610		argY
G7991	EG30026	b1910				cysT
EG30108	EG30108	b1230				tyrV
EG30066	EG30066	b3545		17632		proK
EG30049	EG30049	b3798		565		leuT
EG30033	EG30033	b3757		679		gltU
EG30015	EG30015	b2694		11650		argV
G7021	EG14034	b1871	yecP		P76291	cmoB
EG30105	EG30105	b3761		66		trpT
EG30062	EG30062	b2814		503		metZ
EG30046	EG30046	b3069		17677		ileX
EG30030	EG30030	b0668		37440		glnW
EG30012	EG30012	b2396		18547		alaX
G6391	EG31124	b0748				lysZ
EG30102	EG30102	b3976		106		thrU
EG30059	EG30059	b0666		28349		metU
EG30043	EG30043	b3852		612		ileT
EG30025	EG30025	b0216		987		aspV
EG30009	EG30009	b3276		1037		alaU
EG31117	EG31117	b2815		35656		metW
EG30096	EG30096	b0883		17881		serW
EG30056	EG30056	b2404		132		lysV
EG30040	EG30040	b4164		35639		glyX
EG30022	EG30022	b1989		17743		asnV
EG11268	EG11268	b3288	yhdD	33616	P23882	fmt
G6746	EG13759	b1435	ydcP		P76104	rlhA
G7525	EG13290	b2949	yqgF		P0A8I1	yqgF
G0-10602	EG31169	b4611				sibE
G0-8885	EG31152	b4437				sibB
G0-8868		b4444				omrA
G0-8913	EG31160	b4447				sibD
G0-8886	EG31159	b4446				sibC
G0-8882	EG31158	b4445				omrB
G0-8914		b4452				gadY
G0-10598	EG31178	b4608				ohsC
G0-8884	EG31151	b4436				sibA
G7751	EG12939	b3421	yhgL		P46850	rtcB
G0-9388	EG31182	b4691				sroH
G0-9385						sroE
G0-9383						sroC
G0-9382	EG31175	b4585				chiX
G0-9381						sroA
G0-8905	EG31150	b4435				isrC
G0-8883	EG31147	b4433				sdsR
G0-8881		b4416				rybA
G0-8880	EG31137	b4417				rybB
G0-8879	EG31154	b4440				ryfA
G0-8876		b4430				rydB
G0-8875		b4459				ryjA
G0-8874		b4457				csrC
G0-8871	EG31163	b4450				arcZ
G0-8870		b4449				sraG
G0-8865	EG31146	b4432				ryeA
G0-8862	EG31138	b4418				sraB
G0-8861						sraA
G0-10696	EG31183	b4690				eyeA
G0-10695	EG31187	b4701				sokX
G0-10609	EG31181	b4624				ryjB
G0-10600	EG31179	b4609				ryfD
EG12879	EG12879	b0528	ybcJ		P0AAS7	ybcJ
EG12330	EG12330	b0147	yadP		P37025	thpR
EG11235	EG11235	b0797		33907	P25888	rhlE
EG10453	EG10453	b2514		624	P60906	hisS
EG12454	EG12454	b0481	ybaK		P0AAR3	ybaK
EG10407	EG10407	b2400		676	P04805	gltX
EG11043	EG11043	b1637		54	P0AGJ9	tyrS
EG10097	EG10097	b1866		32508	P21889	aspS
EG10947	EG10947	b0893		169	P0A8L1	serS
EG10710	EG10710	b1713		399	P07395	pheT
EG10553	EG10553	b4129		16693	P0A8N5	lysU
EG10492	EG10492	b0026		613	P00956	ileS
EG10409	EG10409	b3560		33775	P00960	glyQ
EG11067	EG11067	b4258		11	P07118	valS
EG10196	EG10196	b0526		888	P21888	cysS
EG10071	EG10071	b1876		1010	P11875	argS
EG10770	EG10770	b0194		360	P16659	proS
EG10586	EG10586	b2114		510	P00959	metG
EG10532	EG10532	b0642		566	P07813	leuS
EG10410	EG10410	b3559		674	P00961	glyS
EG11272	EG11272	b1715			P0AD74	pheM
EG10390	EG10390	b0680		698	P00962	glnS
EG11030	EG11030	b3384		67	P00954	trpS
EG10094	EG10094	b0930		993	P0A8M0	asnS
EG10943	EG10943	b1764		32292	P16456	selD
EG10709	EG10709	b1714		400	P08312	pheS
EG10552	EG10552	b2890		17662	P0A8N3	lysS
G0-10465	EG11968	b4550	yhdL		P36675	arfA
EG12223	EG12223	b3486	yhiG		P37624	rbbA
EG11033	EG11033	b0170		64	P0A6P1	tsf
EG10762	EG10762	b2891		17635	P07012	prfB
EG10506	EG10506	b1718		596	P0A707	infC
EG11128	EG11128	b1282	yciH		P08245	yciH
G0-10610	EG31180	b4625				symR
EG12343	EG12343	b4391	yjjK		P0A9W3	ettA
EG12099	EG12099	b4147		34470	P0A6N4	efp
EG10941	EG10941	b3591		785	P0A821	selA
EG10785	EG10785	b1204		352	P0A7D1	pth
EG10504	EG10504	b0884		17674	P69222	infA
G6096	EG13220	b0188	yaeN		P52097	tilS
EG12354	EG12354	b0191	yaeJ		P40711	arfB
EG12114	EG12114	b4375		34633	P0A7I4	prfC
EG10942	EG10942	b3590		17890	P14081	selB
EG11681	EG11681	b3203	yhbH		P0AFX0	hpf
EG10761	EG10761	b1211		14922	P0A7I0	prfA
EG10505	EG10505	b3168		597	P0A705	infB
G6362	EG13655	b0659	ybeY		P0A898	ybeY
EG10360	EG10360	b3340		732	P0A6M8	fusA
EG11602	EG11602	b3053		33468	P30870	glnE
EG10851	EG10851	b1066		276	P0A948	rimJ
G7510	EG13075	b2897	ygfY		P64559	sdhE
EG12147	EG12147	b3206	yhbK		P0A9N0	npr
G7402	EG13287	b2674	ygaO		P0A772	nrdI
G6435	EG13478	b0835	yliG		P0AEI4	rimO
EG11411	EG11411	b0167		704	P27249	glnD
G7324	EG13395	b2529	yfhN		P0ACD4	iscU
EG11804	EG11804	b2991		33427	P0A703	hybF
EG10570	EG10570	b0168		30569	P0AE18	map
G7111	EG14054	b2072	yegK		P76395	pphC
EG10487	EG10487	b2730		33119	P24193	hypE
EG12424	EG12424	b1212		36992	P0ACC1	prmC
EG10852	EG10852	b0852		31682	P0C0U4	rimK
G6468	EG13699	b0905	ycaO		P75838	ycaO
EG11430	EG11430	b1128	ycfD		P27431	roxA
G7201	EG14116	b2326	yfcM		P76938	epmC
EG10488	EG10488	b2753		616	P10423	iap
G7105	EG13568	b2060			P76387	wzc
EG12449	EG12449	b2330	yfcB		P39199	prmB
EG10853	EG10853	b1427		275	P13857	rimL
EG10471	EG10471	b0975		31791	P19930	hyaD
G6969	EG13493	b1783	yeaG		P0ACY3	yeaG
EG12360	EG12360	b2236	yfaE		P0ABW3	yfaE
EG11551	EG11551	b2712		18232	P30131	hypF
G6503	EG13727	b0982	yccY		P0ACZ2	etp
EG11440	EG11440	b3287		33619	P0A6K3	def
G6340	EG13540	b0614	ybdU		P0A6G5	citX
EG11802	EG11802	b2993		33421	P37182	hybD
G7109	EG14052	b2070	yegI		P76393	yegI
EG10486	EG10486	b2729		33116	P24192	hypD
G7744	EG12930	b3401	yrfI		P0A6Y5	hslO
G6356	EG13652	b0649	ybeV		P77359	djlC
EG12200	EG12200	b2069	yegD		P36928	yegD
EG11973	EG11973	b0140	yadV	30513	P33128	yadV
EG11080	EG11080	b0028	yaaD		P0AEM0	fkpB
EG10473	EG10473	b0977		31797	P19932	hyaF
G6293	EG13884	b0533			P75715	sfmH
EG11949	EG11949	b4075	yjcM	34361	P32711	nrfF
EG10985	EG10985	b0053		30326	P0ABZ6	surA
EG10455	EG10455	b0178		18241	P0AEU7	skp
G7281	EG14181	b2451	yffT		P76551	eutA
EG12132	EG12132	b2528	yfhF		P0AAC8	iscA
EG11805	EG11805	b2990		33403	P0AAM7	hybG
EG10284	EG10284	b3891		33978	P13024	fdhE
G6154	EG13556	b0283	yagQ		P77183	paoD
EG11663	EG11663	b3349		35441	P0A9K9	slyD
EG10645	EG10645	b1466		32139	P19317	narW
G7866	EG12505	b4209	ytfE		P69506	ytfE
G6541	EG13871	b1035	ycdY		P75915	ycdY
EG12397	EG12397	b0944	ycbF		P40876	ycbF
EG12055	EG12055	b2197	yejS	36587	P69490	ccmE
EG10157	EG10157	b2592		32875	P63284	clpB
G7748	EG12935	b3414	yhgI		P63020	nfuA
G6357	EG13653	b0650	ybeW		P77319	hscC
EG12311	EG12311	b2524	yfhJ		P0C0L9	iscX
EG11989	EG11989	b2110	yehC		P33342	yehC
EG10484	EG10484	b2727		33110	P0AAN3	hypB
EG10090	EG10090	b3800		33960	P25550	aslB
G7638	EG12774	b3143	yraI		P42914	yraI
G6333	EG13535	b0604	ybdP		P77202	dsbG
EG11950	EG11950	b4076	yjcN	34345	P32712	nrfG
EG10461	EG10461	b0473		17680	P0A6Z3	htpG
G7284	EG14184	b2454	yffW		P77277	eutJ
G6268	EG13261	b0492	ybbN		P77395	cnoX
EG10757	EG10757	b3363		31121	P0AFL3	ppiA
G6160	EG13561	b0289	yagV		P77263	ecpE
EG12130	EG12130	b2526		32977	P0A6Z1	hscA
EG10243	EG10243	b0215		840	P03007	dnaQ
G6386	EG13312	b0717	ybgP		P75749	ybgP
EG12352	EG12352	b3775		35829	P0A9L5	ppiC
EG10485	EG10485	b2728		33113	P0AAM3	hypC
G7716	EG12900	b3347	yzzS		P45523	fkpA
G6353	EG13649	b0646	ybeS		P77381	djlB
EG12195	EG12195	b0998		29980	P36662	torD
EG11070	EG11070	b2893		33355	P0AEG6	dsbC
EG10472	EG10472	b0976		31794	P19931	hyaE
G7414	EG13396	b2717			P0AEV9	hycI
G6291	EG13882	b0531			P77249	sfmC
EG10758	EG10758	b0525		31117	P23869	ppiB
G7207	EG14122	b2336	yfcS		P77599	yfcS
G6163	EG13564	b0292	yagY		P77188	ecpB
EG12131	EG12131	b2527	yfhE		P0A6L9	hscB
EG11803	EG11803	b2992		33424	P0AAN1	hybE
EG10689	EG10689	b2743		33221	P0A7A5	pcm
G6787	EG13795	b1497	ydeM		P76134	ydeM
EG11570	EG11570	b0055	yabH		P31680	djlA
EG10641	EG10641	b1226		18115	P0AF26	narJ
EG10240	EG10240	b0015		845	P08622	dnaJ
G7865	EG12503	b4207	ytfC		P0A9L3	fklB
G6481	EG13710	b0939	ycbR		P75856	elfD
EG12143	EG12143	b2207	yojF	36547	P0A9I5	napD
G7539	EG12992	b2972	yghH		Q46836	pppA
G7176	EG14261	b2269			Q47013	elaD
EG11481	EG11481	b4483	yigX		P27859	tatD
EG10212	EG10212	b1538		873	P24171	dcp
G6493	EG13718	b0955	ycbZ		P75867	ycbZ
EG11112	EG11112	b0885	ycaA		P0A8P1	aat
EG10156	EG10156	b0882		31293	P0ABH9	clpA
EG11920	EG11920	b4021		34261	P0A7C6	pepE
EG10698	EG10698	b3847		34071	P21165	pepQ
EG10695	EG10695	b0237		415	P15288	pepD
G7682	EG12612	b3234			P39099	degQ
EG10968	EG10968	b1766		13763	P08395	sppA
EG11782	EG11782	b2620			P0A832	smpB
EG10696	EG10696	b0932		414	P04825	pepN
G7925	EG12567	b4328	yjiF		P39377	iadA
EG11549	EG11549	b1127		31914	P29745	pepT
EG10159	EG10159	b0438		31287	P0A6H1	clpX
G6463	EG14241	b0881	yljA		P0A8Q6	clpS
EG11004	EG11004	b1845		32339	P24555	ptrB
EG12881	EG12881	b2238	yfaH		P45505	yfaH
EG12310	EG12310	b2523	yfhI		P37095	pepB
EG10786	EG10786	b2821		351	P05458	ptrA
EG10697	EG10697	b2908		28682	P15034	pepP
EG10694	EG10694	b4260		30215	P68767	pepA
EG12048	EG12048	b2186	yejK		P33920	yejK
EG12193	EG12193	b1000		31822	P36659	cbpA
EG11016	EG11016	b1229		87	P02338	tpr
EG11497	EG11497	b3259	yhdI	366	P0A8T1	prmA
G7511	EG12685	b2898	ygfZ		P0ADE8	ygfZ
G7311	EG14199	b2494	yfgC		P66948	bepA
G6973	EG13497	b1787	yeaK		P64483	yeaK
G6339	EG13539	b0613	ybdT		P77231	citG
G6805	EG13811	b1518	yneC		P64461	lsrG
G6557	EG14335	b1060	yceP		P0AB33	bssS
G6436	EG13479	b0836	yliH		P0AAY1	bssR
G0-10561	EG14427	b4543	ypaA		V9HVX0	ypaA
EG10612	EG10612	b4351		18139	P24202	mrr
EG10211	EG10211	b1961		874	P0AED9	dcm
EG10668	EG10668	b1335		31984	P0AFH0	ogt
EG10458	EG10458	b4349		621	P08957	hsdM
EG10460	EG10460	b4348		619	P05719	hsdS
EG10204	EG10204	b3387		881	P0AEE8	dam
G7189	EG14106	b2295	yfbV		P0A8D9	yfbV
EG11111	EG11111	b0880	ybjA	31688	P0A968	cspD
EG10510	EG10510	b2741		18208	P13445	rpoS
G6175	EG13581	b0305	ykgD		P77379	rclR
EG10839	EG10839	b3842		164	P0AFW0	rfaH
G6319	EG13851	b0571	ylcA		P0ACZ8	cusR
EG12190	EG12190	b2437	yfeG		P36547	eutR
G7563	EG13013	b3010	yqhC		Q46855	yqhC
G6789	EG13797	b1499	ydeO		P76135	ydeO
EG12105	EG12105	b2157	yeiE		P0ACR4	yeiE
G7488	EG13052	b2869	ygeV		Q46802	ygeV
G6494	EG13720	b0959	yccR		P75869	sxy
EG11707	EG11707	b3680	yidL		P31449	yidL
EG11140	EG11140	b1914	yecB		P0AED5	uvrY
EG12243	EG12243	b3516	yhiX		P37639	gadX
EG12031	EG12031	b2163	yeiL		P0A9E9	yeiL
EG11913	EG11913	b3954	yijO		P32677	yijO
G7245	EG14150	b2382	ypdC		P77396	ypdC
G6274	EG13267	b0504	ybbS		P0ACR0	allS
EG12246	EG12246	b3520	yhjB		P37640	yhjB
EG11394	EG11394	b3963	yijC		P0ACU5	fabR
G7137	EG14070	b2105	yohL		P64530	rcnR
G6467	EG13698	b0900	ycaN		P75836	ycaN
EG11212	EG11212	b4178	yjeB		P0AF63	nsrR
EG10317	EG10317	b3261		18328	P0A6R3	fis
G7854	EG12491	b4191	yjfQ		P0A9W0	ulaR
G6263	EG13256	b0487	ybbI		P0A9G4	cueR
G6181	EG13586	b0316	yahB		P77700	yahB
EG11721	EG11721	b3711	yidZ		P31463	yidZ
EG10457	EG10457	b1237		960	P0ACF8	hns
G7727	EG12913	b3375	yhfR		P45544	frlR
G6814	EG13820	b1540	ydfH		P0ACM2	ydfH
EG11594	EG11594	b0629	ybeF		P30979	ybeF
EG10440	EG10440	b1712		638	P0A6X7	ihfA
G7619	EG12749	b3105	yhaJ		P67660	yhaJ
G6737	EG13752	b1422	ydcI		P77171	ydcI
EG12694	EG12694	b3060	ygiP		P45463	ttdR
EG10845	EG10845	b3783		288	P0AG30	rho
G7416	EG13103	b2735	ygbI		P52598	ygbI
G6658	EG13920	b1320	ycjW		P77615	ycjW
EG12386	EG12386	b2664	ygaE		P37338	csiR
G7924	EG12566	b4327	yjiE		P39376	hypT
G7257	EG14159	b2409	yfeR		P0ACR7	yfeR
G6546	EG13410	b1040			P52106	csgD
EG12289	EG12289	b3585	yiaU		P37682	yiaU
EG11811	EG11811	b4187		18553	P33224	aidB
EG11320	EG11320	b0413	ybaD		P0A8D0	nrdR
EG10070	EG10070	b3237		1011	P0A6D0	argR
EG12242	EG12242	b3515	yhiW		P63201	gadW
EG11109	EG11109	b0730	ybgB	36837	P13669	mngR
EG10715	EG10715	b4102		34547	P16684	phnF
EG10034	EG10034	b2697		1039	P00957	alaS
EG12162	EG12162	b4498		32562	P36930	gatR
EG11649	EG11649	b0208	yafC		P30864	yafC
EG10441	EG10441	b0912		637	P0A6Y1	ihfB
G7630	EG12762	b3131	yhaW		P0ACK2	agaR
G6799	EG13805	b1512	ydeW		P76141	lsrR
EG12094	EG12094	b0069	yabN		P33595	sgrR
G7518	EG12974	b2921	ygfI		P52044	ygfI
G6664	EG13923	b1328	ycjZ		P77333	pgrR
G7936	EG12579	b4340	yjiR		P39389	yjiR
EG11838	EG11838	b3872	yihL		P0ACM9	yihL
EG10801	EG10801	b1014		333	P09546	putA
G7912	EG12551	b4299	yjhI		P39360	yjhI
G7088	EG13392	b2015	yeeY		P76369	yeeY
EG12247	EG12247	b3521	yhjC		P37641	yhjC
EG11785	EG11785	b2577	yfiE		P33634	yfiE
G6247	EG13218	b0447	ybaO		P0ACJ5	decR
G6170	EG13381	b0300	ykgA		P77601	ykgA
EG11711	EG11711	b3684	yidP		P31453	yidP
EG10442	EG10442	b1508			P23873	hipB
G6812	EG13818	b1526	yneJ		P77309	yneJ
G6638	EG13905	b1284	yciT		P76034	yciT
G7826	EG12464	b4124	yjdG		P0AD01	dcuR
G6628	EG13902	b1201	ycgU		P76016	dhaR
EG11618	EG11618	b2079		30764	P69228	baeR
G6864	EG13190	b1608			P52108	rstA
EG11285	EG11285	b2554	yfhA		P0AFU4	glrR
G7244	EG14149	b2381	ypdB		P0AE39	ypdB
G7056	EG14044	b1968	yedV		P76339	hprS
EG11615	EG11615	b4113		28168	P30843	basR
G6515	EG12616	b0994	yccH		P38683	torT
EG11609	EG11609	b2369		32763	P0ACZ4	evgA
EG12712	EG12712	b2687	ygaG		P45578	luxS
G6209	EG13296	b0357	yaiN		P0AAP3	frmR
G7944	EG12589	b4357	yjjM		P39399	lgoR
G7909	EG12604	b4295	yjhU		P39356	yjhU
G7882	EG12529	b4251	yjgJ		P39334	bdcR
G7869	EG12508	b4212	ytfH		P0ACN2	ytfH
G7863	EG12501	b4205	ytfA		P39309	ytfA
G7601	EG12724	b3082	ygjM		P67701	higA
G7594	EG12954	b3071	yqjI		P64588	nfeR
G7575	EG13026	b3025	ygiX		P52076	qseB
G7573	EG13024	b3023	ygiV		Q46866	ygiV
G7547	EG12999	b2981	yghO		Q46840	yghO
G7472	EG13038	b2852	ygeH		P76639	ygeH
G7397	EG13524	b2667	ygaV		P77295	ygaV
G7344	EG13469	b2550	yphH		P76586	yphH
G7262	EG14161	b2427	yfeT		P77245	murR
G7161	EG14086	b2248	yfaX		P77732	yfaX
G6985	EG13506	b1799	yeaT		P76250	dmlR
G6976	EG13499	b1790	yeaM		P76241	nimR
G6957	EG13482	b1770	ydjF		P77721	ydjF
G6919	EG13975	b1696	ydiP		P77402	ydiP
G6889	EG13947	b1649	ydhM		P67430	nemR
G6853	EG13850	b1595	ynfL		P77559	ynfL
G6774	EG13784	b1477	yddM		P67699	yddM
G6761	EG13773	b1450	yncC		P76114	mcbR
G6750	EG13761	b1439	ydcR		P77730	ydcR
G6745	EG13757	b1434	ydcN		P77626	sutR
G6671	EG13353	b1339			P77744	abgR
G6569	EG13435	b1111	ycfQ		P75952	comR
G6420	EG13322	b0817	ybiQ		P0A9F1	mntR
G6398	EG13230	b0768	ybhD		P52696	ybhD
G6332	EG13534	b0603	ybdO		P77746	ybdO
G6259	EG13245	b0483	ybaQ		P0A9T6	ybaQ
G6226	EG13607	b0375	yaiV		P0AAP5	iprA
G6165	EG14324	b0294	ykgK		P71301	ecpR
G6153	EG13555	b0282	yagP		P75684	yagP
G6097	EG13221	b0189	yaeO		P0AFW8	rof
G0-10689	EG14498	b4702			E2JKY7	mgtL
EG30099	EG30099	b2911				ssrS
EG12860	EG12860	b1853	yebK		P46118	yebK
EG12624	EG12624	b3555	yiaG		P0A9V5	yiaG
EG12431	EG12431	b1299	ycjC		P0A9U6	puuR
EG12406	EG12406	b0796	ybiH		P0ACU0	cecR
EG12308	EG12308	b2561	yfhH		P37767	yfhH
EG12179	EG12179	b0623		31528	P0A972	cspE
EG12176	EG12176	b4135	yjdC		P0ACU7	yjdC
EG12140	EG12140	b1659	ydhB		P0ACR2	ydhB
EG12008	EG12008	b2127	yehV		P33358	mlrA
EG11854	EG11854	b3889	yiiE		P0ADQ5	yiiE
EG11578	EG11578	b3406		35448	P30128	greB
EG11450	EG11450	b3764	yifE		P0ADN2	maoP
EG11432	EG11432	b2399	yfeD		P27238	yfeD
EG10665	EG10665	b3169		441	P0AFF6	nusA
EG10467	EG10467	b0440		18235	P0ACF4	hupB
EG10466	EG10466	b4000		34243	P0ACF0	hupA
EG10415	EG10415	b3181		33506	P0A6W5	greA
G7602	EG12725	b3083	ygjN		P64578	higB
EG11001	EG11001	b1719		108	P0A8M3	thrS
EG10335	EG10335	b0172		30590	P0A805	frr
EG11087	EG11087	b0097	yacA		P62395	secM
EG11255	EG11255	b0637	ybeB		P0AAT6	rsfS
EG11207	EG11207	b4012	yjaB		P09163	yjaB
EG12658	EG12658	b3026	ygiY		P40719	qseC
EG10850	EG10850	b4373		277	P0A944	rimI
EG12007	EG12007	b2126	yehU		P0AD14	btsS
G7827	EG12465	b4125	yjdH		P0AEC8	dcuS
EG10724	EG10724	b4093		34520	P16691	phnO
G7345	EG13214	b2556	yfhZ		P52101	glrK
EG10443	EG10443	b1507			P23874	hipA
EG11211	EG11211	b4155	yjeA		P0A8N7	epmA
G6318	EG13642	b0570	ybcZ		P77485	cusS
EG12270	EG12270	b3550	yiaC		P37664	yiaC
G7836	EG12473	b4146	yjeK		P39280	epmB
G7350	EG14224	b2584	yfiQ		P76594	patZ
G6344	EG13645	b0618	ybeO		P77390	citC
EG11132	EG11132	b1703	ydiA		P0A8A4	ppsR
EG10026	EG10026	b4016		17770	P11071	aceK
EG12385	EG12385	b2216	yojP		P39838	rcsD
G7211	EG14126	b2340	yfcW		P76502	sixA
EG10387	EG10387	b3869		701	P0AFB5	glnL
G812	EG12523	b4237	yjgE		P0A9N8	nrdG
EG12314	EG12314	b0101	yacG		P0A8H8	yacG
EG11911	EG11911	b3952	yijM	35847	P32675	pflC
EG10384	EG10384	b2553		32933	P0A9Z1	glnB
G6905	EG13961	b1679	ynhA		P76194	sufE
G6427	EG13470	b0824	ybiY		P75794	ybiY
EG12854	EG12854	b0742	ybgF		P45955	cpoB
EG10811	EG10811	b4244		323	P0A7F3	pyrI
G7851	EG12521	b4188	yjfN		P0AF82	yjfN
EG11682	EG11682	b3204	yhbI		P69829	ptsN
EG10170	EG10170	b3806		902	P00936	cyaA
G6550	EG13874	b1045	ymdB		P0A8D6	ymdB
EG11238	EG11238	b0773	ybhB		P12994	ybhB
G6116	EG13151	b0232	yafN		Q47156	yafN
G0-10473		b4566	yjhX		Q2EEU2	topAI
G7953	EG12599	b4379	yjjW		P39409	yjjW
EG12194	EG12194	b0999	yccD		P63264	cbpM
G7313	EG14201	b2496	yfgE		P69931	hda
EG11835	EG11835	b3866	yihI		P0A8H6	yihI
EG10255	EG10255	b2209		32630	P23827	eco
EG10028	EG10028	b0902		35839	P0A9N4	pflA
G0-10617	EG14467	b4662			C1P5Z7	sgrT
G6991	EG13512	b1807	yeaZ		P76256	tsaB
EG11260	EG11260	b3765	yifB		P22787	yifB
G7579	EG12187	b3032			P0AEW4	cpdA
EG12121	EG12121	b1235	ychL	37471	P0AEV1	rssB
EG11652	EG11652	b3235		36678	P0AEE3	degS
G0-9581	EG31128	b4413				sokC
G0-8899	EG31143	b4426				mcaS
G0-8872	EG31133	b4451				ryhB
G0-10677	EG31185	b4699				fnrS
G0-9611	EG31127	b4429				sokB
G0-9603		b4420				rdlA
G0-8901	EG31144	b4427				micC
G0-8873	EG31165	b4456				glmZ
G0-8863	EG31130	b4431				rprA
G0-9941	EG31149	b4577				sgrS
G0-10202						istR-1
G0-9606		b4422				rdlB
EG30098	EG30098	b3864		157		spf
G0-9042	EG31142	b4454				rdlD
G0-8878	EG31153	b4438				cyaR
G0-8866	EG31156	b4442				micA
G0-10671	EG31184	b4698				mgrR
G0-9608		b4424				rdlC
G7885	EG12453	b4255	yjgD		P0AF90	rraB
G7610	EG12741	b3096	yqjB		P42615	mzrA
G7063	EG13377	b1976	yeeI		P76346	mtfA
G6925	EG13981	b1707	ydiV		P76204	ydiV
G6603	EG13887	b1163	ycgF		P75990	bluF
G0-8910	EG31155	b4441				glmY
G0-8867	EG31129	b4443				gcvB
G0-8785	EG31119	b4408				csrB
G0-16700						pspH
G0-16649		b4716				cpxQ
G0-10699		b4719				sdsN
G0-10580	EG14465	b4637			A8DYP9	uof
EG12146	EG12146	b3205	yhbJ		P0A894	rapZ
EG12096	EG12096	b4225	yjfE	33290	P33647	chpB
EG11879	EG11879	b3929	yiiV		P0A8R0	rraA
EG11730	EG11730	b3745	yieD		P0ADN0	viaA
EG10983	EG10983	b2533		32968	P0ADG4	suhB
EG10018	EG10018	b3252	yhdA		P13518	csrD
G6444	EG13680	b0846	ybjK		P75811	rcdA
EG11162	EG11162	b2929	yggD		P11663	fumE
EG11733	EG11733	b3755	yieP		P31475	yieP
EG10735	EG10735	b3724		18055	P0A9K7	phoU
G7467	EG13100	b2847	yqeI		Q46942	yqeI
EG11356	EG11356	b1921	yedH		P52627	fliZ
G6273	EG14285	b0502	ylbG		P77688	ylbG
G7689	EG12826	b3244	yhdO		P0AGG8	tldD
EG11554	EG11554	b2669		34492	P0ACG1	stpA
G7571	EG13022	b3021	ygiT		Q46864	mqsA
G6337	EG12637	b0610			P0AFW4	rnk
EG11208	EG11208	b4017	yjaC		P23325	arpA
EG12191	EG12191	b0450	ybaI		P0AC55	glnK
G7715	EG12899	b3346	yheO		P64624	yheO
EG11731	EG11731	b3746	yieN		P31473	ravA
EG11431	EG11431	b2398	yfeC		P0AD37	yfeC
G0-10592	EG31168	b4597				rydC
EG10385	EG10385	b3868		702	P0AFB8	glnG
EG10133	EG10133	b4133		34231	P23890	cadC
G6706	EG13422	b1384	ydbM		Q47129	feaR
G6276	EG13616	b0506	ybbU		P0ACN4	allR
EG10551	EG10551	b2839		18187	P03030	lysR
G7678	EG12817	b3226	yhcK		P0A8W0	nanR
G6088	EG13451	b0034			P0AE58	caiF
EG11929	EG11929	b4046	yjbK		P0AC51	zur
EG11146	EG11146	b2405	yfeB	8	P23841	xapR
EG10291	EG10291	b4293		35630	P23484	fecI
G7326	EG13397	b2531	yfhP		P0AGK8	iscR
EG13161	EG13161	b2364			P46068	dsdC
EG11795	EG11795	b2808		28676	P0A9F6	gcvA
EG10731	EG10731	b1130		31919	P23836	phoP
EG10491	EG10491	b4018		614	P16528	iclR
G7003	EG14018	b1827	yebP		P76268	kdgR
EG12356	EG12356	b3422	yhgB		P38035	rtcR
EG11519	EG11519	b3481	yhhG		P0A6Z6	nikR
EG11029	EG11029	b4393		68	P0A881	trpR
EG10636	EG10636	b0676		31479	P0AF20	nagC
EG10400	EG10400	b3423		688	P0ACL0	glpR
EG12278	EG12278	b3574	yiaJ		P37671	yiaJ
EG10588	EG10588	b3938		508	P0A8U6	metJ
G7913	EG12552	b4300	yjhJ		P39361	sgcR
G6346	EG13544	b0620			P0AEF4	dpiA
EG11335	EG11335	b4390			P27278	nadR
EG11962	EG11962	b3604		35164	P0ACL7	lldR
EG11149	EG11149	b2479	yffD		P0A9I3	gcvR
EG10531	EG10531	b0076		35918	P10151	leuO
EG10301	EG10301	b2731		18370	P19323	fhlA
EG10029	EG10029	b2213		1043	P06134	ada
EG11088	EG11088	b0113	yacB	30488	P0ACL9	pdhR
EG10503	EG10503	b3773		598	P05827	ilvY
EG10268	EG10268	b0566		18406	P10805	envY
G7072	EG14265	b1988			Q47005	nac
EG12615	EG12615	b0995		36408	P38684	torR
EG11042	EG11042	b1323		55	P07604	tyrR
EG10643	EG10643	b1221		18109	P0AF28	narL
EG10474	EG10474	b2725		33143	P0AEV4	hycA
EG12301	EG12301	b1013	ycdC		P0ACU2	rutR
EG11449	EG11449	b4480	yifA		P0A8R9	hdfR
EG10989	EG10989	b3118		29702	P0ACQ7	tdcA
EG10591	EG10591	b3828		18163	P0A9F9	metR
EG10123	EG10123	b3973		952	P06709	birA
G6395	EG13227	b0761			P0A9G8	modE
EG12123	EG12123	b2289		32685	P36771	lrhA
EG11966	EG11966	b4116		35597	P33234	adiY
EG11218	EG11218	b4398	yjjE	34803	P08368	creB
EG10547	EG10547	b0889		549	P0ACJ0	lrp
EG11861	EG11861	b3897	yiiH		P32152	frvR
EG11103	EG11103	b0535	ybcA		P0AEL8	fimZ
EG10517	EG10517	b0694		31571	P21866	kdpE
G7308	EG14219	b2491			P71229	hyfR
EG12630	EG12630	b3438		667	P0ACP5	gntR
EG10672	EG10672	b3405		434	P0AA16	ompR
EG10490	EG10490	b2916		28646	P0A8S1	argP
EG10223	EG10223	b0840		864	P0ACK5	deoR
EG11514	EG11514	b3214		18259	P28721	gltF
EG10992	EG10992	b3119		29692	P11866	tdcR
EG10093	EG10093	b3743		18520	P0ACI6	asnC
EG11366	EG11366	b4396		34661	P0ACI0	rob
EG10728	EG10728	b0399		397	P0AFJ5	phoB
EG10482	EG10482	b4004		34252	P14375	zraR
EG12335	EG12335	b0162	yaeG		P37047	cdaR
EG10184	EG10184	b1275		897	P0A9F3	cysB
EG11527	EG11527	b2193		32598	P31802	narP
EG10338	EG10338	b0080		18304	P0ACP1	cra
EG10200	EG10200	b3934		887	P0ACN7	cytR
EG11849	EG11849	b3884	yihW		P32144	csqR
EG10359	EG10359	b0683		18286	P0A9A9	fur
G7071	EG14264	b1987			Q47083	cbl
EG10235	EG10235	b3702		851	P03004	dnaA
EG11738	EG11738	b3995	yjaE		P0AFX4	rsd
EG10896	EG10896	b3067		231	P00579	rpoD
EG10325	EG10325	b1334		745	P0A9E5	fnr
G6852	EG13156	b1594			P50456	mlc
EG10164	EG10164	b3357		906	P0ACJ8	crp
G6869	EG14303	b1625	ydgT		P64467	cnu
G6804	EG13810	b1517	yneB		P76143	lsrF
G6577	EG13443	b1120	ycfY		P75960	cobB
G6500	EG13724	b0966	yccV		P0AB20	hspQ
G0-10574	EG31170	b4603				rseX
G0-10201	EG31167	b4616				istR
EG12402	EG12402	b1217		37193	P0AE63	chaB
EG11277	EG11277	b0001			P0AD86	thrL
EG11236	EG11236	b0315	yahA		P21514	pdeL
EG10711	EG10711	b4108	yjdM		P0AFJ1	yjdM
EG12331	EG12331	b0155	yadQ		P37019	clcA
G6370	EG13659	b0681	ybfM		P75733	chiP
EG10729	EG10729	b0241		396	P02932	phoE
G6700	EG13375	b1377	ynaG		P77747	ompN
EG11124	EG11124	b1256	yciD		P0A915	ompW
EG10670	EG10670	b2215		436	P06996	ompC
G6762	EG13774	b1451	yncD		P76115	yncD
G6531	EG13865	b1024	ycdS		P69434	pgaA
EG11364	EG11364	b3720	yieC		P26218	bglH
EG11009	EG11009	b3035		97	P02930	tolC
EG10671	EG10671	b0929		435	P02931	ompF
G7814	EG13374	b3875	yshA		P76773	ompL
G6657	EG13428	b1319			P76045	ompG
G7921	EG12389	b4311	yjhA		P69856	nanC
G6543	EG13413	b1037			P0AEA2	csgG
G7235	EG14144	b2372	yfdV		P0AA49	yfdV
EG11724	EG11724	b3714	yieG		P31466	adeP
G7503	EG13067	b4464	ygfR		Q46817	ghxQ
G6934	EG13990	b1729	ydjN		P77529	tcyP
G7833	EG12470	b4141	yjeH		P39277	yjeH
EG11512	EG11512	b0010	yaaH		P0AC98	satP
EG11919	EG11919	b4020	yjbB		P0AF43	yjbB
EG11159	EG11159	b2923	yggA		P11667	argO
EG12283	EG12283	b3579	yiaO		P37676	yiaO
EG13174	EG13174	b2775	yqcE		P77031	yqcE
EG11639	EG11639	b1533	ydeD		P31125	eamA
G6142	EG13346	b0270	yagG		P75683	yagG
G7018	EG13132	b1858	yebM		P0A9X1	znuC
EG12663	EG12663	b0652			P0AAG3	gltL
EG11680	EG11680	b3201	yhbG		P0A9V1	lptB
G6778	EG13787	b1484	yddP		P77268	ddpD
EG12518	EG12518	b4485	ytfR		Q6BEX0	ytfR
EG11624	EG11624	b0864		31677	P0AAF6	artP
EG10537	EG10537	b3455		553	P0A9S7	livG
G6656	EG13919	b1318	ycjV		P77481	ycjV
EG12320	EG12320	b0127	yadG		P36879	yadG
EG11048	EG11048	b3450		17794	P10907	ugpC
EG10389	EG10389	b0809		18268	P10346	glnQ
G6423	EG13325	b0820	ybiT		P0A9U3	ybiT
G6218	EG13299	b0366	yaiQ		Q47538	tauB
EG12059	EG12059	b2201	yejW	36574	P33931	ccmA
EG10128	EG10128	b1709		18499	P06611	btuD
G7341	EG13466	b2547	yphE		P77509	yphE
EG12801	EG12801	b3195	yrbF		P63386	mlaF
G6800	EG13806	b1513	ydeX		P77257	lsrA
EG12627	EG12627	b3541		33765	P0AAG0	dppD
EG11630	EG11630	b0855		31697	P31134	potG
G6752	EG13763	b1441	ydcT		P77795	ydcT
EG12347	EG12347	b1917	yecC		P37774	tcyN
EG11572	EG11572	b0066	yabJ		P31548	thiQ
G6429	EG13472	b0829	yliA		P75796	gsiA
EG12304	EG12304	b1291			P0AAH4	sapD
EG10783	EG10783	b3725		18004	P0AAH0	pstB
EG12078	EG12078	b3479		33186	P33593	nikD
EG10152	EG10152	b0765		920	P09833	modC
EG12837	EG12837	b3271	yhdZ		P45769	yhdZ
EG12010	EG12010	b2129	yehX		P33360	yehX
G6951	EG14006	b1756	ynjD		P76909	ynjD
EG12628	EG12628	b3540		33752	P37313	dppF
EG11657	EG11657	b0495	ybbA		P0A9T8	ybbA
G6777	EG13786	b1483	yddO		P77622	ddpF
EG12358	EG12358	b0933	ycbE		P0AAI1	ssuB
EG11621	EG11621	b0199			P30750	metN
EG10536	EG10536	b3454		33713	P22731	livF
G6574	EG13440	b1117	ycfV		P75957	lolD
EG12305	EG12305	b1290			P0AAH8	sapF
G6411	EG13314	b0794	ybhF		P0A9U1	ybhF
EG12079	EG12079	b3480		18223	P33594	nikE
EG10749	EG10749	b1126		31899	P69874	potA
EG12903	EG12903	b3352	yheS		P63389	yheS
EG12041	EG12041	b2180	yejF		P33916	yejF
EG11629	EG11629	b0854		31694	P31133	potF
EG10539	EG10539	b3460		551	P0AD96	livJ
G6430	EG13473	b0830	yliB		P75797	gsiB
EG11574	EG11574	b0068	yabL	34691	P31550	thiB
G2002	EG20254	b1294			Q47622	sapA
EG10929	EG10929	b3917		17911	P0AG78	sbp
EG10195	EG10195	b2425		27367	P16700	cysP
G7342	EG13467	b2548	yphF		P77269	yphF
EG10752	EG10752	b1123		31908	P0AFK9	potD
G6949	EG14004	b1754	ynjB		P76223	ynjB
EG10674	EG10674	b1243		18094	P23843	oppA
G6751	EG13762	b1440	ydcS		P76108	ydcS
EG12012	EG12012	b2131	yehZ		P33362	osmF
EG10540	EG10540	b3458		550	P04816	livK
G6478	EG13707	b0936	ycbO		P75853	ssuA
EG11625	EG11625	b0863		31674	P30859	artI
G6217	EG13300	b0365	yaiR		Q47537	tauA
EG11047	EG11047	b3453		39	P0AG80	ugpB
EG10248	EG10248	b3544		35111	P23847	dppA
G7570	EG13021	b3020	ygiS		Q46863	ygiS
EG12517	EG12517	b4227	ytfQ		P39325	ytfQ
G7017	EG12678	b1857	yzzP		P39172	znuA
EG12334	EG12334	b0158	yadT		P37028	btuF
EG10714	EG10714	b4105		17638	P16682	phnD
G6781	EG13790	b1487	yddS		P76128	ddpA
EG12037	EG12037	b2177	yejA		P33913	yejA
G6648	EG13911	b1310	ycjN		P76042	ycjN
EG11628	EG11628	b0860		31664	P30860	artJ
EG10386	EG10386	b0811		18271	P0AEQ3	glnH
G6359	EG12700	b0655	yzzK		P37902	gltI
EG11504	EG11504	b0197	yaeC		P28635	metQ
G7665	EG12618	b3200	yhbN		P0ADV1	lptA
EG10072	EG10072	b2310		18529	P09551	argT
G7039	EG12680	b1920	yzzR		P0AEM9	tcyJ
EG12427	EG12427	b0763		37372	P37329	modA
EG10734	EG10734	b3728		17998	P0AG82	pstS
G6803	EG13809	b1516	yneA		P76142	lsrB
EG12075	EG12075	b3476		18226	P33590	nikA
G6270	EG13263	b0496	ybbP		P77504	ybbP
EG12340	EG12340	b0262	yagC		P37009	afuC
G0-10439	EG12126	b4513			P36937	kdpF
G6421	EG13323	b0818	ybiR		P75788	ybiR
EG10936	EG10936	b0098		176	P10408	secA
EG10300	EG10300	b2610		33006	P0AGD7	ffh
EG10937	EG10937	b3609		17896	P0AG86	secB
EG12089	EG12089	b2281		32655	P0AFD6	nuoI
EG12086	EG12086	b2285		32667	P0AFD1	nuoE
EG12087	EG12087	b2283		32661	P33602	nuoG
EG12083	EG12083	b2287		32676	P0AFC7	nuoB
EG12084	EG12084	b2286		32673	P33599	nuoC
EG11774	EG11774	b2284		32664	P31979	nuoF
EG12322	EG12322	b0129	yadI		P36881	yadI
G7246	EG14151	b2383	ypdD		P77439	fryA
EG12770	EG12770	b3139	yraE		P42910	agaC
EG12556	EG12556	b4304	yjhN		P39365	sgcC
EG11791	EG11791	b2934			P69824	cmtB
G7856	EG12493	b4193	yjfS		P39301	ulaA
EG12494	EG12494	b4194	yjfT		P69822	ulaB
G7632	EG12764	b3133	yhaY		P42904	agaV
EG12766	EG12766	b3135	yraA		P42906	agaA
EG11792	EG11792	b2933			P69826	cmtA
EG12495	EG12495	b4195	yjfU		P69820	ulaC
EG11709	EG11709	b3682	yidN		P69789	glvB
G7633	EG12765	b3134	yhaZ		P42905	agaW
G7250	EG14155	b2387	ypdH		P69808	fryB
G0-10241	EG14343	b4565			P58035	sgcB
EG11908	EG11908	b3949	yijJ		P32672	frwC
EG12769	EG12769	b3138	yraD		P42909	agaB
EG11927	EG11927	b4038	yjbI		P32690	yjbI
EG11863	EG11863	b3899	yiiJ		P32154	frvB
EG12554	EG12554	b4302	yjhL		P39363	sgcA
EG11710	EG11710	b3683			P31452	glvC
G7635	EG12771	b3140	yraF		P42911	agaD
G6545	EG13411	b1039			P0AE95	csgE
EG11019	EG11019	b3290		84	P0AGI8	trkA
G7874	EG12513	b4220	ytfM		P0ADE4	tamA
EG11167	EG11167	b3040	ygiE		P0A8H3	zupT
G7875	EG12514	b4221	ytfO		P39321	tamB
EG12173	EG12173	b3334			P36678	gspM
G7701	EG12888	b3323	yheD		P45756	gspA
G7867	EG12506	b4210	ytfF		P39314	ytfF
G7534	EG12987	b2966	yqgA		Q46831	yqgA
G6443	EG13679	b0845	ybjJ		P75810	ybjJ
G7711	EG12895	b3333	yheK		P45763	gspL
G6282	EG13620	b0513	ybbY		P77328	ybbY
G7708	EG12892	b3330	yheH		P45760	gspI
G7186	EG14103	b2292	yfbS		P0AFU2	yfbS
EG11466	EG11466	b3819	yigH		P27844	rarD
G7107	EG13566	b2062			P0A930	wza
G7702	EG12889	b3324	yheE		P45757	gspC
G6572	EG13438	b1115	ycfT		P75955	ycfT
G7929	EG12571	b4332	yjiJ		P39381	yjiJ
G6445	EG13681	b0847	ybjL		P60869	ybjL
EG11895	EG11895	b2013	yeeE		P33015	yeeE
G7729	EG12915	b3377	yhfT		P45546	yhfT
EG11671	EG11671	b2223		37064	P76460	atoE
G7709	EG12893	b3331	yheI		P45761	gspJ
G6178	EG13584	b0308	ykgG		P77433	ykgG
EG11536	EG11536	b3685	yidE		P60872	yidE
G7706	EG12886	b3328			P41442	gspG
G7108	EG14051	b2063	yegH		P76389	yegH
EG12376	EG12376	b2410	yfeH		P39836	yfeH
G7703	EG12890	b3325	yheF		P45758	gspD
G6984	EG13505	b1798	yeaS		P76249	leuE
G6859	EG13928	b1601	ydgG		P0AFS5	tqsA
EG12024	EG12024	b2142	yohK		P0AD19	yohK
G6458	EG13426	b0874	ybjE		P75826	lysO
G7745	EG12931	b3402	yhgE		P45804	yhgE
G7526	EG12978	b2950	yggR		P52052	yggR
G6431	EG13474	b0831	yliC		P75798	gsiC
G7710	EG12894	b3332	yheJ		P45762	gspK
G7707	EG12887	b3329			P41443	gspH
EG12445	EG12445	b2578	yfiK		P38101	eamB
G7704	EG12891	b3326	yheG		P45759	gspE
G7873	EG12512	b4218	ytfL		P0AE45	ytfL
G7659	EG12798	b3192	yrbC		P0ADV7	mlaC
G7406	EG12940	b2683	ygaH		P43667	ygaH
G7405	EG13528	b2682	ygaZ		P76630	ygaZ
G7216	EG14276	b2346			P76506	mlaA
G6850	EG13848	b1592	ynfJ		P76175	clcB
G6674	EG13356	b1342	ydaN		P64423	zntB
G6465	EG12684	b0891	yzzV		P61316	lolA
G6412	EG13315	b0795	ybhG		P75777	ybhG
G6260	EG13246	b0484	ybaR		Q59385-2	copA
G6233	EG13609	b0402	yajM		P0AAE2	proY
G6193	EG13598	b0328	yahN		P75693	yahN
EG12933	EG12933	b3410	yhgG		P64638	feoC
EG11988	EG11988	b2109	yehB		P33341	yehB
EG11338	EG11338	b1051		34718	P25738	msyB
EG10657	EG10657	b3661		35704	P04846	nlpA
EG12878	EG12878	b2910	ygfE		P0ADS2	zapA
EG11299	EG11299	b3247	yhdF	31358	P0A9J0	rng
EG12313	EG12313	b0102	yacF		P36680	zapD
EG11191	EG11191	b3641	yicB		P0C093	slmA
EG12111	EG12111	b2742		33225	P0ADA3	nlpD
EG11069	EG11069	b3811		30184	P0A8P6	xerC
G7424	EG13111	b2748	ygbQ		P0A6S5	ftsB
EG11878	EG11878	b3928	yiiU		P0AF36	zapB
EG10955	EG10955	b3129		35411	P15373	prlF
G6486	EG13715	b0946	ycbW		P75862	zapC
EG10342	EG10342	b0093		734	P06136	ftsQ
EG11376	EG11376	b3017		33437	P26648	ftsP
EG12371	EG12371	b3163	yhbM		P0AFB1	nlpI
EG10599	EG10599	b4143		492	P0A6F5	groL
G7680	EG12819	b3232	yhcM		P64612	zapE
EG11086	EG11086	b0083	yabD	30402	P0AEN4	ftsL
EG10347	EG10347	b0095		143	P0A9A6	ftsZ
G6936	EG13992	b1731	ydjP		P0AE60	cedA
EG11529	EG11529	b3933		34153	P29131	ftsN
G0-10261	EG14341	b4520	ymgF		P58034	ymgF
EG11441	EG11441	b3498		18031	P27298	prlC
EG10340	EG10340	b3463		736	P0A9R7	ftsE
EG12855	EG12855	b0956	ycbG		P0A8N0	matP
EG10600	EG10600	b4142		493	P0A6F9	groS
EG10237	EG10237	b4361		849	P0AEF0	dnaC
G7864	EG12502	b4206	ytfB		P39310	ytfB
EG12297	EG12297	b3613	yibP		P37690	envC
EG10013	EG10013	b1856	yebA		P0AFS9	mepM
G7644	EG12781	b3150	yraP		P64596	yraP
EG11003	EG11003	b0436		35681	P0A850	tig
EG11676	EG11676	b3932	yiiC	34160	P0A7B8	hslV
EG10935	EG10935	b1916		30919	P07026	sdiA
EG11494	EG11494	b1097	yceG		P28306	mltG
EG10618	EG10618	b0924		31516	P22523	mukB
G6548	EG13414	b1043	ycdE		P52107	csgC
EG10677	EG10677	b1246		18085	P76027	oppD
EG12634	EG12634	b2761	ygcB		P38036	cas3
G7430	EG13119	b2760	ygcL		Q46901	casA
G7427	EG13116	b2757	ygcI		Q46898	casD
EG11250	EG11250	b4224	yjfB	33293	P08365	chpS
G6665	EG13376	b1329	ynaH		P77348	mppA
EG10678	EG10678	b1247		35799	P77737	oppF
G0-9121	EG14356	b4539	yoeB		P69348	yoeB
EG12844	EG12844	b2017	yefM		P69346	yefM
G7688	EG12825	b3243	yhcS		P67662	aaeR
EG11489	EG11489	b1042		30620	P28307	csgA
G7428	EG13117	b2758	ygcJ		Q46899	casC
EG11252	EG11252	b0923	ycbA	31751	P22524	mukE
G7425	EG13114	b2755	ygbT		Q46896	cas1
EG11244	EG11244	b2922	yggE		P0ADS6	yggE
EG12845	EG12845	b2754	ygbF		P45956	cas2
EG11933	EG11933	b4050	yjbO		P32696	pspG
G7429	EG13118	b2759	ygcK		P76632	casB
G7426	EG13115	b2756	ygcH		Q46897	casE
EG10270	EG10270	b2566		29010	P06616	era
EG12780	EG12780	b3149	yraO		P66817	diaA
EG11203	EG11203	b3865	yihA		P0A6P7	yihA
EG10596	EG10596	b1176		31329	P18196	minC
EG11210	EG11210	b4109	yjdA		P0DM85	crfC
G7656	EG12795	b3183	yhbZ		P42641	obgE
G7354	EG14225	b2603	yfiR		P64548	yfiR
EG11643	EG11643	b1535	ydeG		P31129	dgcZ
EG10554	EG10554	b4034		532	P0AEX9	malE
G6971	EG13495	b1785	yeaI		P76236	cdgI
G6623	EG13899	b1194	ycgR		P76010	ycgR
EG12396	EG12396	b2067	yegE		P38097	dgcE
EG10149	EG10149	b1887		925	P0A964	cheW
EG10146	EG10146	b1888		928	P07363-1	cheA
G7572	EG13023	b3022	ygiU		Q46865	mqsR
G6972	EG13496	b1786	yeaJ		P76237	dgcJ
G6776	EG14301	b1481	yddX		P76127	bdm
G6532	EG13866	b1025	ycdT		P75908	dgcT
EG12403	EG12403	b1218		37196	P39163	chaC
EG10150	EG10150	b1882		924	P0AE67	cheY
EG12002	EG12002	b2121	yehP		P33352	yehP
EG10147	EG10147	b1883		927	P07330	cheB
G7049	EG14040	b1956	yedQ		P76330	dgcQ
EG12880	EG12880	b2604	yfiN		P46139	dgcN
EG10151	EG10151	b1881		923	P0A9H9	cheZ
EG12252	EG12252	b3525	yhjH		P37646	pdeH
EG10148	EG10148	b1884		926	P07364	cheR
G7197	EG14112	b2305	yfcI		P77768	rpnB
G7934	EG12577	b4584	yjiP		P0DP21	rpnD
EG11748	EG11748	b0132	yadD		P31665	rpnC
G6417	EG13320	b0808	ybiO		P75783	ybiO
EG11017	EG11017	b1197		17572	P13482	treA
EG10771	EG10771	b2677			P14175	proV
EG12202	EG12202	b4241			P36673	treR
EG10241	EG10241	b0014		844	P0A6Y8	dnaK
EG11752	EG11752	b1897		18070	P31678	otsB
EG10110	EG10110	b0312		17737	P17445	betB
G7395	EG12675	b2665	yzzM		P0ADE6	kbp
EG11036	EG11036	b3339		61	P0CE47	tufA
G0-41	EG14372	b4410			P0ADB4	ecnA
EG10679	EG10679	b1283		31965	P0ADA7	osmB
EG11885	EG11885	b1048		31849	P33136	opgG
EG10111	EG10111	b0313		30692	P17446	betI
G7528	EG12980	b2952	yggT		P64564	yggT
EG10044	EG10044	b1739		36628	P0ADB1	osmE
EG11037	EG11037	b3980		60	P0CE48	tufB
G0-9562	EG14345	b4411	yjeU		P0ADB7	ecnB
EG10773	EG10773	b2679		35653	P0AFM2	proX
EG12866	EG12866	b1831	yoeC		P45577	proQ
EG10680	EG10680	b1482		32184	P0C0L2	osmC
EG11391	EG11391	b4376		34640	P0AFH8	osmY
EG10897	EG10897	b3461		618	P0AGB3	rpoH
EG10158	EG10158	b0437		31280	P0A6G7	clpP
EG11751	EG11751	b1896		18073	P31677	otsA
G7743	EG12929	b3400	yrfH		P0ACG8	hslR
EG11178	EG11178	b3167	yhbB	36919	P0A7G2	rbfA
EG10166	EG10166	b3556		29540	P0A9X9	cspA
EG11837	EG11837	b3871	yihK		P32132	bipA
EG10595	EG10595	b4171		18160	P16384	miaA
G6511	EG14243	b0990			P0A978	cspG
EG11881	EG11881	b3931		34157	P0A6H5	hslU
G6600	EG13885	b1160	ycgW		P75987	iraM
EG11890	EG11890	b3506		33726	P37194	slp
EG11401	EG11401	b0384		18013	P0AFM4	psiF
EG10977	EG10977	b3229		17860	P0ACA3	sspA
EG10572	EG10572	b2781			P0AEY3	mazG
G6782	EG13791	b1488	yddT		P77790	ddpX
EG10230	EG10230	b0145		30521	P0ABS1	dksA
EG11415	EG11415	b0812		31650	P0ABT2	dps
EG10978	EG10978	b3228		33594	P0AFZ3	sspB
EG10713	EG10713	b4106		34553	P16677	phnC
G6838	EG12452	b1580			P38105	rspB
EG10413	EG10413	b3779			P25552	gpp
G6479	EG13708	b0937	ycbP		P80644	ssuE
EG11734	EG11734	b1020		31841	P0A9K1	phoH
EG10966	EG10966	b3650		156	P0AG24	spoT
G6839	EG12451	b1581			P38104	rspA
G7002	EG14383	b1826	yobG		P64512	mgrB
EG11490	EG11490	b1493		32194	P69910	gadB
EG11398	EG11398	b3510	yhiB	33734	P0AES9	hdeA
EG11078	EG11078	b0020	yaaB	30281	P0A9G2	nhaR
EG10131	EG10131	b4131		943	P0A9H3	cadA
EG11495	EG11495	b3511	yhiA	33737	P0AET5	hdeD
G6855	EG12149	b1597			P36560	asr
EG11399	EG11399	b3509	yhiC	33731	P0AET2	hdeB
G6555	EG14334	b1058	yceO		P64442	yceO
EG50009	EG50009	b3517		32191	P69908	gadA
EG10529	EG10529	b2569		18199	P60785	lepA
EG11889	EG11889	b3507	yhiF		P37195	dctR
G7521	EG13164	b2939	yqgB		P64567	yqgB
EG11501	EG11501	b4117			P28629	adiA
G7000	EG14382	b1824	yobF		P64508	yobF
EG11422	EG11422	b2237	yfaG	32692	P27294	inaA
G6158	EG13560	b0287	yagU		P0AAA1	yagU
EG12228	EG12228	b3491	yhiM		P37630	yhiM
G7607	EG12731	b3088	ygjT		P42601	alx
EG11544	EG11544	b3512	yhiE		P63204	gadE
EG10011	EG10011	b0006	yaaA		P0A8I3	yaaA
G7348	EG13177	b2571			P0AFX9	rseB
EG11404	EG11404	b1203	ychF		P0ABU2	ychF
EG11897	EG11897	b2573		36181	P0AGB6	rpoE
G7193	EG14109	b2301	yfcF		P77544	yfcF
G58	EG14239	b0459	ylaD		P77791	maa
G7852	EG12489	b4189	yjfO		P39297	bsmA
G7046	EG14387	b1953	yodD		P64519	yodD
EG10681	EG10681	b3961		28841	P0ACQ4	oxyR
EG10452	EG10452	b2306		626	P07109	hisP
G7647	EG12784	b3153	yhbO		P45470	yhbO
EG12394	EG12394	b1778	yeaA		P0A746	msrB
EG11534	EG11534	b3687		33847	P0C054	ibpA
EG10061	EG10061	b4401		831	P0A9Q1	arcA
G7415	EG13102	b2734	ygbH		P55799	pphB
EG12177	EG12177	b4137		34216	P69488	cutA
EG11433	EG11433	b4219		34400	P0A744	msrA
G6606	EG14290	b1166	ymgB		P75993	ariR
EG11918	EG11918	b4002	yjaI		P0AAA9	zraP
G7194	EG14110	b2302	yfcG		P77526	yfcG
EG11784	EG11784	b2579	yfiD		P68066	grcA
G7059	EG14047	b1971	yedY		P76342	msrP
EG11535	EG11535	b3686		33843	P0C058	ibpB
EG10463	EG10463	b0161		30554	P0C0V0	degP
G7683	EG12820	b3238	yhcN		P64614	yhcN
EG12436	EG12436	b0176	yaeL		P0AEH1	rseP
EG10129	EG10129	b1710		18496	P06610	btuE
G7532	EG12984	b2962	yggX		P0A8P3	yggX
EG11470	EG11470	b3826	yigL		P27848	yigL
G6756	EG13767	b1445	ydcX		P64453	ortT
EG12124	EG12124	b2309		627	P0AEU0	hisJ
EG11325	EG11325	b1276		28218	P25516	acnA
EG11831	EG11831	b3859	yihE		P0C0K3	srkA
EG11206	EG11206	b4011	yjaA		P09162	yjaA
G7923	EG12565	b4326	yjiD		P39375	iraD
G7060	EG14048	b1972	yedZ		P76343	msrQ
G198	EG13272	b0424	yajL		Q46948	yajL
EG11644	EG11644	b1536	ydeI		P31130	ydeI
G7816	EG11872	b4484	yiiO		P0AE85	cpxP
G7011	EG14026	b1838	yebX		P55798	pphA
EG12657	EG12657	b3029	ygiN		P0ADU2	ygiN
EG10374	EG10374	b3447		18280	P18956	ggt
G7574	EG13025	b3024	ygiW		P0ADU5	ygiW
EG12341	EG12341	b2572	yfiJ	37241	P0AFX7	rseA
EG11533	EG11533	b1205	ychH		P0AB49	ychH
EG11105	EG11105	b0597	ybdB		P0A8Y8	entH
EG10306	EG10306	b1102		18367	P16869	fhuE
G7949	EG12595	b4367	yjjS		P39405	fhuF
EG10113	EG10113	b3336		32528	P0ABD3	bfr
G6414	EG13317	b0805	ybiL		P75780	fiu
G0-10437	EG14353	b4511	ybdZ		P18393	ybdZ
EG10294	EG10294	b0592		18385	P0AEL6	fepB
EG11181	EG11181	b3337	yheA		P0AE56	bfd
EG10290	EG10290	b4287		35617	P15031	fecE
EG10921	EG10921	b1905		32521	P0A998	ftnA
EG10286	EG10286	b4291		783	P13036	fecA
EG10304	EG10304	b0151		11187	P07821	fhuC
G7033	EG13175	b1902	yecI		P0A9A2	ftnB
G6266	EG13259	b0490	ybbL		P77279	fetA
EG10295	EG10295	b0588		4987	P23878	fepC
EG12101	EG12101	b3408		28964	P0AEL3	feoA
EG10292	EG10292	b4292		35627	P23485	fecR
EG10287	EG10287	b4290		782	P15028	fecB
EG10305	EG10305	b0152		11184	P07822	fhuD
G7593	EG12953	b3070	yqjH		Q46871	nfeF
EG10299	EG10299	b0585		780	P13039	fes
G7883	EG12530	b4252	yjgK		P0AF96	tabA
G7741	EG12927	b3398	yrfF		P45800	igaA
G7314	EG14202	b2503	yfgF		P77172	pdeF
G7061	EG14049	b1973	yodA		P76344	zinT
G6784	EG13793	b1490	yddV		P0AA89	dosC
G6783	EG13792	b1489	yddU		P76129	dosP
G6749	EG13760	b1438	ydcQ		P67697	hicB
G6639	EG13415	b1285	yciR		P77334	pdeR
G6570	EG13436	b1112	ycfR		P0AB40	bhsA
G6447	EG13683	b0853	ybjN		P0AAY6	ybjN
G6396	EG14328	b0762	ybhT		P0AAW9	acrZ
G6321	EG14234	b0573	ylcC		P77214	cusF
G6167	EG14326	b0296	ykgM		P0A7N1	ykgM
G0-10655	EG14487	b4682	yqcG		C1P612	yqcG
EG12830	EG12830	b0466	ybaM		P45807	ybaM
EG12204	EG12204	b1823		35339	P0A9Y6	cspC
EG11390	EG11390	b3495		28127	P0AED0	uspA
EG11297	EG11297	b3860		34063	P0AEG4	dsbA
EG11291	EG11291	b2936	yggG		P25894	loiP
EG11256	EG11256	b0382	yaiB		P0AAN9	iraP
EG11100	EG11100	b0471	ybaB		P0A8B5	ybaB
EG11083	EG11083	b0059	yabA	29491	P60240	rapA
EG10608	EG10608	b3251		31343	P0A9X4	mreB
EG10651	EG10651	b2159		14161	P0A6C1	nfo
G7031	EG12862	b1895	yecG		P46888	uspC
EG11246	EG11246	b1333	ydaA		P0AAC0	uspE
EG10662	EG10662	b1633		13070	P0AB83	nth
G7578	EG12186	b3031	yqiA		P0A8Z7	yqiA
G6183	EG13588	b0318	yahD		P77736	yahD
EG11063	EG11063	b1913		19	P0A8G0	uvrC
G7016	EG14031	b1844	yobC		P0AEK0	exoX
EG11877	EG11877	b3923	yiiT		P0AAB8	uspD
EG11073	EG11073	b1749		7	P09030	xthA
EG10108	EG10108	b2480		33035	P0AE52	bcp
G7758	EG12945	b3441	yhhY		P46854	yhhY
G6487	EG13716	b0947	ycbX		P75863	ycbX
EG12137	EG12137	b0192		35748	P40710	nlpE
EG11384	EG11384	b0605		31190	P0AE08	ahpC
G7558	EG13010	b3001	yghZ		Q46851	gpr
G6381	EG13307	b0712	ybgK		P75745	pxpC
EG12026	EG12026	b2154	yeiG		P33018	yeiG
EG10957	EG10957	b4063		27798	P0ACS2	soxR
G7139	EG14072	b2107	yohN		P64534	rcnB
G6157	EG13559	b0286	yagT		P77165	paoA
EG11852	EG11852	b3887	yihZ		P0A6M4	dtd
EG10628	EG11518	b3924			P28861	fpr
G6932	EG13988	b1727	yniC		P77247	hxpB
EG12600	EG12600	b4394	yjjX		P39411	yjjX
EG11723	EG11723	b3713	yieF		P0AGE6	yieF
EG10509	EG10509	b1732		593	P21179	katE
G6878	EG12613	b1635			P0A9D2	gstA
EG12237	EG12237	b3503		35999	P0AB96	arsC
EG11579	EG11579	b0798	ybiA		P30176	ybiA
G7947	EG12593	b4365	yjjQ		P0ADD7	yjjQ
G6660	EG12672	b1324	yzzJ		P0A862	tpx
EG11385	EG11385	b0606		31194	P35340	ahpF
G7587	EG14230	b3048	yqiI		P76656	yqiI
G6382	EG13308	b0713	ybgL		P75746	pxpA
EG12108	EG12108	b2709	ygaA		P37013	norR
EG10958	EG10958	b4062		27801	P0A9E2	soxS
G6208	EG13295	b0355	yaiM		P51025	frmB
EG11870	EG11870	b3910	yiiM		P32157	yiiM
EG10953	EG10953	b3908		17593	P00448	sodA
G6967	EG13491	b1781	yeaE		P76234	yeaE
G6155	EG13557	b0284	yagR		P77489	paoC
EG11758	EG11758	b4167	yjeF		P31806	nnr
EG10511	EG10511	b3942		14983	P13029	katG
G6886	EG13419	b1646			P0AGD1	sodC
EG10175	EG10175	b0340		15267	P00816	cynS
G6806	EG13812	b1519	yneD		P76145	tam
EG11421	EG11421	b0338		31255	P27111	cynR
EG10020	EG10020	b3912	yiiA	34166	P0AE88	cpxR
G7622	EG12752	b4470	yhaN		P42626	cyuA
G6438	EG13481	b0838	yliJ		P0ACA7	gstB
EG12115	EG12115	b4374	yjjG		P0A8Y1	yjjG
EG11310	EG11310	b1407	ydbD		P25907	ydbD
G7312	EG14200	b2495	yfgD		P76569	yfgD
G6380	EG13306	b0711	ybgJ		P0AAV4	pxpB
EG11969	EG11969	b3292	yhdM		P0ACS5	zntR
EG10954	EG10954	b1656		15256	P0AGD3	sodB
G7055	EG11755	b1967	yzzC		P31658	hchA
G6156	EG13558	b0285	yagS		P77324	paoB
G6890	EG13546	b1650	ydhN		P77258	nemA
EG12450	EG12450	b2711	ygaL		P37596	norW
G6110	EG13142	b0226			Q47150	dinJ
EG10439	EG10439	b0460		31084	P0ACE3	hha
G0-9610	EG11240	b4428	ydcB		P77494	hokB
G0-9602	EG14403	b4419			P0DPD0	ldrA
EG12165	EG12165	b0922		31748	P60293	mukF
G6619	EG13243	b1182	ycgD		P77335	hlyE
EG11131	EG11131	b1563		17956	P0C077	relE
G6117	EG13152	b0233	yafO		Q47157	yafO
G0-9613	EG12346	b4455	yiaZ		P37305	hokA
G0-9605	EG14404	b4421			Q6BF87	ldrB
G7358	EG13193	b2619	yfjG		P0AGL5	ratA
G0-9041	EG14406	b4453			Q6BF25	ldrD
G6882	EG13408	b1642			P0A8W2	slyA
EG10741	EG10741	b4235		34577	P0AFK0	pmbA
G6109	EG13154	b0225	yafQ		Q47149	yafQ
EG10373	EG12074	b0018			P33236	mokC
G0-9607	EG14405	b4423			P0DPD1	ldrC
G0-9563	EG10373	b4412			P0ACG4	hokC
EG10836	EG10836	b1564		305	P0C079	relB
EG12006	EG12006	b2125	yehT		P0AFT5	btsR
EG50005	EG20151	b0578			P38489	nfsB
EG11952	EG11952	b4080	yjcP		P32714	mdtP
EG11158	EG11158	b2912	ygfA		P0AC28	fau
G7233	EG13282	b2368			P52599	emrK
EG11741	EG11741	b3264	yhdK		P0ACT2	envR
G7166	EG14089	b2253	yfbE		P77690	arnB
EG12455	EG12455	b2835	ygeD		P39196	lplT
EG12240	EG12240	b3513	yhiU		P37636	mdtE
EG11599	EG11599	b1532		32217	P31121	marB
G6322	EG14235	b0574	ylcD		P77239	cusB
EG11434	EG11434	b1531		18172	P0ACH5	marA
G0-9561	EG14389	b4409			P56976	blr
EG11953	EG11953	b4081	yjcQ		P32715	mdtO
EG11249	EG11249	b2782		33287	P0AE70	mazF
EG10183	EG10183	b2422		898	P16676	cysA
EG30063	EG30063	b4439		18157		micF
G7168	EG14091	b2255	yfbG		P77398	arnA
EG12656	EG12656	b3028			P0AEY5	mdaB
EG12116	EG12116	b0464	ybaH	35809	P0ACS9	acrR
EG11435	EG11435	b1530		30935	P27245	marR
EG11954	EG11954	b4082	yjcR		P32716	mdtN
EG10201	EG10201	b0632		886	P0AEB2	dacA
EG11884	EG11884	b1430		32109	P25397	tehB
EG11081	EG11081	b0029	yaaE	34696	P62623	ispH
G7172	EG12671	b2259			P37590	pmrD
EG12867	EG12867	b0376	yaiH		P0AD70	ampH
G7057	EG14045	b1969	yedW		P76340	hprR
EG12235	EG12235	b3501		35993	P37309	arsR
EG10571	EG10571	b2783		33283	P0AE72	mazE
G7649	EG12786	b3155	yhbQ		P45472	yhbQ
G7564	EG13014	b3011	yqhD		Q46856	yqhD
G7530	EG12982	b2954	yggV		P52061	rdgB
G7399	EG13525	b2670	ygaW		P64550	alaE
G7398	EG13288	b2668	ygaP		P55734	ygaP
G7323	EG13394	b2520	yfhM		P76578	yfhM
G6939	EG13490	b1743			P77754	spy
G6615	EG13892	b1178	ycgK		P76002	pliG
G6334	EG12683	b0607	yzzU		P39177	uspG
G6174	EG13580	b0304	ykgC		P77212	rclA
G6173	EG14278	b0303	ykgI		P75687	rclB
G6171	EG13579	b0301	ykgB		P75685	rclC
G6104	EG13547	b0220	ykfE		P0AD59	ivy
G0-10716	EG14501	b4706			U3PVA8	iroK
EG31116	EG31116	b4458		28844		oxyS
EG12209	EG12209	b0624	ybeI		P37002	crcB
EG12045	EG12045	b2184	yejJ		P33919	radD
EG11600	EG11600	b2521		33023	P31142	sseA
G6558	EG12670	b1061			P0ABR1	dinI
EG10976	EG10976	b4059		150	P0AGE0	ssb
G0-9962	EG14402	b4618	ysdB		A5A627	tisB
EG10747	EG10747	b0060		374	P21189	polB
EG11808	EG11808	b1848	yebG		P0ACY9	yebG
EG11357	EG11357	b0799		31247	P27296	dinG
RUVA	EG10923	b1861		17923	P0A809	ruvA
EG11061	EG11061	b4058		21	P0A698	uvrA
G6933	EG13989	b1728	ydjM		P64481	ydjM
EG10984	EG10984	b0958		144	P0AFZ5	sulA
G6115	EG13141	b0231			Q47155	dinB
EG10823	EG10823	b2699		312	P0A7G6	recA
RUVB	EG10924	b1860		17920	P0A812	ruvB
EG11062	EG11062	b0779		20	P0A8F8	uvrB
G6937	EG13993	b1741	ydjQ		P76213	cho
EG11056	EG11056	b1184		34	P04152	umuC
EG10831	EG10831	b2616		10872	P05824	recN
EG12080	EG12080	b2698			P33596	recX
EG10533	EG10533	b4043		558	P0A7C2	lexA
EG11775	EG11775	b0685	ybfE		P0AAU7	ybfE
EG11064	EG11064	b3813		18	P03018	uvrD
G7940	EG12584	b4347	yjiW		P39394	symE
EG11057	EG11057	b1183		17788	P0AG11	umuD
G7509	EG13074	b2896	ygfX		Q46824	ygfX
G6798	EG13804	b1511	ydeV		P77432	lsrK
G0-10634	EG14494	b4687	yphI		C1P611	shoB
G0-10633	EG14472	b4667			C1P607	ibsA
G0-10632	EG14473	b4668			C1P608	ibsB
G0-10631	EG14470	b4665			C1P615	ibsC
G0-10630	EG14469	b4664			C1P616	ibsD
G0-10629	EG14471	b4666			C1P617	ibsE
G0-10472	EG14342	b4559	yjdO		P64646	ghoT
EG12429	EG12429	b0461	ybaJ		P0AAR0	tomB
EG11817	EG11817	b2744	ygbC	33215	P0A840	umpG
EG11498	EG11498	b3262	yhdJ		P28638	yhdJ
EG10173	EG10173	b0733		10369	P0ABJ9	cydA
EG12631	EG12631	b4476		35461	P0AC96	gntU
EG10103	EG10103	b3736		28	P0ABA0	atpF
EG12462	EG12462	b4115	yjdD		P60061	adiC
EG10007	EG10007	b2307		25879	P0AEU3	hisM
EG12168	EG12168	b0401		950	P0AD99	brnQ
EG12091	EG12091	b2279		32649	P0AFE4	nuoK
EG12029	EG12029	b2161	yeiJ		P33021	nupX
EG11896	EG11896	b2014	yeeF		P0AA47	plaP
EG11800	EG11800	b2995		33414	P37180	hybB
EG11691	EG11691	b3664	yicO		P31440	adeQ
EG11626	EG11626	b0862		31670	P0AE34	artQ
EG11499	EG11499	b3184	yhbE		P0AA73	yhbE
EG11393	EG11393	b1185	ycgA	31933	P0A6M2	dsbB
G7942	EG12586	b4354	yjiY		P39396	btsT
G7655	EG12793	b3173	yhbX		P42640	yhbX
EG11180	EG11180	b3291	yhdC	35417	P0A742	mscL
G7421	EG13108	b2740	ygbN		Q46892	ygbN
G7251	EG14156	b2389	yfeO		P67729	yfeO
EG10932	EG10932	b0724		17905	P07014	sdhB
EG10751	EG10751	b1124		31905	P0AFK6	potC
G6875	EG13937	b1631	ydgP		P77285	rsxG
G6779	EG13788	b1485	yddQ		P77463	ddpC
EG10613	EG10613	b0914		31743	P60752	msbA
G6552	EG13876	b1047	ymdD		P75920	opgC
G6432	EG13475	b0832	yliD		P75799	gsiD
EG10462	EG10462	b1829		32320	P23894	htpX
G6267	EG13260	b0491	ybbM		P77307	fetB
G2000	EG20256	b1292			P0AGH5	sapC
EG10260	EG10260	b0595		821	P0ADI4	entB
EG12835	EG12835	b3269	yhdX		P45767	yhdX
EG10167	EG10167	b0598	ybdC	31179	P15078	cstA
EG12623	EG12623	b0478	ybaL		P39830	ybaL
EG10100	EG10100	b3731		31	P0A6E6	atpC
EG10002	EG10002	b0764		18478	P0AF01	modB
EG12249	EG12249	b3523	yhjE		P37643	yhjE
EG12082	EG12082	b2288		32679	P0AFC3	nuoA
EG12009	EG12009	b2128	yehW		P33359	yehW
EG11883	EG11883	b1429		32106	P25396	tehA
EG11767	EG11767	b3485	yhhJ		P0AGH1	yhhJ
EG11687	EG11687	b3659	yicK		P31436	setC
EG11616	EG11616	b4148		34460	P69937	gdx
EG11479	EG11479	b3839	yigU		P69423	tatC
EG11379	EG11379	b0979		31813	P26458	appB
G7888	EG12535	b4261	yjgP		P0AF98	lptF
EG11262	EG11262	b3364	yhfH		P60778	tsgA
G7617	EG12747	b3103	yhaH		P64590	yhaH
EG11123	EG11123	b1255	yciC		P21365	yciC
G7340	EG13465	b2546	yphD		P77315	yphD
G7198	EG14113	b2322	yfcJ		P77549	yfcJ
G7004	EG14019	b1828	yebQ		P76269	yebQ
EG10744	EG10744	b1603		18043	P07001	pntA
G6872	EG13934	b1628	ydgM		P77223	rsxB
EG10658	EG10658	b2477		33030	P0A903	bamC
G6753	EG13764	b1442	ydcU		P77156	ydcU
G6514	EG12617	b0993	yccI		P39453	torS
EG10530	EG10530	b2568		573	P00803	lepB
G6409	EG13674	b0792	ybhR		P0AFP9	ybhR
EG10401	EG10401	b2240		689	P08194	glpT
G6256	EG13268	b0479			P52067	fsr
EG10303	EG10303	b0153		776	P06972	fhuB
G0-10594	EG14016	b4602	ynhF		A5A618	ynhF
EG10233	EG10233	b0895		31724	P18776	dmsB
EG12799	EG12799	b3193	yrbD		P64604	mlaD
EG12576	EG12576	b4337	yjiO		P39386	mdtM
EG12393	EG12393	b3063	ygjC		P39414	ttdT
EG12232	EG12232	b3496	yhiP		P36837	dtpB
EG12136	EG12136	b2077	yegB		P36554	mdtD
EG12070	EG12070	b2211	yojI		P33941	yojI
EG11742	EG11742	b1496	yddA		P31826	yddA
EG11612	EG11612	b4111		361	P0C0L7	proP
EG11468	EG11468	b3823	yigJ		P0AG38	rhtC
EG11370	EG11370	b4040		50	P0AGK1	ubiA
EG11242	EG11242	b0898	ycaD		P21503	ycaD
G7586	EG14229	b3047	yqiH		P77616	yqiH
EG11096	EG11096	b0407	yajC		P0ADZ7	yajC
G7320	EG14208	b2512	yfgL		P77774	bamB
EG11006	EG11006	b3709		69	P23173	tnaB
G7159	EG14084	b2246	yfaV		P76470	yfaV
EG10802	EG10802	b1015		332	P07117	putP
G6977	EG13500	b1791	yeaN		P76242	nimT
EG10732	EG10732	b1129		31922	P23837	phoQ
G6861	EG13930	b1605	ydgI		P0AAE5	ydgI
EG10646	EG10646	b1222		18106	P0AFA2	narX
G6650	EG13913	b1312	ycjP		P77716	ycjP
EG10598	EG10598	b1174		31317	P0A734	minE
G6491	EG12966	b0951			P43671	pqiB
EG10521	EG10521	b0047		82	P03819	kefC
G6393	EG13662	b0752	ybgR		P75757	zitB
EG10393	EG10393	b2243		17692	P0A996	glpC
G6242	EG13249	b0441	ybaU		P0ADY1	ppiD
EG10296	EG10296	b0590		18382	P23876	fepD
EG20053	EG20053	b3691	yidT	856	P0AA76	dgoT
EG10224	EG10224	b4042		862	P0ABN1	dgkA
EG10182	EG10182	b0428		31014	P0AEA5	cyoE
EG10127	EG10127	b1711		945	P06609	btuC
EG12544	EG12544	b4279	yjhB		P39352	yjhB
EG12369	EG12369	b1769	ydjE		P38055	ydjE
EG12220	EG12220	b3474	yhhT		P0AGM0	yhhT
EG12128	EG12128	b2828		33350	P60955	lgt
EG12054	EG12054	b2196	yejR	36590	P33927	ccmF
EG11947	EG11947	b4073	yjcK	34355	P32709	nrfD
EG11842	EG11842	b3877	yihP		P32137	yihP
EG11732	EG11732	b3754	yieO		P31474	hsrA
EG11606	EG11606	b1250		35309	P31069	kch
EG11459	EG11459	b3795	yifK		P27837	yifK
EG11354	EG11354	b2685		33259	P27303	emrA
G7753	EG12941	b3434	yhgN		P67143	yhgN
EG11228	EG11228	b1475		32164	P0AAJ3	fdnH
G7303	EG14214	b2486			P77437	hyfF
EG10987	EG10987	b1885		123	P07018	tap
G7115	EG14058	b2076	yegO		P76399	mdtC
EG10782	EG10782	b3726		18007	P07654	pstA
G6950	EG14005	b1755	ynjC		P76224	ynjC
EG10708	EG10708	b0576		402	P24207	pheP
G6854	EG12951	b1596	ynfM		P43531	ynfM
EG10640	EG10640	b1227		458	P11350	narI
G6622	EG13897	b1193	ycgP		P0C960	emtA
G6466	EG13697	b0899	ycaM		P75835	ycaM
EG10514	EG10514	b0697		587	P03960	kdpB
G6361	EG13654	b0658	ybeX		P0AE78	ybeX
EG10388	EG10388	b0810		700	P0AEQ6	glnP
G6219	EG13301	b0367	yaiJ		Q47539	tauC
EG10272	EG10272	b3005		33384	P0ABV2	exbD
EG13270	EG13270	b0875			P60844	aqpZ
EG10179	EG10179	b0431		30997	P0ABI8	cyoB
EG12713	EG12713	b1473	yddG		P46136	yddG
EG10109	EG10109	b0311		17740	P17444	betA
EG12520	EG12520	b4230	ytfT		P39328	ytfT
EG10042	EG10042	b0111		30481	P0AE14	ampE
EG12321	EG12321	b0128	yadH		P0AFN6	yadH
EG12215	EG12215	b3469	yhhO		P37617	zntA
EG12102	EG12102	b3409		28967	P33650	feoB
EG12040	EG12040	b2179	yejE		P33915	yejE
EG11940	EG11940	b4065	yjcE		P32703	yjcE
EG11826	EG11826	b0981	yccC		P38134	etk
EG11704	EG11704	b0462			P31224	acrB
EG11636	EG11636	b1528	ydeA		P31122	ydeA
G7685	EG12822	b3240	yhcP		P46481	aaeB
EG11197	EG11197	b3705	yidC		P25714	yidC
G7501	EG13065	b2882	ygfO		P67444	xanQ
EG11046	EG11046	b3452		40	P10905	ugpA
G7300	EG14211	b2483			P77858	hyfC
EG10939	EG10939	b3981		34108	P0AG96	secE
G7097	EG13576	b2046			P77377	wzxC
EG10772	EG10772	b2678			P14176	proW
G6893	EG13950	b1657	ydhP		P77389	ydhP
EG10704	EG10704	b0418	yajN	17644	P18200	pgpA
G6801	EG13807	b1514	ydeY		P77672	lsrC
G6573	EG13439	b1116	ycfU		P0ADC3	lolC
G6461	EG13694	b0878	ybjY		P75830	macA
EG10477	EG10477	b2722		33162	P16430	hycD
EG10346	EG10346	b3464		18295	P10121	ftsY
G6093	EG12676	b0177	yzzY		P0A940	bamA
EG10267	EG10267	b3266		33608	P24181	acrF
EG12908	EG12908	b3370	yhfM		P45539	frlA
EG10174	EG10174	b0734		9469	P0ABK2	cydB
EG12661	EG12661	b0654			P0AER3	gltJ
EG10104	EG10104	b3733		27	P0ABA6	atpG
EG12469	EG12469	b4130	yjdL		P39276	dtpC
EG10008	EG10008	b4003		34249	P14377	zraS
EG12281	EG12281	b3577	yiaM		P37674	yiaM
EG12169	EG12169	b2198	yojM	36584	P0ABM5	ccmD
EG12092	EG12092	b2278		32646	P33607	nuoL
EG12032	EG12032	b2164	yeiM		P33024	psuT
EG11902	EG11902	b3943	yijE		P0ABT8	yijE
EG11815	EG11815	b0996		29977	P33226	torC
EG11693	EG11693	b3673	yicQ	36938	P31442	emrD
EG11627	EG11627	b0861		31667	P0AE30	artM
EG11405	EG11405	b0887		31720	P29018	cydD
G7946	EG12592	b4364	yjjP		P0ADD5	yjjP
EG11305	EG11305	b0627	ybeC		P0A843	tatE
G7658	EG12797	b3191	yrbB		P64602	mlaB
EG11183	EG11183	b3388	yhfB		P11557	damX
G7437	EG13126	b2771	ygcS		Q46909	ygcS
EG11021	EG11021	b3849		34066	P0AFZ7	trkH
G7254	EG14157	b2392	yfeP		P0A769	mntH
EG10933	EG10933	b0721		17902	P69054	sdhC
G7037	EG14037	b1918	yecS		P0AFT2	tcyL
EG10753	EG10753	b0692		31552	P0AAF1	potE
G6876	EG13938	b1632	ydgQ		P77179	rsxE
EG10675	EG10675	b1244		18091	P0AFH2	oppB
G6780	EG13789	b1486	yddR		P77308	ddpB
G6559	EG13878	b1065	yceL		P69367	mdtH
EG10548	EG10548	b0027		11326	P00804	lspA
G6439	EG13676	b0841	ybjG		P75806	ybjG
G6280	EG13618	b0511	ybbW		P75712	ybbW
EG10339	EG10339	b0094		738	P0ABH0	ftsA
G2001	EG20255	b1293			P0AGH3	sapB
EG10262	EG10262	b0583		819	P19925	entD
EG12836	EG12836	b3270	yhdY		P45768	yhdY
EG10168	EG10168	b0657		31471	P23930	lnt
EG12625	EG12625	b3543		33771	P0AEF8	dppB
EG10101	EG10101	b3732		30	P0ABB4	atpD
EG12439	EG12439	b4231	yjfF		P37772	yjfF
EG10003	EG10003	b2413			P0A6J3	cysZ
EG12266	EG12266	b3539	yhjV		P37660	yhjV
EG12153	EG12153	b1469	yddF		P37758	narU
EG12088	EG12088	b2282		32658	P0AFD4	nuoH
EG12011	EG12011	b2130	yehY		P33361	yehY
EG11886	EG11886	b1049		31852	P62517	opgH
EG11773	EG11773	b2277		32639	P0AFE8	nuoM
EG11688	EG11688	b3660	yicL		P31437	yicL
EG11617	EG11617	b2078		30761	P30847	baeS
EG11486	EG11486	b3792	yifJ		P0AAA7	wzxE
EG11380	EG11380	b0978		31810	P26459	appC
G7889	EG12536	b4262	yjgQ		P0ADC6	lptG
EG11266	EG11266	b3615	yibD		P11290	waaH
G7618	EG12748	b3104	yhaI		P64592	yhaI
EG11141	EG11141	b1959	yedA		P0AA70	yedA
G7347	EG13178	b2570			P46187	rseC
EG11012	EG11012	b1252		90	P02929	tonB
EG10928	EG10928	b0377		17914	P0AFY6	sbmA
G7006	EG14021	b1833	yebS		P0AD03	yebS
EG10745	EG10745	b1602		18040	P0AB67	pntB
G6873	EG13935	b1629	ydgN		P77611	rsxC
EG10664	EG10664	b2964		442	P0AFF4	nupG
G6754	EG13765	b1443	ydcV		P0AFR9	ydcV
EG10607	EG10607	b0634		18145	P0ABG7	mrdB
G6517	EG13853	b1006	ycdG		P75892	rutG
EG10538	EG10538	b3457		552	P0AEX7	livH
G6410	EG13675	b0793	ybhS		P0AFQ2	ybhS
EG10405	EG10405	b4077		34330	P21345	gltP
G6262	EG13248	b0486	ybaT		P77400	ybaT
EG10332	EG10332	b4152		740	P0A8Q0	frdC
G0-8892	EG14395	b4599	yneM		A5A616	mgtS
EG10234	EG10234	b0896		31727	P18777	dmsC
EG12800	EG12800	b3194	yrbE		P64606	mlaE
EG10145	EG10145	b4400		929	P08369	creD
EG12587	EG12587	b4356	yjiZ		P39398	lgoT
EG10098	EG10098	b3734		33	P0ABB0	atpA
EG12400	EG12400	b1663	ydhE		P37340	mdtK
EG12236	EG12236	b3502		35996	P0AB93	arsB
EG12141	EG12141	b1660	ydhC		P37597	ydhC
EG12076	EG12076	b3477		33180	P33591	nikB
EG11971	EG11971	b2393		443	P0AFF2	nupC
EG11873	EG11873	b3915	yiiP		P69380	fieF
EG11753	EG11753	b1216		30293	P31801	chaA
G7316	EG14204	b2505	yfgH		P65290	yfgH
EG11679	EG11679	b2836		29780	P31119	aas
G7450	EG13172	b2792	yqcC		Q46919	yqcC
EG11613	EG11613	b4114	yjdB		P30845	eptA
EG10021	EG10021	b4352	yjiA		P24203	yjiA
EG11469	EG11469	b3824	yigK		P0AG34	rhtB
G7550	EG13002	b2984	yghR		P64572	yghR
EG11371	EG11371	b2560	yfhB		P0AD42	pgpC
EG11970	EG11970	b3293	yhdN		P36677	yhdN
G7840	EG12478	b4159	yjeP		P39285	mscM
EG12256	EG12256	b3529	yhjK		P37649	pdeK
EG11257	EG11257	b0385	yaiC		P0AAP1	dgcC
EG12379	EG12379	b1868	yecE		P37348	yecE
G7595	EG12955	b3072	yqjJ		P50466	aer
G0-10434	EG14432	b4506	ykgO		Q2EEQ2	ykgO
EG11104	EG11104	b0591	ybdA		P24077	entS
G0-10649	EG14481	b4676	yoaK		C1P602	yoaK
G7330	EG13454	b2536	yfhS		Q47142	hcaT
G0-10738						nc1
G7171	EG14094	b2258	yfbJ		P76474	arnF
G0-16696						naRNA3
EG10807	EG10807	b0945		328	P0A7E1	pyrD
G6186	EG13591	b0321	yahG		P77221	yahG
G6987	EG13508	b1801	yeaV		P0ABD1	yeaV
G6330	EG13532	b0601	ybdM		P77174	ybdM
EG10733	EG10733	b0400		394	P08400	phoR
G6460	EG13693	b0877	ybjX		P75829	ybjX
G6863	EG13191	b1607	ydgC		P0ACX0	ydgC
G6568	EG13434	b1108	ycfP		P0A8E1	ycfP
EG10652	EG10652	b0019		15893	P13738	nhaA
G6770	EG13780	b1463	yddI		P77567	nhoA
G6666	EG13924	b1330	ynaI		P0AEB5	ynaI
G6924	EG13980	b1706	ydiU		P77649	ydiU
EG10601	EG10601	b1890		491	P09348	motA
G6997	EG13517	b1816	yoaE		P0AEC0	yoaE
G6492	EG13719	b0952	ymbA		P0AB10	pqiC
G7169	EG14092	b2256	yfbH		P76472	arnD
G6400	EG13665	b0770	ybhI		P75763	ybhI
G7338	EG13463	b2544	yphB		P76584	yphB
EG10396	EG10396	b3927		692	P0AER0	glpF
G7466	EG13099	b2846	yqeH		Q46941	yqeH
G6248	EG11622	b0448			P77265	mdlA
EG10266	EG10266	b3265		813	P24180	acrE
EG10297	EG10297	b0587		18379	P26266	fepE
G7568	EG13019	b4469	ygiQ		Q46861	ygiQ
EG20110	EG20110	b3350		83	P45522	kefB
EG11117	EG11117	b1063	yceB		P0AB26	yceB
EG10231	EG10231	b2133		852	P06149	dld
G7675	EG12814	b3221	yhcH		P45424	yhcH
EG12754	EG12754	b3110	yhaO		P42628	cyuP
EG11182	EG11182	b3356	yhfA		P0ADX1	yhfA
EG10132	EG10132	b4132		34228	P0AAE8	cadB
G0-10453	EG14423	b4535	yniD		Q2EES1	yniD
EG12548	EG12548	b4296	yjhF		P39357	yjhF
G7767	EG12218	b3472	yhhR		P0AEE1	dcrB
EG10062	EG10062	b3210		29063	P0AEC3	arcB
G0-10606	EG14459	b4620	yjbT		A5A628	yjbT
EG12380	EG12380	b3415	yhgC	668	P39835	gntT
EG11309	EG11309	b1406	ydbC		P25906	pdxI
EG12230	EG12230	b3493			P0AFJ7	pitA
G0-10467		b4553	ysaB		Q2M7M3	ysaB
EG12129	EG12129	b2497		33043	P0AGM7	uraA
G7887	EG12533	b4257	yjgN		P39338	yjgN
EG12057	EG12057	b2199	yejT	36581	P0ABM1	ccmC
G0-10459	EG14426	b4542	yohO		Q2EES6	yohO
EG11948	EG11948	b4074	yjcL	34358	P32710	nrfE
EG11524	EG11524	b0706	ybfD		P28916	ybfD
EG11856	EG11856	b3892		33991	P0AEL0	fdoI
G0-10454		b4536	yobH		Q2MB16	yobH
EG11737	EG11737	b0198	yaeE		P31547	metI
EG11719	EG11719	b3696	yidX		P0ADM6	yidX
EG11665	EG11665	b3057		29739	P60932	bacA
G0-10469		b4555	yicS		Q2M7X4	yicS
EG11608	EG11608	b1249	yciJ	915	P0A6H8	clsA
EG11894	EG11894	b2012	yeeD		P33014	yeeD
EG11460	EG11460	b2469		36333	P27896	narQ
G0-10462	EG14366	b4546	ypeB		P0AD40	ypeB
EG11359	EG11359	b3335	yheC		P25960	gspO
EG12005	EG12005	b2124	yehS		P33355	yehS
G7806	EG11478	b3836	yigT		P69428	tatA
G0-10455	EG13242	b4537	yecJ		P0AD10	yecJ
EG11229	EG11229	b1476		32168	P0AEK7	fdnI
EG12269	EG12269	b3548	yhjY		P37663	yhjY
G7549	EG13001	b2983	yghQ		Q46841	yghQ
G0-10450	EG13182	b4529	ydbJ		P0ACW2	ydbJ
G7309	EG14220	b2492			P77733	focB
EG12410	EG12410	b2467	yffH		P37128	nudK
EG10988	EG10988	b1886		122	P07017	tar
G0-10475	EG14398	b4568	ytjA		Q2M5U1	ytjA
G7130	EG14063	b2098	yegT		P76417	yegT
G0-10441	EG14329	b4515	ybgT		P56100	cydX
EG10784	EG10784	b3727		18001	P0AGH8	pstC
G0-10466	EG14364	b4551	yheV		P0ADW8	yheV
G6962	EG13487	b1775	ydjK		P76230	ydjK
G0-10657	EG14491	b4686	yshB		C1P620	yshB
EG10722	EG10722	b4095		34526	P16689	phnM
G0-10458	EG11997	b4541	yehK		P33347	yehK
G6857	EG13926	b1599	ydgE		P69210	mdtI
G0-16636						3'ETSleuZ
EG10642	EG10642	b1223		18112	P10903	narK
G0-16699						naRNA6
G6643	EG13907	b1296	ycjJ		P76037	puuP
EG11084	EG11084	b0081	yabB		P22186	mraZ
G6476	EG13705	b0934	ycbM		P75851	ssuC
G7639	EG12775	b3144	yraJ		P42915	yraJ
EG10515	EG10515	b0696		586	P03961	kdpC
EG11161	EG11161	b2928	yggC		P11664	yggC
G6378	EG13304	b0709	ybgH		P75742	dtpD
G7733	EG12919	b3381	yhfX		P45550	yhfX
EG10391	EG10391	b2241		694	P0A9C0	glpA
EG11261	EG11261	b0851	ybjB		P17117	nfsA
G6227	EG13608	b0378	yaiW		P77562	yaiW
G7850	EG12488	b4185	yjfM		P39295	yjfM
EG10288	EG10288	b4289		35620	P15030	fecC
EG11472	EG11472	b3832	yigN		P0AG71	rmuC
EG13283	EG13283	b2367			P52600	emrY
EG11651	EG11651	b0210	yafE		P30866	yafE
EG10197	EG10197	b2424		17719	P16701	cysU
EG11839	EG11839	b3873	yihM		P32134	yihM
EG10180	EG10180	b0430		31005	P0ABJ3	cyoC
EG11951	EG11951	b4078	yjcO		P0AF56	yjcO
EG12720	EG12720	b3078	ygjI		P42590	ygjI
EG12248	EG12248	b3522	yhjD		P37642	yhjD
EG10112	EG10112	b0314		18505	P0ABC9	betT
EG12365	EG12365	b3355	yhfF		P0AEX5	prkB
EG12525	EG12525	b4242			P0ABB8	mgtA
EG12875	EG12875	b0772	ybhC		P46130	ybhC
EG12367	EG12367	b0575	ybdE		P38054	cusA
G0-10647	EG14485	b4680	ypdK		C1P610	ypdK
EG12217	EG12217	b3471	yhhQ		P37619	yhhQ
G0-10715	EG14500	b4705			P0DKB3	mntS
EG12125	EG12125	b2308		32721	P52094	hisQ
G0-16694						naRNA1
EG12052	EG12052	b2194	yejP	36597	P0ABM9	ccmH
G6162	EG13563	b0291	yagX		P77802	ecpC
EG11942	EG11942	b4067	yjcG		P32705	actP
G6324	EG12619	b0579	ybdF		P0AAT2	ybdF
EG11840	EG11840	b3874	yihN		P32135	yihN
G6451	EG13686	b0866	ybjQ		P0A8C1	ybjQ
EG11706	EG11706	b3679	yidK		P31448	yidK
G6560	EG13879	b1068	yceM		P75931	yceM
EG11637	EG11637	b1529	ydeC		P0AEY1	marC
G6763	EG13775	b1452	yncE		P76116	yncE
EG11566	EG11566	b0045	yaaU		P31679	yaaU
G6914	EG13970	b1688	ydiK		P0AFS7	ydiK
EG11439	EG11439	b2686		33262	P0AEJ0	emrB
G6995	EG14306	b1811	yoaH		P67338	yoaH
EG11337	EG11337	b2156		942	P25737	lysP
G7162	EG14087	b2249	yfaY		P77808	yfaY
G7686	EG12823	b3241	yhcQ		P46482	aaeA
G7317	EG14205	b2506	yfgI		P76573	yfgI
EG11215	EG11215	b4363	yjjB		P0ADD2	yjjB
G7451	EG12959	b2793			P0A8U0	syd
G7507	EG13071	b2888	ygfU		Q46821	uacT
EG10083	EG10083	b0390		18523	P0AE28	aroM
EG11049	EG11049	b3451		17791	P10906	ugpE
G7551	EG13003	b2985	yghS		Q46843	yghS
G7301	EG14212	b2484			P77416	hyfD
EG11108	EG11108	b0707	ybgA		P24252	ybgA
EG10940	EG10940	b0409		29893	P0AG93	secF
G7657	EG12796	b3190	yrbA		P0A9W6	ibaG
G7113	EG14056	b2074	yegM		P76397	mdtA
EG11173	EG11173	b3120	yhaB		P11865	yhaB
EG10775	EG10775	b4160		356	P0A8K1	psd
G7756	EG12943	b3439	yhhW		P46852	yhhW
G6916	EG13972	b1690	ydiM		P76197	ydiM
EG11292	EG11292	b3003	yghA		P0AG84	yghA
EG10705	EG10705	b1278		17641	P0A924	pgpB
G7872	EG12511	b4217	ytfK		P0ADE2	ytfK
G6802	EG13808	b1515	ydeZ		P0AFS1	lsrD
EG11516	EG11516	b1188	ycgB		P29013	ycgB
EG10629	EG10629	b0543		36935	P23895	emrE
EG11712	EG11712	b3688	yidQ		P0ADM4	yidQ
G6575	EG13441	b1118	ycfW		P75958	lolE
EG11860	EG11860	b3896	yiiG		P32151	yiiG
G6462	EG13695	b0879	ybjZ		P75831	macB
EG11995	EG11995	b2118	yehI		P33346	yehI
EG10479	EG10479	b2720		33154	P16432	hycF
EG12262	EG12262	b3535	yhjR		P0ADJ3	yhjR
G6345	EG13646	b0619	ybeP		P77510	dpiB
EG12387	EG12387	b2660	ygaF		P37339	lhgO
EG10269	EG10269	b3404		807	P0AEJ4	envZ
G0-10438	EG11107	b4512	ybdD		P0AAS9	ybdD
EG10177	EG10177	b0341		31261	P17583	cynX
G0-10651	EG14490	b4685	yrbN		C1P618	yrbN
EG12662	EG12662	b0653			P0AER5	gltK
G0-16601		b4717				micL
EG10105	EG10105	b3735		26	P0ABA4	atpH
G0-16697						naRNA4
EG12475	EG12475	b4156	yjeM		P39282	yjeM
G6190	EG13595	b0325	yahK		P75691	yahK
EG10012	EG10012	b0886	ycaB	17725	P23886	cydC
G6355	EG13651	b0648	ybeU		P77427	ybeU
EG12282	EG12282	b3578	yiaN		P37675	yiaN
G6471	EG13701	b0916	ycaQ		P75843	ycaQ
EG12178	EG12178	b4136		34213	P36655	dsbD
G6608	EG13888	b1168	ycgG		P75995	pdeG
EG12093	EG12093	b2276		29354	P0AFF0	nuoN
G6807	EG13813	b1520	yneE		P76146	yneE
EG11914	EG11914	b3955	yijP		P0CB39	eptC
G6945	EG14000	b1750	ydjX		P76219	ydjX
EG11821	EG11821	b0451	ybaG		P69681	amtB
G6998	EG13948	b1820	yobD		P67601	yobD
EG11700	EG11700	b0751			P0AFK2	pnuC
G7173	EG13185	b2266	yfbD		P0AEH5	elaB
EG11631	EG11631	b0856		31700	P31135	potH
G7371	EG13205	b2636	yfjS		O52982	yfjS
EG11541	EG11541	b3747		81	P63183	kup
G7484	EG13048	b2865	ygeR		Q46798	ygeR
G7664	EG12806	b3199	yrbK		P0ADV9	lptC
EG10307	EG10307	b3361		18361	P20605	fic
EG11186	EG11186	b3562	yiaA		P0ADJ8	yiaA
G7589	EG14232	b3051	yqiK		P77306	yqiK
EG11034	EG11034	b4355		63	P02942	tsr
EG11121	EG11121	b1253	yciA		P0A8Z0	yciA
G7258	EG14169	b2412			P77173	zipA
EG11916	EG11916	b3999	yjaG		P32680	yjaG
EG10934	EG10934	b0722		17899	P0AC44	sdhD
EG12016	EG12016	b2135	yohC		P0AD17	yohC
G7067	EG20205	b1981	yeeM		P76350	shiA
EG12273	EG12273	b3554	yiaF		P0ADK0	yiaF
G6877	EG13939	b1634	ydgR		P77304	dtpA
EG12444	EG12444	b1110	ycfJ		P0AB35	ycfJ
EG10676	EG10676	b1245		18088	P0AFH6	oppC
G0-10443	EG14358	b4518	ymdF		P56614	ymdF
G6786	EG12456	b1492			P63235	gadC
G0-10694	EG31188	b4704				arrS
G6561	EG13880	b1069	yceN		P0AF16	murJ
G0-16662						rirA
G6440	EG13696	b0842			P0AEY8	mdfA
G0-8891	EG14393	b4595	yciY		A5A613	yciY
EG10470	EG10470	b0974		31788	P0AAM1	hyaC
G6230	EG13176	b0387	yaiI		P0A8D3	yaiI
EG10344	EG10344	b0089		30409	P0ABG4	ftsW
G6387	EG13313	b0718	ybgQ		P75750	ybgQ
EG10263	EG10263	b0594		818	P10378	entE
G6482	EG13711	b0940	ycbS		P75857	elfC
EG12853	EG12853	b1336	ydaH		P46133	abgT
G6629	EG13903	b1202	ycgV		P76017	ycgV
EG12626	EG12626	b3542		33768	P0AEG1	dppC
G6840	EG13839	b1582	ynfA		P76169	ynfA
EG10102	EG10102	b3737		29	P68699	atpE
G6964	EG13489	b1777	yeaC		P76231	yeaC
EG12442	EG12442	b4461	yfjD		P37908	yfjD
G7014	EG14029	b1841	yobA		P0AA57	yobA
EG12268	EG12268	b3547	yhjX		P37662	yhjX
G7188	EG14105	b2294	yfbU		P0A8W8	yfbU
EG12166	EG12166	b0920	ycbC		P0AB01	elyC
G7396	EG14313	b2666	yqaE		P0AE42	yqaE
EG12090	EG12090	b2280		32652	P0AFE0	nuoJ
G7497	EG13061	b2878	ygfK		Q46811	ygfK
EG12017	EG12017	b2136	yohD		P33366	yohD
EG10433	EG10433	b3803		33965	P09127	hemX
EG11891	EG11891	b2008	yeeA		P33011	yeeA
G7608	EG12733	b3090	ygjV		P42603	ygjV
EG11798	EG11798	b0106	yacD		P36646	hofC
EG11126	EG11126	b1258	yciF		P21362	yciF
EG11689	EG11689	b3662	yicM		P0ADL1	nepI
G7693	EG12831	b3257	yhdT		P45566	yhdT
EG11622	EG14374	b0449			P0AAG5	mdlB
EG11192	EG11192	b3644	yicC		P23839	yicC
EG11491	EG11491	b4044		854	P28303	dinF
G7834	EG12471	b4144	yjeI		P0AF70	yjeI
EG11392	EG11392	b1186		30269	P0AFA7	nhaB
EG11383	EG11383	b3209	yzzB		P0ABU5	elbB
G7933	EG12575	b4336	yjiN		P39385	yjiN
G7941	EG12585	b4353	yjiX		P0ADC8	yjiX
EG11282	EG11282	b2482	yffF		P23482	hyfB
EG11548	EG11548	b1653		35720	P30015	lhr
G7642	EG12778	b3147	yraM		P45464	lpoA
EG11743	EG11743	b1495	yddB		P31827	yddB
EG11160	EG11160	b2924	yggB		P0C0S1	mscS
EG12104	EG12104	b2173	yeiR		P33030	yeiR
G7352	EG14222	b2595	yfiO		P0AC02	bamD
EG12291	EG12291	b3587	yiaW		P0ADK4	yiaW
EG11018	EG11018	b1421		85	P05704	trg
EG12708	EG12708	b0527	ybcI		P45570	ybcI
G7243	EG14148	b2380	ypdA		P0AA93	ypdA
G0-10471	EG12353	b4558	yifL		P0ADN6	yifL
EG10931	EG10931	b0723		17908	P0AC41	sdhA
G0-10701						och5
G7007	EG14022	b1834	yebT		P76272	yebT
G0-16685		b4722			P0DPC6	idlP
EG10750	EG10750	b1125		31902	P0AFK4	potB
G0-9609	EG31131	b4425				rttR
G6874	EG13936	b1630	ydgO		P76182	rsxD
G6252	EG14237	b0457	ylaB		P77473	pdeB
EG10669	EG10669	b0957		437	P0A910	ompA
G6403	EG13668	b0786	ybhL		P0AAC4	ybhL
G6764	EG13776	b1453	yncF		P77610	ansP
G6504	EG13728	b0983	yccZ		P0A932	gfcE
EG10610	EG10610	b3249		31351	P0ABH4	mreD
G6672	EG13354	b1340	ydaL		P76053	smrA
G6544	EG13412	b1038			P0AE98	csgF
G6870	EG13932	b1626	ydgK		P76180	ydgK
EG10541	EG10541	b3456		18190	P22729	livM
G6980	EG13502	b1794	yeaP		P76245	dgcP
G6418	EG13321	b0815	ybiP		P75785	opgE
G7048	EG14039	b1955	yedP		P76329	yedP
EG10406	EG10406	b3653		681	P0AER8	gltS
G7214	EG14129	b2343	yfcZ		P0AD33	yfcZ
G6265	EG13258	b0489	ybbK		P0AA53	qmcA
G7418	EG13105	b2737	ygbK		Q46889	ygbK
EG10333	EG10333	b4151		739	P0A8Q3	frdD
G7513	EG13078	b2900	yqfB		P67603	yqfB
G0-9981	EG14431	b4613			A5A624	dinQ
EG10847	EG10847	b3482			P16917	rhsB
EG10250	EG10250	b2365	yfdD	35717	P08555	dsdX
G7613	EG12744	b3099	yqjE		P64585	yqjE
EG12802	EG12802	b3196	yrbG		P45394	yrbG
EG11137	EG11137	b1864	yebC		P0A8A0	yebC
EG10163	EG10163	b3911		908	P0AE82	cpxA
G7699	EG12841	b3283	yrdD		P45771	yrdD
EG12591	EG12591	b4359	yjjO	18169	P39401	opgB
EG11201	EG11201	b3810	yigA		P23305	yigA
EG10099	EG10099	b3738		32	P0AB98	atpB
G7839	EG12477	b4158	yjeO		P39284	yjeO
EG12241	EG12241	b3514	yhiV		P37637	mdtF
EG11436	EG11436	b4269	yjgB		P27250	ahr
EG12142	EG12142	b2796		33329	P0AAD6	sdaC
EG11592	EG11592	b0631	ybeD		P0A8J4	ybeD
EG12077	EG12077	b3478		33183	P0AFA9	nikC
EG11776	EG11776	b0686	ybfF		P75736	ybfF
EG11980	EG11980	b2037		37353	P37746	rfbX
EG11937	EG11937	b4060	yjcB		P32700	yjcB
EG11880	EG11880	b3930	yiiW	520	P32166	menA
EG12139	EG12139	b2555	yfhG		P0AD44	qseG
EG11754	EG11754	b0070	yabM		P31675	setA
EG12329	EG12329	b0148	yadO	36926	P37024	hrpB
EG11686	EG11686	b3657	yicJ		P31435	yicJ
EG12850	EG12850	b2233	yfaL		P45508	yfaL
EG11614	EG11614	b4112		28171	P30844	basS
G0-10593	EG14462	b4601	ydgU		A5A617	ydgU
EG11471	EG11471	b3827	yigM		P0ADP5	bioP
EG11377	EG11377	b3018		33443	P26647	plsC
G0-16688		b4723	ymcF		P0DPC8	ymcF
G7849	EG12487	b4184	yjfL		P0AF80	yjfL
G6098	EG13223	b0190	yaeQ		P0AA97	yaeQ
G7609	EG12740	b3095	yqjA		P0AA63	yqjA
G6269	EG13262	b0493	ybbO		P0AFP4	ybbO
EG11113	EG11113	b0970	yccA		P0AAC6	yccA
G6425	EG13327	b0822	ybiV		P75792	ybiV
G7337	EG13462	b2543	yphA		P0AD47	yphA
G6507	EG13731	b0986	ymcC		P75884	gfcB
G7190	EG12607	b2298	yfcC		P39263	yfcC
G6742	EG13755	b1431	ydcL		P64451	ydcL
G6999	EG14012	b1821	yebN		P76264	mntP
EG12605	EG12605	b0119	yacL		P0A8E5	yacL
EG10740	EG10740	b4041		382	P0A7A7	plsB
EG11903	EG11903	b3944	yijF		P32668	yijF
G6871	EG13933	b1627	ydgL		P0A766	rsxA
EG11537	EG11537	b1067	yceH		P29217	yceH
EG10654	EG10654	b3367		452	P0AC26	nirC
G7614	EG14314	b3100	yqjK		Q47710	yqjK
G6744	EG13758	b1433	ydcO		P76103	ydcO
G7035	EG14036	b1904	yecR		P76308	yecR
G6508	EG13732	b0987	ymcD		P75885	gfcA
G6841	EG13840	b1583	ynfB		P76170	ynfB
G6404	EG13669	b0787	ybhM		P75769	ybhM
G6371	EG13660	b0682	ybfN		P75734	chiQ
EG10397	EG10397	b3424		18262	P09391	glpG
EG12422	EG12422	b0802	ybiJ		P0AAX3	ybiJ
G6255	EG14240	b0465			P77338	mscK
EG11830	EG11830	b3858	yihD		P0ADP9	yihD
EG10298	EG10298	b0589		31162	P23877	fepG
EG11287	EG11287	b2732	ygbA		P25728	ygbA
G0-10460	EG14344	b4544	yfbW		Q47377	arnE
G7555	EG13007	b2998	yghW		P64574	yghW
EG10232	EG10232	b0894		17710	P18775	dmsA
G7012	EG14027	b1839	yebY		P64506	yebY
EG10139	EG10139	b0175		930	P0ABG1	cdsA
G6705	EG13733	b1383	ydbL		P76076	ydbL
EG12563	EG12563	b4321	yjiB		P0AC94	gntP
G6351	EG13647	b0644	ybeQ		P77234	ybeQ
EG10084	EG10084	b0112		998	P15993	aroP
EG12374	EG12374	b3362	yhfG		P0ADX5	yhfG
EG12392	EG12392	b1206	ychM		P0AFR2	dauA
EG11763	EG11763	b3596	yibG		P32106	yibG
EG12231	EG12231	b3494	yhiO		P0A8S5	uspB
EG11136	EG11136	b1862	yebB		P24238	yebB
EG12134	EG12134	b0813	ybiF		P0AA67	rhtA
G7357	EG13192	b2618	yfjF		P52119	yfjF
EG12058	EG12058	b2200	yejV	36577	P0ABL8	ccmB
G6979	EG14304	b1793	yoaF		P64493	yoaF
EG11857	EG11857	b3893		33988	P0AAJ5	fdoH
G6633	EG14256	b1248	yciU		P0A8L7	yciU
EG11610	EG11610	b2370		32766	P30855	evgS
G6216	EG13302	b0364	yaiS		P71311	yaiS
EG11463	EG11463	b3816		911	P0ABI4	corA
EG12171	EG12171	b4380	yjjI		P37342	yjjI
EG11367	EG11367	b2786		33320	P0AEC5	barA
EG11695	EG11695	b3675	yidG		P0ADL6	yidG
G7808	EG14322	b3838	ysgB		P69425	tatB
G7861	EG12499	b4199	yjfY		P0AF86	yjfY
EG11233	EG11233	b1609			P18392	rstB
G7267	EG14166	b2432	yfeY		P76537	yfeY
G7559	EG13011	b3002	yqhA		P67244	yqhA
G6938	EG13994	b1742	ydjR		P76214	ves
G7310	EG14221	b2493	yfgO		P0AFI9	yfgO
G6579	EG13445	b1122	ymfA		P75962	ymfA
EG10991	EG10991	b3116		29709	P0AAD8	tdcC
G6081	EG14384	b0005	yaaX		P75616	yaaX
G7138	EG14071	b2106	yohM		P76425	rcnA
EG12025	EG12025	b2144	yeiF		P0AFY2	sanA
G6975	EG13498	b1789	yeaL		P0ACY6	yeaL
EG11660	EG11660	b1929	yedE		P31064	yedE
EG10730	EG10730	b4399		395	P08401	creC
G7719	EG12905	b3354	yheU		P67624	yheU
G6858	EG13927	b1600	ydgF		P69212	mdtJ
G7200	EG14115	b2325	yfcL		P64540	yfcL
EG10644	EG10644	b1465		32136	P0AF32	narV
G6900	EG13957	b1672	ydhW		P77564	ydhW
G6649	EG13912	b1311	ycjO		P0AFR7	ycjO
G6473	EG13702	b0919	ycbJ		P0AB03	ycbJ
EG10597	EG10597	b1175		31326	P0AEZ3	minD
EG12868	EG12868	b1273	yciN		P0AB61	yciN
G6490	EG12965	b0950			P0AFL9	pqiA
EG12842	EG12842	b0850	ybjC		P46119	ybjC
EG10516	EG10516	b0695		585	P21865	kdpD
EG11931	EG11931	b4048	yjbM		P32694	yjbM
G6384	EG13310	b0715	ybgN		P75747	abrB
EG11607	EG11607	b1251	yciI		P0AB55	yciI
EG10392	EG10392	b2242		17695	P13033	glpB
G7643	EG12779	b3148	yraN		P45465	yraN
G6241	EG13614	b0427	yajR		P77726	yajR
G7152	EG14078	b2225	yfaP		P76462	yfaP
EG10289	EG10289	b4288		18394	P15029	fecD
G6843	EG13841	b1585	ynfC		P67553	ynfC
EG10198	EG10198	b2423		27371	P0AEB0	cysW
G6385	EG13311	b0716	ybgO		P75748	ybgO
EG10181	EG10181	b0429		31008	P0ABJ6	cyoD
EG12443	EG12443	b2959	yggL		P38521	yggL
EG12732	EG12732	b3089	ygjU		P0AGE4	sstT
EG11876	EG11876	b3922	yiiS		P32162	yiiS
EG12539	EG12539	b4265	yjgT		P39344	idnT
EG11323	EG11323	b2909	ygfB		P0A8C4	ygfB
EG12368	EG12368	b1859	yebI		P39832	znuB
G7577	EG13028	b3027	ygiZ		Q46867	ygiZ
EG12219	EG12219	b3473	yhhS		P37621	yhhS
G7015	EG14030	b1843	yobB		P76280	yobB
EG12127	EG12127	b4240		34601	P36672	treB
G6738	EG13753	b1423	ydcJ		P76097	ydcJ
EG12053	EG12053	b2195	yejQ	36594	P0AA86	ccmG
G6352	EG13648	b0645	ybeR		P77627	ybeR
EG11946	EG11946	b4072	yjcJ	34352	P0AAK7	nrfC
EG12395	EG12395	b0735	ybgE		P0AAV0	ybgE
EG11841	EG11841	b3876	yihO		P32136	yihO
EG11793	EG11793	b2807	ygdD		P0ADR2	ygdD
EG11720	EG11720	b3710	yidY		P31462	mdtL
EG11142	EG11142	b2230	yfaA		P17994	yfaA
EG11640	EG11640	b1534	ydeE		P31126	ydeE
G7468	EG13101	b2848	yqeJ		Q46943	yqeJ
EG11573	EG11573	b0067	yabK		P31549	thiP
G6994	EG13515	b1810	yoaC		P64490	yoaC
EG11343	EG11343	b1053	yceE		P25744	mdtG
G6641	EG12653	b1289	ycjD		P45736	ycjD
G7705	EG12885	b3327			P41441	gspF
G6325	EG13643	b0580	ybdJ		P77506	ybdJ
G7533	EG12986	b2963	yggZ		P0C066	mltC
EG12201	EG12201	b2671	ygaC		P0AD53	ygaC
G7302	EG14213	b2485			P0AEW1	hyfE
EG11696	EG11696	b3676	yidH		P0ADM0	yidH
EG10952	EG10952	b2617			P0A937	bamE
G7870	EG12509	b4215	ytfI		P39317	ytfI
G7114	EG14057	b2075	yegN		P76398	mdtB
G7295	EG14194	b2466	ypfG		P76559	ypfG
EG10781	EG10781	b2585		355	P23830	pssA
G6955	EG14010	b1760	ynjH		P76227	ynjH
G6917	EG13973	b1691	ydiN		P76198	ydiN
G6612	EG14415	b1172	ymgG		Q7DFV3	ymgG
EG10706	EG10706	b1912		405	P0ABF8	pgsA
G6191	EG13596	b0326	yahL		P77393	yahL
G6817	EG13822	b1543	ydfJ		P77228	ydfJ
EG12042	EG12042	b2181	yejG		P0AD21	yejG
EG10635	EG10635	b0679		38380	P09323	nagE
EG11661	EG11661	b1930	yedF		P0AA31	yedF
G6620	EG13896	b1191	ycgO		P76007	cvrA
G7746	EG12932	b3407	yhgF		P46837	yhgF
G6464	EG13226	b0890			P46889	ftsK
G7203	EG14118	b2332	yfcO		P76498	yfcO
EG10513	EG10513	b0698		588	P03959	kdpA
G6928	EG13984	b1722	ydiY		P76206	ydiY
EG10271	EG10271	b3006		804	P0ABU7	exbB
G6498	EG13722	b0964	yccT		P0A8X4	yccT
EG10178	EG10178	b0432		18439	P0ABJ1	cyoA
G0-10583	EG14451	b4586	ykfM		A5A605	ykfM
EG12709	EG12709	b1958	yedI		P46125	yedI
EG12857	EG12857	b2586	yfiM		P46126	yfiM
EG10106	EG10106	b3739		18511	P0ABC0	atpI
EG11991	EG11991	b2112	yehE		P33344	yehE
EG12504	EG12504	b4208	ytfD	900	P0AAE0	cycA
EG11650	EG11650	b0209	yafD		P0A8U2	yafD
EG10014	EG10014	b2470	yffA	35697	P24177	acrD
G7651	EG12789	b3157	yhbT		P64599	yhbT
EG12315	EG12315	b0117	yacH		P36682	yacH
G7156	EG14082	b2229	yfaT		P76466	yfaT
EG12095	EG12095	b3175		33484	P0AG99	secG
G6844	EG13842	b1586	ynfD		P76172	ynfD
EG12038	EG12038	b2178	yejB		P0AFU0	yejB
G6424	EG13326	b0821	ybiU		P75791	ybiU
EG11939	EG11939	b4064	yjcD		P0AF52	ghxP
EG12448	EG12448	b0567	ybcH		P37325	ybcH
EG11824	EG11824	b3009	yghB		P0AA60	yghB
EG11882	EG11882	b3937	yiiX		P32167	yiiX
EG11703	EG11703	b0463		1045	P0AE06	acrA
EG11464	EG11464	b3817	yigF		P27842	yigF
EG11632	EG11632	b0857		31703	P0AFL1	potI
G7604	EG12727	b3085	ygjP		P42597	ygjP
EG11555	EG11555	b0007	yaaJ		P30143	yaaJ
G7025	EG13405	b1875	yecM		P52007	yecM
EG11419	EG11419	b2182		32582	P28246	bcr
G6809	EG13815	b1523	yneG		P76148	yneG
EG11327	EG11327	b0336		912	P0AA82	codB
G6354	EG13650	b0647	ybeT		P77296	ybeT
G7679	EG12818	b3227	yhcL		P45428	dcuD
EG12421	EG12421	b0803	ybiI		P41039	ybiI
EG11194	EG11194	b3654	yicE		P0AGM9	xanP
EG11807	EG11807	b1847	yebF		P33219	yebF
G7465	EG13098	b2845	yqeG		P63340	yqeG
EG11155	EG11155	b2824	ygdB		P08370	ygdB
EG11041	EG11041	b1907		56	P0AAD4	tyrP
G7471	EG13037	b2851	ygeG		Q46787	ygeG
G7282	EG14182	b2452	yffU		P76552	eutH
G7001	EG14014	b1825	yebO		P64499	yebO
EG10938	EG10938	b0408		17893	P0AG90	secD
G6668	EG14294	b1332	ynaJ		P64445	ynaJ
G7070	EG13383	b1985	yeeO		P76352	yeeO
G6331	EG13533	b0602	ybdN		P77216	ybdN
EG10766	EG10766	b3300		18037	P0AGA2	secY
EG12225	EG12225	b3488	yhiJ		P37627	yhiJ
G6885	EG13945	b1645	ydhK		P76186	ydhK
EG11749	EG11749	b0130	yadE		P31666	yadE
EG10685	EG10685	b3258		10818	P16256	panF
EG11127	EG11127	b1259	yciG		P21361	yciG
G6790	EG14466	b1500	yneN		P76136	safA
G8202	EG11513	b0013	yaaI		P28696	yaaI
EG10617	EG10617	b3161		478	P0AAD2	mtr
G7349	EG14223	b2583	yfiP		Q47319	yfiP
G6565	EG13431	b1105	ycfM		P0AB38	lpoB
G6978	EG13501	b1792	yeaO		P76243	yeaO
EG10476	EG10476	b2723		33166	P16429	hycC
G6624	EG14338	b1195	ymgE		P76011	ymgE
G6323	EG12620	b0577	ybdG		P0AAT4	ybdG
G6194	EG13599	b0329	yahO		P75694	yahO
EG10345	EG10345	b3462		18298	P0AC30	ftsX
EG12119	EG12119	b1233	ychJ		P37052	ychJ
G436	EG20145	b3224		18121	P41036	nanT
EG11662	EG11662	b1931	yedK		P76318	yedK
EG10264	EG10264	b0586		817	P11454	entF
G7838	EG12476	b4157	yjeN		P39283	yjeN
EG12883	EG12883	b2987			P43676	pitB
G7261	EG14160	b2420	yfeS		P78271	yfeS
EG12015	EG12015	b2134	yohB	36349	P0AFI5	pbpG
G6929	EG13985	b1724	ydiZ		P64479	ydiZ
EG10619	EG10619	b0091		476	P17952	murC
G6549	EG13873	b1044	ymdA		P75917	ymdA
EG10604	EG10604	b0087		30466	P0A6W3	mraY
G0-16640		b4715	ytiA		P0DN74	ytiA
G7668	EG12808	b3208	yrbM		P46022	mtgA
EG11999	EG11999	b2120	yehM		P33349	yehM
EG11358	EG11358	b3189		33518	P0A749	murA
EG11659	EG11659	b1928	yedD		P31063	yedD
G6968	EG13492	b1782	yeaF		P0A908	mipA
G7667	EG12807	b3207	yrbL		P64610	yrbL
EG10213	EG10213	b0381		30966	P0A6J8	ddlA
G7180	EG14098	b2273	yfbN		P76484	yfbN
G6452	EG13687	b0867	ybjR		P75820	amiD
G6860	EG13929	b1604	ydgH		P76177	ydgH
EG10623	EG10623	b0090		473	P17443	murG
G6469	EG13700	b0906	ycaP		P75839	ycaP
EG10125	EG10125	b0435		31032	P0ABE2	bolA
EG12865	EG12865	b1426	ydcH		P0ACW6	ydcH
EG12183	EG12183	b0433		31027	P0AE16	ampG
EG11525	EG11525	b3484	yhhI		P28912	yhhI
EG10620	EG10620	b0088		30450	P14900	murD
G6963	EG13488	b1776	ydjL		P77539	ydjL
EG11823	EG11823	b2435	yfeE	18541	P36548	amiA
EG11152	EG11152	b2605	yfiB		P07021	yfiB
EG10605	EG10605	b0149		483	P02919	mrcB
G6896	EG13953	b1668	ydhS		P77148	ydhS
EG11363	EG11363	b4169	yjeD	34432	P26365	amiB
G6743	EG13756	b1432	ydcM		P76102	insQ
EG10544	EG10544	b1677		543	P69776	lpp
G6625	EG14275	b1196	ycgY		P76012	ycgY
G7322	EG14210	b2519	yfgN		P76577	pbpC
G6459	EG13425	b0876	ybjD		P75828	ybjD
EG11204	EG11204	b3967	yijA	29401	P22634	murI
G6214	EG14236	b4579	yaiX		P75697	yaiX
EG10214	EG10214	b0092		870	P07862	ddlB
G6087	EG14386	b0024	yaaY		P75620	yaaY
G6621	EG13898	b1192	ycgQ		P76008	ldcA
G0-16742		b4748	ynfT		P0DPO8	ynfT
EG10748	EG10748	b3396		484	P02918	mrcA
G7886	EG12532	b4256	yjgM		P39337	yjgM
EG10202	EG10202	b3182		885	P24228	dacB
G0-10642	EG14475	b4670	yjeV		C1P621	yjeV
EG12440	EG12440	b4233	yjfG		P37773	mpl
G7695	EG12833	b3267	yhdV		P64622	yhdV
EG10621	EG10621	b0085		475	P22188	murE
G0-10559		b4534	ynfP		P0DPP1	ynfP
EG10040	EG10040	b4150		1033	P00811	ampC
G7566	EG13017	b3013	yqhG		Q46858	yqhG
EG10606	EG10606	b0635		18148	P0AD65	mrdA
EG12707	EG12707	b2749	ygbE		P46141	ygbE
EG10580	EG10580	b2328		17650	P0C0T5	mepA
G7479	EG13045	b2859	ygeO		Q46795	ygeO
G7458	EG13086	b2817	ygdN		P63883	amiC
EG12295	EG12295	b3611	yibN		P0AG27	yibN
EG11205	EG11205	b3972	yijB	34141	P08373	murB
G7394	EG13523	b2659	ygaT		P76621	csiD
EG10341	EG10341	b0084		423	P0AD68	ftsI
EG12049	EG12049	b2188	yejM		P0AD27	yejM
G6662	EG13906	b1326	ycjI		P0ACV6	mpaA
G7217	EG12420	b2347	yfdC		P37327	yfdC
EG10760	EG10760	b1830		32334	P23865	prc
EG11820	EG11820	b1056	yceI		P0A8X2	yceI
EG10206	EG10206	b0031		879	P04036	dapB
G7110	EG14053	b2071	yegJ		P76394	yegJ
EG10622	EG10622	b0086		474	P11880	murF
G7062	EG14050	b1974	yodB		P76345	yodB
EG10041	EG10041	b0110		30478	P13016	ampD
EG11520	EG11520	b3483	yhhH		P28911	yhhH
G7090	EG13406	b2027			P76372	wzzB
G6959	EG13484	b1772	ydjH		P77493	ydjH
EG11458	EG11458	b3794		33948	P27836	rffM
EG11119	EG11119	b1088	yceD		P0AB28	yceD
EG11351	EG11351	b3628		17617	P27127	waaB
G6856	EG13925	b1598	ydgD		P76176	ydgD
EG10464	EG10464	b1054		31878	P0ACV0	lpxL
G6730	EG13751	b1411	ynbD		P76093	ynbD
EG12412	EG12412	b2041		296	P37759	rfbB
G6611	EG14292	b1171	ymgD		P0AB46	ymgD
EG11455	EG11455	b3790	yifH		P27832	rffC
G6448	EG13684	b0858	ybjO		P0AAZ0	ybjO
EG11340	EG11340	b3630		298	P25741	waaP
G6185	EG13590	b0320	yahF		P77187	yahF
EG10316	EG10316	b0179		775	P21645	lpxD
G0-9081	EG12156	b4526	ydaE		P38394	ydaE
EG12210	EG12210	b3620		28434	P37692	waaF
G0-16739		b4745	yncO		P0DPO5	yncO
EG11452	EG11452	b3787		293	P27829	wecC
G0-16724		b4729	ykgV		P0DPM9	ykgV
EG11198	EG11198	b3730	yieA	29106	P0ACC7	glmU
G7879	EG12527	b4248	yjgH		P39332	yjgH
EG11979	EG11979	b2038		38129	P37745	rfbC
G0-10608	EG14401	b4622	ytcA		A5A630	ytcA
EG11425	EG11425	b3625		33828	P27240	waaY
G7673	EG12812	b3219	yhcF		P45422	yhcF
EG10614	EG10614	b1855		32359	P24205	lpxM
G0-10512	EG14463	b4522	ymiA		P0CB62	ymiA
EG11352	EG11352	b3627		17614	P27128	waaO
G7541	EG12994	b4466	yghJ		P0CK95	yghJ
EG12666	EG12666	b0524	ybbF		P43341	lpxH
EG12689	EG12689	b1050	yceK		P0AB31	yceK
EG11456	EG11456	b3791	yifI		P27833	wecE
G7469	EG13274	b2849	yqeK		P77136	yqeK
EG11341	EG11341	b3632		33801	P25742	waaQ
EG12271	EG12271	b3552	yiaD		P37665	yiaD
EG12274	EG12274	b3561	yiaH		P37669	wecH
G7346	EG13215	b2562	yfhL		P52102	yfhL
EG11453	EG11453	b3788		33925	P27830	rffG
EG12028	EG12028	b2160	yeiI		P33020	yeiI
EG11295	EG11295	b3785	yifC		P0AG00	wzzE
G7191	EG14107	b2299	yfcD		P65556	yfcD
EG11981	EG11981	b2036	yefE		P37747	glf
EG11770	EG11770	b0501	ybbD		P33669	ybbD
EG11426	EG11426	b3624		33824	P27241	waaZ
G7045	EG12636	b1952			P0AEG8	dsrB
EG10840	EG10840	b3784		294	P0AC78	rfe
EG11462	EG11462	b4482	yigE		P27840	yigE
EG11923	EG11923	b4026	yjbE		P0AF45	yjbE
G6946	EG14001	b1751	ydjY		P76220	ydjY
EG11423	EG11423	b3623		33791	P27242	waaU
EG11089	EG11089	b0122	yacC		P0AA95	yacC
EG10820	EG10820	b1951		17980	P0DMC9	rcsA
G6796	EG14360	b1506	yneL		P76138	yneL
G7241	EG12901	b2378			P0ACV2	lpxP
G6703	EG13180	b1381	ydbH		P52645	ydbH
EG11553	EG11553	b3176	yhbF	38690	P31120	glmM
G6604	EG14288	b1164	ycgZ		P75991	ycgZ
EG11353	EG11353	b3626		17611	P27129	waaJ
G6408	EG13673	b0791	ybhQ		P0AAW5	ybhQ
EG10545	EG10545	b0181		17665	P0A722	lpxA
G6177	EG13583	b0307	ykgF		P77536	ykgF
G7047	EG31118	b1954				dsrA
G0-8887	EG14394	b4598	yncL		A5A615	yncL
EG11457	EG11457	b3793		33930	P27835	wzyE
G0-16736		b4741	ymiC		P0DPO1	ymiC
EG11350	EG11350	b3629		28949	P27126	waaS
G0-16721		b4726	yabR		P0DPM5	yabR
EG10382	EG10382	b3729		706	P17169	glmS
G7829	EG12467	b4127	yjdJ		P39274	yjdJ
EG12411	EG12411	b2040		295	P37760	rfbD
G0-10603	EG14370	b4612	yrhD		P58037	yrhD
EG11454	EG11454	b3789	yifG		P61887	rffH
G7654	EG12792	b3160	yhbW		P0ADV5	yhbW
EG11339	EG11339	b3631		15583	P25740	waaG
G0-10464	EG14330	b4548	ypjJ		P58033	ypjJ
EG10265	EG10265	b0096		815	P0A725	lpxC
G7523	EG13166	b2941	yqgD		P46879	yqgD
EG11982	EG11982	b2035	yefF		P37748	wbbH
EG12557	EG12557	b4305	yjhO		P39366	sgcX
EG11451	EG11451	b3786	yifF	33915	P27828	wecB
G7460	EG13092	b2832	ygdQ		P67127	ygdQ
EG11189	EG11189	b3621	yibC	300	P24173	waaC
EG12254	EG12254	b3527	yhjJ		P37648	yhjJ
EG11978	EG11978	b2039		297	P37744	rfbA
G7329	EG13418	b2535			P54901	csiE
EG11424	EG11424	b3622		28438	P27243	waaL
EG12004	EG12004	b2123	yehR		P33354	yehR
G7800	EG14320	b4481	yifM		P56258	rffT
G7179	EG14097	b2272	yfbM		P76483	yfbM
EG11361	EG11361	b2064	yegA		P28249	asmA
EG11760	EG11760	b1457	ydcD		P31991	ydcD
EG10546	EG10546	b0182		404	P10441	lpxB
G7026	EG14316	b1877	yecT		P76296	yecT
G6888	EG13946	b1648	ydhL		P64474	ydhL
EG11342	EG11342	b1242	ychE		P25743	ychE
G6988	EG13509	b1802	yeaW		P0ABR7	yeaW
G6930	EG13986	b1725	yniA		P77739	yniA
G7068	EG13382	b1983	yeeN		P0A8A2	yeeN
EG10712	EG10712	b4107	yjdN		P16681	yjdN
G7247	EG14152	b2384	ypdE		P77585	ypdE
G6785	EG13794	b1491	yddW		P64426	yddW
G363	EG14271	b1078		765	P0ABX5	flgG
G6659	EG13921	b1321	ycjX		P76046	ycjX
EG11355	EG11355	b1922		771	P0AEM6	fliA
G6563	EG14413	b1085	yceQ		P62066	yceQ
G360	EG14268	b1075		755	P75936	flgD
G6374	EG14158	b0689	ybfP		P75737	ybfP
EG11224	EG11224	b1947		17510	P22586	fliO
G6159	EG14323	b0288	ykgJ		P0AAL9	ykgJ
G7028	EG14035	b1880	yecQ		P76299	flhB
G0-16749		b4755	yqhI		P0DPP6	yqhI
G357	EG20263	b1072		756	P75933	flgA
G0-16733		b4738	ymgK		P0DPN8	ymgK
EG10324	EG10324	b1946		18313	P15070	fliN
G7938	EG12581	b4342	yjiT		P39391	yjiT
G378	EG20267	b1942		762	P52613	fliJ
G0-16673	EG14477	b4672	ymiB		C1P5Z9	ymiB
EG11975	EG11975	b1948		759	P0AC05	fliP
G7763	EG12948	b3446	yrhB		P46857	yrhB
EG10321	EG10321	b1923		649	P04949	fliC
G0-10595	EG14461	b4604	yojO		A5A619	yojO
G369	EG12664	b1071			P0AEM4	flgM
G7645	EG12782	b3151	yraQ		P45468	yraQ
EG11654	EG11654	b1939		18322	P0ABZ1	fliG
G0-10456	EG14425	b4538	yoeF		Q2EES3	yoeF
EG10229	EG10229	b2321			P15286	flk
G7512	EG13077	b2899	yqfA		P67153	yqfA
G364	EG20264	b1079		752	P0A6S0	flgH
EG12405	EG12405	b1220	ychO		P39165	ychO
EG11388	EG11388	b1925		30736	P26608	fliS
G7444	EG13035	b2778	ygcG		P55140	ygcG
G361	EG14269	b1076		766	P75937	flgE
EG12214	EG12214	b3468	yhhN		P0ADI9	yhhN
EG11346	EG11346	b1937		763	P0A8T5	fliE
G7315	EG14203	b2504	yfgG		P64545	yfgG
G358	EG14266	b1073		750	P0ABW9	flgB
EG11985	EG11985	b2032	yefI		P37751	wbbK
EG10602	EG10602	b1889		490	P0AF06	motB
G7153	EG14079	b2226	yfaQ		P76463	yfaQ
G379	EG20268	b1943		770	P52614	fliK
EG11697	EG11697	b3677	yidI		P31446	yidI
EG11976	EG11976	b1949		760	P0AC07	fliQ
EG11677	EG11677	b0760			P31060	modF
EG10322	EG10322	b1944		18316	P0ABX8	fliL
G7009	EG14024	b1836	yebV		P64503	yebV
G370	EG14273	b1879		768	P76298	flhA
EG11219	EG11219	b1419	ydcA		P0ACW4	ydcA
EG11656	EG11656	b1940		18319	P31068	fliH
G6902	EG13959	b1674	ydhY		P0AAL6	ydhY
EG10319	EG10319	b1891		767	P0ABY7	flhC
G6766	EG13778	b1455	yncH		P76118	yncH
G365	EG20265	b1080		764	P0A6S3	flgI
G6642	EG14295	b1295	ymjA		P0ACV8	ymjA
EG11389	EG11389	b1926		30739	P0ABY2	fliT
G6512	EG13232	b0991	ymcE		P0AAA5	ymcE
G362	EG14270	b1077		753	P75938	flgF
G6253	EG14238	b0458	ylaC		P0AAS0	ylaC
EG11347	EG11347	b1938		17707	P25798	fliF
G6107	EG13147	b0223	yafJ		Q47147	yafJ
G359	EG14267	b1074		754	P0ABX2	flgC
G0-16746		b4752	yecU		P0DPP3	yecU
EG10841	EG10841	b1924		748	P24216	fliD
G0-16730		b4735	ybgU		P0DPN5	ybgU
G6562	EG12665	b1070			P43533	flgN
G7926	EG12568	b4329	yjiG		P0AEH8	yjiG
EG11977	EG11977	b1950		761	P33135	fliR
G0-10653	EG14468	b4663			C1P605	azuC
EG10323	EG10323	b1945		774	P06974	fliM
G7735	EG12921	b3383	yhfZ		P45552	yhfZ
G377	EG20266	b1941		772	P52612	fliI
G0-10589	EG14449	b4593	ymgI		A5A611	ymgI
EG11967	EG11967	b1082		758	P33235	flgK
G7606	EG12729	b3087	ygjR		P42599	ygjR
EG10320	EG10320	b1892		749	P0A8S9	flhD
G0-10432	EG14332	b4504	ykfH		Q9XB42	ykfH
G366	EG14272	b1081		751	P75942	flgJ
G7494	EG13058	b2875	yqeB		Q46808	yqeB
EG11545	EG11545	b1083		757	P29744	flgL
EG12372	EG12372	b2798	ygdG		P38506	ygdG
G6164	EG13565	b0293	yagZ		P0AAA3	ecpA
G7439	EG13128	b4463	ygcU		Q46911	ygcU
EG10313	EG10313	b4318		18343	P08189	fimF
EG12182	EG12182	b0434	yajG		P0ADA5	yajG
G7637	EG12773	b3142	yraH		P42913	yraH
G7268	EG14167	b2433	yfeZ		P76538	yfeZ
EG12359	EG12359	b0719	ybgD		P37909	ybgD
EG11928	EG11928	b4045	yjbJ		P68206	yjbJ
EG10310	EG10310	b4316		18352	P31697	fimC
G7132	EG14065	b2100	yegV		P76419	yegV
G7205	EG14120	b2334	yfcQ		P76500	yfcQ
EG11580	EG11580	b0800	ybiB		P30177	ybiB
EG12325	EG12325	b0136	yadK		P37016	yadK
G6974	EG14417	b1788	yoaI		P76239	yoaI
G6793	EG13800	b1503	ydeR		P77294	ydeR
EG11154	EG11154	b2823	ygdA		P08372	ppdC
EG11990	EG11990	b2111	yehD		P33343	yehD
G6898	EG13955	b1670	ydhU		P77409	ydhU
G6484	EG13713	b0942	ycbU		P75859	ycbU
G6747	EG14300	b1436	yncJ		P64459	yncJ
EG11678	EG11678	b0135	yadC		P31058	yadC
G6631		b1228	ychS		P76023	ychS
G6290	EG13881	b0530			P0ABW5	sfmA
G6495	EG13721	b0960	yccS		P75870	yccS
EG10314	EG10314	b4319			P08190	fimG
G6228	EG14279	b0379	yaiY		P0AAP7	yaiY
G7640	EG12776	b3145	yraK		P43319	yraK
G6095	EG13224	b0187	yaeR		P52096	yaeR
EG12363	EG12363	b3043	ygiL		P39834	ygiL
G0-16743		b4749	ynfR		P0DPO9	ynfR
EG10311	EG10311	b4317		18349	P30130	fimD
G0-16727		b4732	ykiD		P0DPN2	ykiD
G7206	EG14121	b2335	yfcR		P76501	yfcR
G7890	EG12537	b4263	yjgR		P39342	yjgR
EG12327	EG12327	b0138	yadM		P37018	yadM
G0-10644	EG14482	b4677	yobI		C1P604	yobI
EG10308	EG10308	b4314		18358	P04128	fimA
G7718	EG12904	b3353	yheT		P45524	yheT
G6794	EG13801	b1504	ydeS		P77789	ydeS
G0-10585	EG14444	b4589	ylcI		A5A607	ylcI
EG12081	EG12081	b2826			P33554	ppdA
G7580	EG12185	b3033	yqiB		P0ADU7	yqiB
G6485	EG13714	b0943	ycbV		P75860	ycbV
EG12861	EG12861	b1915	yecF		P0AD07	yecF
EG11974	EG11974	b4315			P39264	fimI
G7483	EG13047	b2863	ygeQ		Q46797	ygeQ
G6480	EG13709	b0938	ycbQ		P75855	elfA
EG12303	EG12303	b1100	ycfH		P0AFQ7	ycfH
EG10315	EG10315	b4320		18337	P08191	fimH
G7407	EG13529	b2689	yqaA		P0ADR0	yqaA
EG12388	EG12388	b0534	ybcG		P38052	sfmF
EG12120	EG12120	b1234	ychK	37468	P0AFR0	rssA
EG10312	EG10312	b4313		18346	P0ADH7	fimE
G7240	EG14147	b2377	yfdY		P76521	yfdY
G7210	EG14125	b2339	yfcV		P77288	yfcV
EG11833	EG11833	b3862	yihG		P32129	yihG
EG12328	EG12328	b0141	yadN		P37050	yadN
G7118	EG14060	b2081	yegQ		P76403	yegQ
EG10309	EG10309	b4312		18355	P0ADH5	fimB
G7075	EG14308	b4582	yoeA		P76356	yoeA
G7204	EG14119	b2333	yfcP		P76499	yfcP
EG11521	EG11521	b0699	ybfA		P0AAU2	ybfA
EG12107	EG12107	b0108			P36647	ppdD
G6960	EG13485	b1773	ydjI		P77704	ydjI
G6547	EG12621	b1041			P0ABK7	csgB
EG11145	EG11145	b2395	yfeA		P23842	pdeA
EG11987	EG11987	b2108	yehA		P33340	yehA
G6883	EG13943	b1643	ydhI		P64471	ydhI
G6483	EG13712	b0941	ycbT		P75858	elfG
G6736	EG20260	b1420			P76096	mokB
EG11156	EG11156	b2825	ygdC		P08371	ppdB
G6614	EG13891	b1177	ycgJ		P76001	ycgJ
EG10215	EG10215	b3162		33472	P0A9P6	deaD
G6450	EG13685	b0865	ybjP		P75818	ybjP
EG30088	EG30088	b4007		185		rrsE
G6189	EG13594	b0324	yahJ		P77554	yahJ
EG30072	EG30072	b3759		208		rrfC
G0-16740		b4746	yddY		P0DPO6	yddY
EG10916	EG10916	b3311		215	P0AG63	rpsQ
G0-16725		b4730	yahV		P0DPN0	yahV
EG10900	EG10900	b0911		230	P0AG67	rpsA
G7880	EG12528	b4249	yjgI		P39333	bdcA
EG10877	EG10877	b3313		250	P0ADY7	rplP
G0-10616	EG14464	b4655	ythA		A8DYQ1	ythA
EG10874	EG10874	b3231		253	P0AA10	rplM
G7687	EG12824	b3242	yhcR		P46478	aaeX
EG30085	EG30085	b3968		188		rrsB
G0-10513	EG14351	b4523	yciX		P58094	yciX
EG30027	EG30027	b0455		18373		ffs
G7543	EG12952	b2977	yghC		P0AEQ1	glcG
EG10913	EG10913	b3307		218	P0AG59	rpsN
EG12692	EG12692	b0599	ybdH		P45579	hcxA
EG10890	EG10890	b1089		17605	P0A7N4	rpmF
G7473	EG13039	b2853	ygeI		Q46789	ygeI
EG10871	EG10871	b3985		256	P0A7J3	rplJ
EG12277	EG12277	b3573	ysaA		P56256	ysaA
EG30082	EG30082	b2589		198		rrlG
G7355	EG14226	b2611	ypjD		P64432	ypjD
EG11232	EG11232	b3299		17599	P0A7Q6	rpmJ
EG12035	EG12035	b2171	yeiP		P0A6N8	yeiP
EG10910	EG10910	b3297		221	P0A7R9	rpsK
G7196	EG14111	b2304	yfcH		P77775	yfcH
EG10887	EG10887	b3312		239	P0A7M6	rpmC
EG11786	EG11786	b2581	yfiF		P0AGJ5	yfiF
EG10868	EG10868	b3308		259	P62399	rplE
G7050	EG14307	b1957	yodC		P64517	yodC
EG50004	EG50004	b0953		31760	P0AFW2	rmf
EG11484	EG11484	b3848	yigZ		P27862	yigZ
EG30079	EG30079	b3758		201		rrlC
G6947	EG14002	b1752	ydjZ		P76221	ydjZ
EG11153	EG11153	b2608	yfjA		P0A7X6	rimM
EG11093	EG11093	b0389	yaiA		P0AAN5	yaiA
EG10907	EG10907	b3306		223	P0A7W7	rpsH
G6815	EG13838	b1541	ydfZ		P64463	ydfZ
EG10884	EG10884	b3309		243	P60624	rplX
G6704	EG14298	b1382	ynbE		P64448	ynbE
EG10865	EG10865	b3317		262	P60422	rplB
G6605	EG14289	b1165	ymgA		P75992	ymgA
EG30100	EG30100	b2621		35783		ssrA
G6441	EG13677	b0843	ybjH		P0AAY4	ybjH
EG30076	EG30076	b0205		204		rrfH
G6182	EG13587	b0317	yahC		P77219	yahC
EG10920	EG10920	b3065		211	P68679	rpsU
G0-8888	EG14396	b4606	ypfM		A5A621	ypfM
EG10904	EG10904	b3303		226	P0A7W1	rpsE
G0-16737		b4742	ymjE		P0DPO2	ymjE
EG10881	EG10881	b1716		17608	P0A7L3	rplT
G0-16722		b4727	yacM		P0DPM6	yacM
EG10437	EG10437	b4173		34423	P25519	hflX
G7847	EG12485	b4182	yjfJ		P0AF78	yjfJ
EG30089	EG30089	b2591		184		rrsG
G0-10605	EG14438	b4615	yibV		A5A625	yibV
EG30073	EG30073	b3274				rrfD
G7669	EG12809	b3211	yhcC		P0ADW6	yhcC
EG10917	EG10917	b4202		214	P0A7T7	rpsR
G0-10468	EG14397	b4554	yibT		Q2M7R5	yibT
EG10901	EG10901	b0169		229	P0A7V0	rpsB
G7527	EG12979	b2951	yggS		P67080	yggS
EG10878	EG10878	b3294		249	P0AG44	rplQ
EG12610	EG12610	b0056	yabP		P39220	yabP
EG30086	EG30086	b3756		187		rrsC
G7462	EG13093	b2834	ygdS		P0A9T4	tas
EG30070	EG30070	b3855		210		rrfA
EG12264	EG12264	b3537	yhjT		P0ADJ5	bcsF
EG10914	EG10914	b3165		217	P0ADZ4	rpsO
G7339	EG13464	b2545	yphC		P77360	yphC
EG10891	EG10891	b3636		236	P0A7N9	rpmG
EG12023	EG12023	b2141	yohJ		P60632	yohJ
EG10875	EG10875	b3310		252	P0ADY3	rplN
G7181	EG14099	b2274	yfbO		P76485	yfbO
EG10872	EG10872	b3983		255	P0A7J7	rplK
EG11765	EG11765	b3598	yibI		P32108	yibI
EG30083	EG30083	b0204		197		rrlH
G7036	EG12863	b1906	yecH		P46887	yecH
EG11508	EG11508	b1480		32198	P68191	sra
EG11395	EG11395	b3964	yijD		P0AF40	yijD
EG10911	EG10911	b3342		220	P0A7S3	rpsL
G6931	EG13987	b1726	yniB		P76208	yniB
EG10888	EG10888	b3302		238	P0AG51	rpmD
EG10848	EG10848	b0700			P16918	rhsC
EG10869	EG10869	b3305		258	P0AG55	rplF
G6792	EG13799	b1502	ydeQ		P77588	ydeQ
G7319	EG14207	b2511	yfgK		P0A6P5	der
G6663	EG13922	b1327	ycjY		P76049	ycjY
EG30080	EG30080	b3275		200		rrlD
G6578	EG13444	b1121	ycfZ		P75961	ycfZ
EG11179	EG11179	b3170	yhbC		P0A8A8	rimP
G6401	EG13666	b0771	ybhJ		P75764	ybhJ
EG10908	EG10908	b3230		17596	P0A7X3	rpsI
G6166	EG14325	b0295	ykgL		P56257	ykgL
EG10885	EG10885	b2185		242	P68919	rplY
G0-16750		b4756	yqiD		P0DPP7	yqiD
EG10866	EG10866	b3320		261	P60438	rplC
G0-16734		b4739	ymgL		P0DPN9	ymgL
EG50001	EG50001	b3186		246	P0AG48	rplU
G7952	EG12598	b4378	yjjV		P39408	yjjV
EG30077	EG30077	b3854		203		rrlA
G0-16674	EG14492	b4688	ykgS		P0DPM8	ykgS
EG10975	EG10975	b2576		32859	P21507	srmB
G7802		b3808	yzcX		P11291	yzcX
EG10905	EG10905	b4200		225	P02358	rpsF
G0-10596	EG14445	b4605	ypaB			ypaB
EG10882	EG10882	b3315		245	P61175	rplV
G7646	EG12783	b3152	yraR		P45469	yraR
EG10835	EG10835	b2784		306	P0AG20	relA
G0-10461	EG14428	b4545	ypdJ		Q2EET0	ypdJ
EG30090	EG30090	b0201		183		rrsH
G7514	EG12971	b2902	ygfF		P52037	ygfF
EG30074	EG30074	b4010		206		rrfE
EG12434	EG12434	b3055	ygiM		P0ADT8	ygiM
EG10918	EG10918	b3316		213	P0A7U3	rpsS
G7448	EG13170	b2790	yqcA		P65367	yqcA
EG10902	EG10902	b3314		228	P0A7V3	rpsC
EG12227	EG12227	b4660	yhiL		P37629	yhiL
EG10879	EG10879	b3304		248	P0C018	rplR
G7318	EG14206	b2510	yfgJ		P76575	yfgJ
EG10210	EG10210	b1343		32058	P21693	dbpA
EG11992	EG11992	b2115	yehF	32567	P33345	yehF
EG30087	EG30087	b3278		186		rrsD
G7174	EG13184	b2267	yfbC		P0AEH3	elaA
EG30071	EG30071	b3971		209		rrfB
EG11726	EG11726	b3716	yieI		P31468	cbrB
EG10915	EG10915	b2609		216	P0A7T3	rpsP
G7010	EG14025	b1837	yebW		P76275	yebW
EG10892	EG10892	b3703		235	P0A7P5	rpmH
EG11290	EG11290	b2152	yeiB		P25747	yeiB
EG10876	EG10876	b3301		251	P02413	rplO
G6911	EG13967	b1685	ydiH		P64476	ydiH
EG10873	EG10873	b3986		254	P0A7K2	rplL
EG10216	EG10216	b2317			P0ABP6	dedA
EG30084	EG30084	b3851		189		rrsA
G6772	EG13782	b1471	yddK		P76123	yddK
EG12794	EG12794	b3180	yhbY		P0AGK4	yhbY
G6651	EG13914	b1313	ycjQ		P76043	ycjQ
EG10912	EG10912	b3298		219	P0A7S9	rpsM
G6513	EG13234	b0992	yccM		P52636	yccM
EG10889	EG10889	b3936		237	P0A7M9	rpmE
G6288	EG13398	b4572	ylbE		P77129	ylbE
EG10870	EG10870	b4203		257	P0A7R1	rplI
G6111	EG13149	b0227	yafL		Q47151	yafL
G7841	EG12479	b4161	yjeQ		P39286	rsgA
G0-16747		b4753	yqfH		P0DPP4	yqfH
EG30081	EG30081	b4009		199		rrlE
G0-16731		b4736	yliM		P0DPN6	yliM
EG11231	EG11231	b1717		17602	P0A7Q1	rpmI
G7931	EG12573	b4334	yjiL		P39383	yjiL
EG10909	EG10909	b3321		222	P0A7R5	rpsJ
G0-10654	EG14476	b4671	ykgR		C1P5Z8	ykgR
EG10886	EG10886	b3637		240	P0A7M2	rpmB
G7752	EG14434	b3427	yzgL		P76692	yzgL
EG10867	EG10867	b3319		260	P60723	rplD
G0-10590	EG14450	b4594	ymgJ		A5A612	ymgJ
EG50002	EG50002	b3185		241	P0A7L8	rpmA
G7621	EG12751	b3107	yhaL		P42625	yhaL
EG30078	EG30078	b3970		202		rrlB
G0-10444	EG13890	b4521	ycgI		P76000	ycgI
EG11151	EG11151	b2597	yfiA		P0AD49	raiA
G7505	EG13069	b2886	ygfS		Q46819	ygfS
EG10906	EG10906	b3341		224	P02359	rpsG
EG12378	EG12378	b1867	yecD		P0ADI7	yecD
EG10883	EG10883	b3318		244	P0ADZ0	rplW
G7440	EG13130	b2774	ygcW		P76633	ygcW
EG10864	EG10864	b3984		263	P0A7L0	rplA
EG12196	EG12196	b1001	yccE		P36661	yccE
EG30091	EG30091	b3272		33643		rrfF
G7269	EG14168	b2434	ypeA		P76539	ypeA
EG30075	EG30075	b2588		205		rrfG
EG11930	EG11930	b4047	yjbL		P32693	yjbL
EG10919	EG10919	b0023		212	P0A7U7	rpsT
G7134	EG14067	b2102	yegX		P76421	yegX
EG10903	EG10903	b3296		227	P0A7V8	rpsD
EG11683	EG11683	b3646	yicG		P0AGM2	yicG
EG10880	EG10880	b2606		247	P0A7K6	rplS
EG11605	EG11605	b3284			P0A828	smg
EG11788	EG11788	b2052	yefB		P32055	fcl
G6982	EG14305	b1796	yoaG		P64496	yoaG
EG11409	EG11409	b0915	ycaH		P27300	lpxK
EG11165	EG11165	b3038	ygiC		P0ADT5	ygiC
EG10821	EG10821	b2217		17977	P0DMC7	rcsB
G6899	EG13958	b1671	ydhX		P77375	ydhX
EG10162	EG10162	b2048		37429	P24175	cpsG
G6757	EG13768	b1446	ydcY		P64455	ydcY
G7091	EG13407	b2028	yefA		P76373	ugd
G6636	EG12969	b1268	yciQ		P45848	yciQ
EG11502	EG11502	b0196		29845	P69411	rcsF
G6499	EG13723	b0965	yccU		P75874	yccU
EG10822	EG10822	b2218		17974	P0DMC5	rcsC
G6229	EG14280	b0380	yaiZ		P0AAQ0	yaiZ
EG10520	EG10520	b3633		33819	P0AC75	waaA
G6100	EG13331	b0213	yafS		P75672	yafS
G7239	EG14376	b2376	ypdI		O32528	ypdI
G0-16744		b4750	ynfS		P0DPP0	ynfS
EG11787	EG11787	b2053	yefN		P0AC88	gmd
G0-16728		b4733	ylcJ		P0DPN3	ylcJ
G7292	EG14192	b2462	ypfE		P63746	eutS
G7901	EG12545	b4280	yjhC		P39353	yjhC
G7287	EG14187	b2457	yffZ		P0ABF4	eutM
G0-10646	EG14479	b4674	ynbG		C1P600	ynbG
G7146	EG14075	b2174	yeiU		P76445	lpxT
G7722	EG12907	b3369	yhfL		P64627	yhfL
G6415	EG13318	b0806	ybiM		P0AAX6	mcbA
G0-10586	EG12869	b4590	ybfK		P46121	ybfK
G6161	EG13562	b0290	yagW		P77694	ecpD
G7588	EG14231	b3050	yqiJ		P76657	yqiJ
EG12257	EG12257	b3530	yhjL		P37650	bcsC
EG12870	EG12870	b1322	ycjF		P0A8R7	ycjF
EG11972	EG11972	b0139		30510	P33129	htrE
G7489	EG13053	b2870	ygeW		Q46803	ygeW
G7681	EG12614	b3233	yhcB		P0ADW3	yhcB
EG12326	EG12326	b0137	yadL		P37017	yadL
EG11722	EG11722	b3712	yieE		P0ADM8	yieE
G7420	EG13107	b2739	ygbM		Q46891	ygbM
EG11184	EG11184	b3448	yhhA		P0ADX7	yhhA
EG12122	EG12122	b2944	yggI		P39902	yggI
EG11526	EG11526	b1460	ydcC		P28917	ydcC
G7252	EG14385	b2390	ypeC		P64542	ypeC
G7823	EG12460	b4110	yjcZ		P39267	yjcZ
EG11853	EG11853	b3888	yiiD		P0ADQ2	yiiD
G7915	EG12555	b4303	yjhM		P39364	sgcQ
G7122	EG14061	b2085	yegR		P76406	yegR
EG11315	EG11315	b3253	yhdH		P26646	yhdH
EG11523	EG11523	b0704	ybfC		P28915	ybfC
G0-8895	EG31135	b4414				tff
G6961	EG13486	b1774	ydjJ		P77280	ydjJ
G7380	EG13212	b2645	yfjZ		P52141	yfjZ
EG11147	EG11147	b2471	yffB		P24178	yffB
G7361	EG13196	b2626	yfjJ		P52125	yfjJ
G6887	EG13420	b1647	ydhF		P76187	ydhF
G7228	EG14138	b2359	yfdP		P76512	yfdP
G6741	EG13754	b1428	ydcK		P76100	ydcK
G7080	EG12686	b2000	yzzX		P39180	flu
G6617	EG13894	b1180	ycgM		P76004	ycgM
G6823	EG13837	b1550	ydfY		P77695	gnsB
G6453	EG13688	b0868	ybjS		P75821	ybjS
G6684	EG13364	b1360	ydaV		P77546	ydaV
G6192	EG13597	b0327	yahM		P75692	yahM
G6590	EG14414	b1146	ymfT		P75975	ymfT
G372	EG13222	b4406	yaeP		P0A8K5	yaeP
G6309	EG13634	b0554	ybcR		P0A9R2	essD
G0-16741		b4747	yneP		P0DPO7	yneP
G6144	EG13349	b0272	yagI		P77300	xynR
G0-16726		b4731	ykiC		P0DPN1	ykiC
G6122	EG14331	b0247	ykfG		Q47685	ykfG
G7884	EG12531	b4253	yjgL		P39336	yjgL
EG12205	EG12205	b1558			P0A976	cspF
G0-10641	EG14474	b4669			C1P619	ilvX
EG11302	EG11302	b1573	ydfC		P21418	ydfC
G7694	EG12832	b3263	yhdU		P64619	yhdU
EG10778	EG10778	b1306		32015	P0AFN2	pspC
G0-10550	EG13592	b0322	yahH		Q2EEQ3	yahH
G7377	EG13209	b2642	yfjW		P52138	yfjW
G7552	EG13004	b2986	yghT		Q46844	yghT
G7280	EG14180	b2450	yffS		P76550	yffS
EG12703	EG12703	b1003	yccJ		P0AB14	yccJ
G7225	EG12950	b2356	yfdM		P76509	yfdM
G7476	EG13041	b2856	ygeL		Q46791	ygeL
G6836	EG40004	b1578			P0CF60	insD-7
EG12288	EG12288	b3584	yiaT		P37681	yiaT
G6820	EG13825	b1546	ydfM		P76155	tfaQ
G7385	EG13519	b2650	ypjC		P76613	ypjC
G6681	EG13361	b1357	ydaS		P76063	ydaS
EG12036	EG12036	b2172	yeiQ		P33029	yeiQ
G6587	EG14247	b1143	ymfI		P75972	ymfI
G7215	EG14130	b2345	yfdF		P76505	yfdF
G6306	EG20283	b0550	ybcP		P0AG74	rusA
EG11812	EG11812	b4186	yjfC		P33222	yjfC
G6140	EG13344	b0268	yagE		P75682	yagE
G7089	EG13393	b2016	yeeZ		P0AD12	yeeZ
G0-9621	EG14411	b4501			Q2EES9	torI
G7051	EG14041	b1963	yedR		P76334	yedR
EG12154	EG12154	b1353			P38392	sieB
EG11509	EG11509	b0012		30233	P28697	mbiA
EG11130	EG11130	b1562		17953	P0ACG6	hokD
G6953	EG14008	b1758	ynjF		P76226	ynjF
EG10737	EG10737	b1158			P03014	pinE
EG11116	EG11116	b1055	yceA		P24188	yceA
EG10226	EG10226	b1570		18427	P06966	dicA
G6816	EG13821	b1542	ydfI		P77260	ydfI
G7372	EG13206	b2637	yfjT		P52135	yfjT
G6729	EG13750	b1410	ynbC		P76092	ynbC
G7277	EG14177	b2447	yffP		P76547	yffP
G6607	EG14291	b1167	ymgC		P75994	ymgC
G7220	EG14132	b2351	yfdH		P77293	yfdH
G6446	EG13682	b0848	ybjM		P64439	ybjM
G6833	EG13429	b1566			P77609	flxA
G6184	EG13589	b0319	yahE		P77297	yahE
G6698	EG13373	b1375	ynaE		P76073	ynaE
G0-8900		b4743	ynaL		P0DPO3	ynaL
G6677	EG13359	b1346	ydaQ		P76057	xisR
G0-16738		b4744	ynaM		P0DPO4	ynaM
G6583	EG13449	b1138	ymfE		P75968	ymfE
G0-16723		b4728	yadW		P0DPM7	yadW
G6303	EG13630	b0547	ybcN		Q47269	ybcN
G7862	EG12500	b4204	yjfZ		P39308	yjfZ
G0-10449	EG14381	b4528			P58042	rzoR
G0-10607	EG14350	b4621	yjbS		P58036	yjbS
EG11901	EG11901	b1347	ydaC		P33230	rcbA
G7670	EG12810	b3216	yhcD		P45420	yhcD
EG10573	EG10573	b1159		10961	P24200	mcrA
G0-10474	EG13348	b4567	yjjZ		P55914	yjjZ
EG10050	EG10050	b0564		31146	P05052	appY
G7538	EG12991	b2971	yghG		Q46835	yghG
G7916	EG12558	b4306	yjhP		P39367	yjhP
EG12611	EG12611	b0057	yabQ		P39221	yabQ
G7368	EG13203	b2633	yfjQ		P52132	yfjQ
G7464	EG13097	b2844	yqeF		Q46939	yqeF
G7274	EG14174	b2444	yffM		P76544	yffM
EG12265	EG12265	b3538	yhjU		P37659	bcsG
G7119	EG12425	b2082			P37057	ogrK
G7343	EG13468	b2549	yphG		P76585	yphG
G6830	EG13832	b1559	ydfT		P76161	ydfT
EG12027	EG12027	b2158	yeiH		P62723	yeiH
G6695	EG13370	b1372	ynaB		P76072	stfR
G7182	EG14100	b2275	yfbP		P76486	yfbP
G6598	EG14337	b1155	ymfS		P09154	tfaP
EG11769	EG11769	b0498	ybbC		P33668	ybbC
G6317	EG14317	b0563	ylcE		P77087	tfaX
G7043	EG13281	b4495	yedN		P76322	yedN
G6300	EG13627	b0544	ybcK		P77698	ybcK
EG11429	EG11429	b3989	yjaZ	34265	P27375	yjaZ
G6130	EG40014	b4587			P75679	insN
G6935	EG13991	b1730	ydjO		P76210	ydjO
EG31115	EG31115	b1574		32240		dicF
EG11059	EG11059	b2319			P08390	usg
EG11783	EG11783	b2622		33082	P32053	intA
G6795	EG13802	b1505	ydeT		P76137	ydeT
EG10528	EG10528	b4036		575	P02943	lamB
G6702	EG13181	b1379	ydbI		P52644	hslJ
G7902	EG12546	b4281	yjhD		P39354	yjhD
G6601	EG14244	b1161	ycgX		P75988	ycgX
G7365	EG13200	b2630	yfjN		P52129	rnlA
G6402	EG13667	b0780	ybhK		P75767	ybhK
G7232	EG14142	b2363	yfdT		P76516	yfdT
G6176	EG13582	b0306	ykgE		P77252	ykgE
G7084	EG13388	b2004	yeeU		P76364	cbeA
G0-16751		b4757	ysdD		P0DPP8	ysdD
G6827	EG13829	b1554	ydfQ		P76159	rrrQ
G0-16735		b4740	ymgM		P0DPO0	ymgM
G6691	EG13369	b1368	ynaA		P77658	ynaA
G7954	EG12601	b4402	yjjY		P0ADD9	yjjY
G6594	EG14336	b1150	ymfR		P75979	ymfR
G0-16675	EG14493	b4689			C1P601	rzoQ
G6313	EG13638	b0558	ybcV		P77598	ybcV
G7804	EG14321	b3830	ysgA		P56262	ysgA
G6150	EG13552	b0279	yagM		P71296	yagM
G0-10601	EG14446	b4610	ygdT			ygdT
G6127	EG13338	b0252	yafZ		P77206	yafZ
G7653	EG12791	b3159	yhbV		P45475	yhbV
EG12364	EG12364	b4271	yjgC		P39347	intB
G0-10463		b4547	ypfN		Q2EET2	ypfN
EG11635	EG11635	b0560			P31062	nohD
G7522	EG13165	b2940	yqgC		P64570	yqgC
EG10898	EG10898	b3202		17926	P24255	rpoN
EG12446	EG12446	b2602	yfiL		P11289	yfiL
EG10436	EG10436	b4174		639	P0ABC7	hflK
G7453	EG13081	b2809	ygdI		P65292	ygdI
G7381	EG14284	b2646	ypjF		Q46953	ypjF
EG12229	EG12229	b3492	yhiN		P37631	yhiN
G7362	EG13197	b2627	yfjK		P52126	abpB
G7328	EG13453	b2534	yfhR		P77538	yfhR
G7229	EG14139	b2360	yfdQ		P76513	yfdQ
EG12003	EG12003	b2122	yehQ		P33353	yehQ
G7081	EG13385	b2001	yeeR		P76361	yeeR
G7178	EG14096	b2271	yfbL		P76482	yfbL
G6824	EG14388	b1551	ynfN		P76157	ynfN
EG11759	EG11759	b1271	yciK		P31808	yciK
G6685	EG13365	b1361	ydaW		P76066	ydaW
G7019	EG14032	b1869	yecN		P64515	yecN
G6591	EG14250	b1147	ymfL		P75976	ymfL
EG11312	EG11312	b3638	yicR	13913	P25531	yicR
G6310	EG13635	b0555	ybcS		P78285	rrrD
G6913	EG13969	b1687	ydiJ		P77748	ydiJ
G6147	EG13549	b0276	yagJ		P77169	yagJ
EG10434	EG10434	b3802			P0ACB7	hemY
G6123	EG13336	b0248	yafX		P75676	yafX
G6773	EG13783	b1472	yddL		P77519	yddL
EG12338	EG12338	b0267	yagA		P37007	yagA
G6652	EG13915	b1314	ycjR		P76044	ycjR
EG11303	EG11303	b1576	ydfD		P29010	ydfD
G6536	EG13867	b1029	ycdU		P75910	ycdU
EG10779	EG10779	b1307			P0AFV8	pspD
G6335	EG13537	b0608	ybdR		P77316	ybdR
G7378	EG13210	b2643	yfjX		P52139	yfjX
G6118	EG13153	b0234	yafP		Q47158	yafP
G7359	EG13194	b2623	yfjH		P52123	yfjH
G0-16748		b4754	yqfI		P0DPP5	yqfI
G7226	EG12949	b2357	yfdN		P76510	yfdN
G0-16732		b4737	ymdG		P0DPN7	ymdG
G6837	EG13188	b1579			P76168	intQ
G7937	EG12580	b4341	yjiS		P39390	yjiS
G6821	EG13826	b1547	ydfN		P77515	ydfN
G0-10656	EG14489	b4684	yqfG		C1P614	yqfG
G6682	EG13362	b1358	ydaT		P76064	ydaT
G0-10591	EG14460	b4596	yciZ		A5A614	yciZ
G6588	EG14248	b1144	ymfJ		P75973	ymfJ
G7626	EG12757	b3113	yhaR		P0AGL2	tdcF
G6307	EG13633	b0551	ybcQ		Q47274	ybcQ
G0-10446		b4525	ymjC		Q2EER5	ymjC
G6120	EG14333	b0245	ykfI		P77692	ykfI
G7506	EG13070	b2887	ygfT		Q46820	ygfT
EG12155	EG12155	b1352	ydaD		P38393	kilR
EG12404	EG12404	b1219	ychN		P0AB52	ychN
EG11300	EG11300	b1571	ydfA		P0ACW8	ydfA
G7442	EG13033	b2776	ygcE		P55138	ygcE
EG10776	EG10776	b1304		32009	P0AFM6	pspA
EG12213	EG12213	b3467	yhhM		P37615	yhhM
EG10227	EG10227	b1575		18424	P09557	dicB
G7307	EG14218	b2490			P77453	hyfJ
G7373	EG13207	b2638	yfjU		P0CF86	yfjU
EG11984	EG11984	b2033	yefH		P37750	wbbJ
G7278	EG14178	b2448	yffQ		P76548	yffQ
G7144	EG14073	b2145	yeiS		P64536	yeiS
G7221	EG14133	b2352	yfdI		P76507	yfdI
EG11694	EG11694	b3674	yidF		P31443	yidF
G6834	EG13835	b1567	ydfW		P76164	ydfW
EG11664	EG11664	b3348			P0A8R4	slyX
G6818	EG13823	b1544	ydfK		P76154	ydfK
G6990	EG13511	b1806	yeaY		P0AA91	yeaY
G6679	EG12174	b1355	ydaG		P76061	ydaG
EG11209	EG11209	b4030	yjbA		P0A7C8	psiE
G6585	EG14245	b1141	ymfG		P75970	xisE
G6901	EG13956	b1673	ydhV		P76192	ydhV
G6304	EG14286	b0548			Q47270	ninE
EG10047	EG10047	b0050		30310	P62672	apaG
G6135	EG13342	b0260	ykfD		Q47689	mmuP
G6765	EG13777	b1454	yncG		P76117	yncG
G0-10452		b4533	ynfO		Q2EES0	ynfO
G6640	EG14262	b1287	yciW		P76035	yciW
EG12112	EG12112	b2624		33086	P33997	alpA
G6510	EG14281	b0989			P0A982	cspH
EG11120	EG11120	b1156	ycfA		P09153	tfaE
G6231	EG14282	b0392	ykiA		P75704	ykiA
EG10673	EG10673	b0565		4984	P09169	ompT
G6101	EG13332	b0217	yafT		P77339	yafT
EG10067	EG10067	b0273		1016	P06960	argF
G0-16745		b4751	yoaL		P0DPP2	yoaL
G7917	EG12559	b4307	yjhQ		P39368	yjhQ
G0-16729		b4734	yldA		P0DPN4	yldA
G7369	EG13204	b2634	yfjR		P52133	yfjR
G7922	EG12564	b4325	yjiC		P39374	yjiC
G7275	EG14175	b2445	yffN		P76545	yffN
G0-10650	EG14488	b4683	yqeL		C1P613	yqeL
G7218	EG12413	b2349	yfdB		P37326	intS
G7730	EG12916	b3378	yhfU		P64631	yhfU
G6831	EG13833	b1560	ydfU		P76162	ydfU
G0-10588	EG11114	b4592	yccB		P24244	appX
G6696	EG13371	b1373	ynaC		P77163	tfaR
G7598	EG12721	b3079	ygjJ		P42591	ygjJ
G6599	EG11818	b1157	ycfE		P33227	stfE
EG13217	EG13217	b0445	ybaE		P46890	ybaE
G6301	EG13628	b0545	ybcL		P77368	ybcL
G7491	EG13055	b2872	ygeY		P65807	ygeY
G0-10435	EG14354	b4509	ylcG		Q47272	ylcG
EG12333	EG12333	b0157	yadS		P0AFP0	yadS
EG11899	EG11899	b1349		32070	P33228	recT
G7433	EG13122	b2767	ygcO		Q46905	ygcO
EG11011	EG11011	b0738		17812	P0ABV6	tolR
EG12138	EG12138	b0193	yaeF		P37056	yaeF
EG10535	EG10535	b1139		554	P11072	lit
G7256	EG13160	b2408	yfeN		P45564	yfeN
G7907		b4286	yjhV		Q47719	yjhV
EG11875	EG11875	b3921	yiiR		P0AF34	yiiR
G7366	EG13201	b2631	yfjO		P52130	rnlB
G7131	EG14064	b2099	yegU		P76418	yegU
G7272	EG14172	b2442			P76542	intZ
G7531	EG12983	b2955	yggW		P52062	yggW
G7085	EG13389	b2005	yeeV		P64524	cbtA
G6210	EG13297	b0358	yaiO		Q47534	yaiO
G6828	EG13830	b1555	ydfR		P76160	ydfR
G7436	EG13125	b2770	ygcR		Q46908	ygcR
G6692	EG14315	b4570			P77184	lomR
G6379	EG13305	b0710	ybgI		P0AFP6	ybgI
G6595	EG14253	b1151	ymfO		P75980	beeE
G7296	EG14195	b2473	ypfH		P76561	ypfH
G6314	EG13639	b0559	ybcW		P64435	ybcW
G6474	EG13703	b0926	ycbK		P0AB06	ycbK
G6151	EG13553	b0280	yagN		P71297	yagN
G7260	EG12644	b2419	yfeK		Q47702	yfeK
G6128	EG13339	b0253	ykfA		P75678	ykfA
G6618	EG13895	b1181	ycgN		P0A8L5	ycgN
EG12370	EG12370	b1140	ycfI		P75969	intE
G7087	EG13391	b2007	yeeX		P0A8M6	yeeX
EG11739	EG11739	b0569		31157	P0AFA5	nfrB
G6813	EG13819	b1527	yneK		P76150	yneK
EG10438	EG10438	b4172		34450	P0A6X3	hfq
G6989	EG13510	b1803	yeaX		P76254	yeaX
G7363	EG13198	b2628	yfjL		P52127	abpA
G6956	EG14011	b1762	ynjI		P76228	ynjI
G7230	EG14140	b2361	yfdR		P76514	yfdR
G6894	EG13951	b1664	ydhQ		P77552	ydhQ
G7082	EG13386	b2002	yeeS		P76362	yeeS
G7013	EG14028	b1840	yebZ		P76278	yebZ
G6825	EG13877	b1552			P0A986	cspI
G6758	EG13769	b1447	ydcZ		P76111	ydcZ
G6688	EG14296	b1365	ynaK		P76068	ynaK
G7495	EG13059	b2876	yqeC		Q46809	yqeC
G6592	EG14251	b1148	ymfM		P75977	ymfM
G6527	EG13861	b1018	ycdO		P0AB24	efeO
G6311	EG13636	b0556	ybcT		P75719	rzpD
EG10412	EG10412	b3500		665	P06715	gor
G6148	EG13550	b0277	yagK		P77657	yagK
G6426	EG13328	b0823	ybiW		P75793	ybiW
G6124	EG14283	b0249	ykfF		P75677	ykfF
G7605	EG12728	b3086	ygjQ		P42598	ygjQ
EG12339	EG12339	b0266	yagB		P37008	yagB
G6287	EG13399	b0518	ylbD		Q47208	fdrA
EG11304	EG11304	b1577	ydfE		Q47138	ydfE
EG11360	EG11360	b3570			P27297	bax
EG10813	EG10813	b1351		32076	P15033	racC
G6103	EG13334	b0219	yafV		Q47679	yafV
EG10416	EG10416	b2614		660	P09372	grpE
G7930	EG12572	b4333	yjiK		P39382	yjiK
G7379	EG13211	b2644	yfjY		P52140	yfjY
G0-16689		b4724	ynfQ		P0DPC9	ynfQ
G7360	EG13195	b2625	yfjI		P52124	yfjI
G7697	EG12839	b3280	yrdB		P45795	yrdB
G7227	EG14137	b2358	yfdO		P0AD35	yfdO
G7079	EG13384	b1999	yeeP		P76359	yeeP
EG11196	EG11196	b3698	yidB		P09996	yidB
G6822	EG13827	b1549	ydfO		P76156	ydfO
G0-10624						insJK
G6683	EG13363	b1359	ydaU		P76065	ydaU
G7837	EG12474	b4149	yjeL		P0A901	blc
G6589	EG14249	b1145	ymfK		P75974	ymfK
EG12851	EG12851	b0643	ybeL		P0AAT9	ybeL
G6121	EG13335	b0246	yafW		Q47684	yafW
EG11410	EG11410	b4234	yjgA		P0A8X0	yjgA
EG12203	EG12203	b1557		32231	P36995	cspB
EG12336	EG12336	b0163	yaeH		P62768	yaeH
EG11301	EG11301	b1572	ydfB		P29009	ydfB
EG11581	EG11581	b0801	ybiC		P30178	hcxB
EG10777	EG10777	b1305		32012	P0AFM9	pspB
EG12159	EG12159	b0391	yaiE		P0C037	ppnP
EG10228	EG10228	b1569		18421	P06965	dicC
EG11764	EG11764	b3597	yibH		P0AFV0	yibH
G7376	EG13208	b2641	yfjV			yfjV
EG11938	EG11938	b4061	yjcC		P32701	pdeC
G7279	EG14179	b2449	yffR		P76549	yffR
EG11936	EG11936	b4057	yjbR		P0AF50	yjbR
G7223	EG14135	b2354	yfdK		P77656	yfdK
EG11806	EG11806	b1846	yebE		P33218	yebE
G6835	EG13836	b1568	ydfX		P76165	ydfX
EG12110	EG12110	b1414	ydcF		P34209	ydcF
G6819	EG13824	b1545	ydfL		P77170	pinQ
EG11603	EG11603	b3054	ygiF		P30871	ygiF
G6680	EG13360	b1356	ydaR		P76062	racR
EG12323	EG12323	b2244	yfaD		P37014	rpnE
G6586		b1142	ymfH		P75971	ymfH
EG11445	EG11445	b2918	ygfD		P27254	argK
G6305	EG13631	b0549	ybcO		P68661	ybcO
EG12843	EG12843	b0468	ybaN		P0AAR5	ybaN
G6136	EG13343	b0261	yagD		Q47690	mmuM
G7844	EG12482	b4176	yjeT		P0AF73	yjeT
G0-10584	EG14355	b4588	ylcH		Q47268	ylcH
EG12117	EG12117	b0814	ybiG		P0A917	ompX
EG11214	EG11214	b4360	yjjA		P18390	yjjA
EG11129	EG11129	b1561			P07010	rem
G0-16687		b4721	ytiD		P0DPC5	ytiD
EG10684	EG10684	b0741		35129	P0A912	pal
G7728	EG12914	b3376	yhfS		P45545	yhfS
EG10126	EG10126	b3966		946	P06129	btuB
G6082	EG14340	b0011	yaaW		P75617	yaaW
G7918	EG12560	b4308	yjhR		P39369	yjhR
EG11139	EG11139	b1908	yecA		P0AD05	yecA
G7370	EG14379	b2635	ypjK		P52134	ypjK
G6264	EG13257	b0488	ybbJ		P0AAS3	ybbJ
G7276	EG14176	b2446	yffO		P76546	yffO
G7615	EG12745	b3101	yqjF		P42619	yqjF
G7219	EG14131	b2350	yfdG		P77682	yfdG
G6413	EG13316	b0804	ybiX		P75779	ybiX
G6832	EG13834	b1565	ydfV		P76163	ydfV
EG10849	EG10849	b0497			P16919	rhsD
G6676	EG13358	b1345	ydaP		P76056	intR
G6506	EG13730	b0985	ymcB		P75883	gfcC
G6582	EG13448	b1137	ymfD		P75967	ymfD
G7520	EG12976	b4465	yggP		P52048	yggP
G6302	EG13629	b0546	ybcM		P77634	ybcM
G6728	EG13749	b1409	ynbB		P76091	ynbB
G6133	EG13341	b0258	ykfC		Q47688	ykfC
G7432	EG13121	b2766	ygcN		Q46904	ygcN
G0-10436	EG14380	b4510			P58041	rzoD
G7238	EG14146	b2375	yfdX		P76520	yfdX
EG11900	EG11900	b1348	ydaB	37053	P33229	ralR
G7236	EG14143	b2373	yfdU		P0AFI0	oxc
EG11020	EG11020	b1363		29963	P23849	trkG
G7266	EG14165	b2431	yfeX		P76536	yfeX
G7367	EG13202	b2632	yfjP		P52131	yfjP
G7058	EG14046	b1970	yedX		P76341	yedX
G7273	EG14173	b2443	yffL		P76543	yffL
G7434	EG13123	b2768	ygcP		Q46906	ygcP
G7086	EG13390	b2006	yeeW		P64526	yeeW
G6981	EG13503	b1795	yeaQ		P64485	yeaQ
G6829	EG13831	b1556	ydfS		P77237	essQ
G7524	EG13289	b2948	yqgE		P0A8W5	yqgE
G6597	EG14255	b1153	ymfQ		P75982	ymfQ
G6881	EG13409	b1641			P0A905	slyB
G6315	EG13640	b0561	ybcX		P77699	tfaD
EG10854	EG10854	b0633		17932	P10100	rlpA
G6152	EG13554	b0281	yagO		P71298	intF
G6699	EG12674	b1376	yzzL		P37903	uspF
G6129	EG13340	b0254			Q57083	perR
G7616	EG12746	b3102	yqjG		P42620	yqjG
EG12877	EG12877	b1154	ycfK		P45581	ycfK
G6505	EG13729	b0984	ymcA		P75882	gfcD
EG11740	EG11740	b0568		31154	P31600	nfrA
EG11144	EG11144	b2327	yfcA		P0AD30	yfcA
EG10507	EG10507	b0537			P24218	intD
G6405	EG13670	b0788	ybhN		P75770	ybhN
G7899	EG12603	b4277	yjgZ		P39351	yjgZ
EG11465	EG11465	b3818	yigG		P27843	yigG
G7364	EG13199	b2629	yfjM		P52128	yfjM
G6258	EG13244	b0482	ybaP		P77301	ybaP
G7231	EG14141	b2362	yfdS		P76515	yfdS
EG11604	EG11604	b4473			P30852	smf
G7083	EG13387	b2003	yeeT		P64521	yeeT
G26	dgd			863		dgd
G6826	EG13828	b1553	ydfP		P76158	rzpQ
EG11825	EG11825	b1464	yddE		P37757	yddE
G6689	EG13367	b1366	ydaY		P76069	ydaY
G0-16686		b4720	ytiC		P0DPC4	ytiC
G6593	EG14252	b1149	ymfN		P75978	ymfN
EG11941	EG11941	b4066	yjcF		P32704	yjcF
G6312	EG13637	b0557	ybcU		P77330	borD
G6149	EG13551	b0278	yagL		P77607	yagL
EG12212	EG12212	b3466	yhhL		P37614	yhhL
G6125	EG13548	b0250	ykfB		P77162	ykfB
G0-10511	EG14375	b4502	yeiW		P0AFT8	yeiW
EG12344	EG12344	b1303	ycjB		P37344	pspF
EG12337	EG12337	b0164	yaeI		P37049	yaeI
EG11634	EG11634	b1548			P31061	nohA
EG12710	EG12710	b1962	yedJ		P46144	yedJ
EG10827	EG10827	b1350		309	P15032	recE
EG12859	EG12859	b1424	yzzZ		P40120	opgD
EG10435	EG10435	b4175		17520	P0ABC3	hflC
EG12309	EG12309	b4403	yjtD		P37005	yjtD
EG11714	EG11714	b3690	yidS		P31456	cbrA
G0-10643	EG14483	b4678	yoeI		C1P606	yoeI
EG11008	EG11008	b0740		98	P0A855	tolB
EG12106	EG12106	b0107			P36645	hofB
EG10302	EG10302	b0150		777	P06971	fhuA
EG10155	EG10155	b2155		916	P17315	cirA
EG11935	EG11935	b4056	yjbQ		P0AF48	yjbQ
EG11727	EG11727	b3717	yieJ		P31469	cbrC
G0-16690		b4725			P0DPC7	rseD
EG11010	EG11010	b0737		17815	P0ABU9	tolQ
EG11744	EG11744	b1494	yddC	35854	P31828	pqqL
EG10800	EG10800	b1658		17989	P0ACP7	purR
G6108	EG13148	b0224	yafK		P0AA99	ldtF
EG10169	EG10169	b2313		32727	P08550	cvpA
EG11571	EG11571	b0065	yabI		P30149	yabI
EG11035	EG11035	b0411		62	P0A927	tsx
G6289	EG13626	b0520	ylbF		P0AAS5	ylbF
EG11007	EG11007	b0739		99	P19934	tolA
G7951	EG12597	b4377	yjjU		P39407	yjjU
EG10293	EG10293	b0584		18388	P05825	fepA
G6472	EG14287	b0917	ycaR		P0AAZ7	ycaR
EG11892	EG11892	b2009	yeeB		P33012	sbmC
EG11400	EG11400	b3508	yhiD		P0AFV2	yhiD
EG10542	EG10542	b0439		547	P0A9M0	lon
G6616	EG13893	b1179	ycgL		P0AB43	ycgL
G7832	EG12382	b4140	yjeG		P37147	fxsA
G7835	EG12472	b4145	yjeJ		P39279	yjeJ
EG10603	EG10603	b2684		33255	P0ACR9	mprA
G6808	EG13814	b1522	yneF		P76147	dgcF
EG11506	EG11506	b3178		735	P0AAI3	ftsH
EG11195	EG11195	b3697	yidA		P0A8Y5	yidA
G0-10545						insCD-5
G6948	EG14003	b1753	ynjA		P76222	ynjA
G0-10430	EG60021	b4516			P0CF10	insA-4
G7696	EG12838	b3279	yrdA		P0A9W9	yrdA
G7900	EG40007	b4278			P03835	insG
G7005	EG14020	b1832	yebR		P76270	msrC
G7126		b2089			P0CF83	insF-5
EG11133	EG11133	b1708		35802	P23898	nlpC
G6509	EG60022	b0988			P57998	insB-4
G7177	EG14095	b2270	yfbK		P76481	yfbK
G6360	EG60020	b0656			P0CE51	insH-3
G7611	EG12742	b3097	yqjC		P42616	yqjC
G6145	EG60008	b0274			P0CF27	insB-3
G7382	EG13213	b2647	ypjA		P52143	ypjA
G0-10542						insCD-2
EG10780	EG10780	b1308		32018	P23857	pspE
G7777	EG40011	b3558			P19769	insK
G7492	EG13056	b2873	ygeZ		Q46806	hyuA
G7077	EG40003	b1997			P0CF42	insC-3
G7498	EG13062	b2879	ygfL		Q46812	ssnA
G6308	EG60018	b0552			P0CE50	insH-2
EG10395	EG10395	b3425		18265	P0A6V5	glpE
G6134	EG60005	b0259			P0CE49	insH-1
G7400	EG13285	b2672	ygaM		P0ADQ7	ygaM
G0-10539						insAB-5
G7597	EG12719	b3074	ygjH		P42589	ygjH
G7762	EG60053	b3445			P0CF29	insB-6
G7192	EG14108	b2300	yfcE		P67095	yfcE
G7030	EG40001	b1894			P0CF11	insA-5
EG11122	EG11122	b1254	yciB		P0A710	yciB
G6224	EG60015	b0373			P0CF67	insE-2
G7024	EG12956	b1874			P67826	cutC
G6086	EG40001	b0022			P0CF07	insA-1
G7684	EG12821	b3239	yhcO		P64616	yhcO
G0-10536						insAB-4
G6966	EG12679	b1780	yeaD		P39173	yeaD
G7584		b3045			P0CF57	insD-5
EG11187	EG11187	b3594	yibA		P0ADK6	yibA
G6724	EG60028	b1403			P0CF41	insC-2
G6865	EG12457	b1614	ydgA		P77804	ydgA
G6212	EG60012	b0360			P0CF40	insC-1
G7825	EG12463	b4121	yjdF		P39270	yjdF
G0-16639	EG60058	b4711				insH21
G6630	EG14293	b1213	ychQ		Q46755	ychQ
G0-10530						insEF-3
EG11345	EG11345	b1132	ycfC		P25746	hflD
G7481	EG60041	b2861			P0CF43	insC-4
G6496	EG12306	b0961	yccF		P0AB12	yccF
G6693	EG60026	b1370			P76071	insH-5
G7927	EG12569	b4330	yjiH		P39379	yjiH
G0-10546						insCD-6
G6394	EG13663	b0753	ybgS		P0AAV6	ybgS
G0-10525						insEF-1
EG11540	EG11540	b1004		31836	P0A8G6	wrbA
G7904	EG40121	b4623	yjhW		P39212	insO
G6240	EG13613	b0426	yajQ		P0A8E7	yajQ
G7150	EG60038	b2192			P0CE55	insH-8
EG11725	EG11725	b3715	yieH		P31467	yieH
G6533		b1026			P0CF82	insF-4
G0-9541	EG14407	b4487	yjdP		Q6BEX5	yjdP
G6377	EG13417	b0705	ybfL		P75741	ybfL
EG11917	EG11917	b4001	yjaH		P32681	yjaH
G6146	EG60009	b0275			P0CF09	insA-3
G0-16677	EG31186	b4700				sokE
G0-10543						insCD-3
EG12043	EG12043	b2187	yejL		P0AD24	yejL
G7894	EG60049	b4272			P0CF45	insC-6
G7092	EG60035	b2030			P0CE54	insH-7
EG12280	EG12280	b3576	yiaL		P37673	yiaL
G6320	EG14233	b0572	ylcB		P77211	cusC
G0-10448	EG12157	b4527	ydaF		P0ACW0	ydaF
G6138	EG60006	b0264			P0CF26	insB-2
EG12704	EG12704	b2956	yggM		P46142	yggM
G0-10540						insAB-6
G6943	EG13998	b1747	ydjV		P0AE37	astA
G7769	EG60048	b3505			P0CE58	insH-11
EG10930	EG10930	b1814		32312	P16095	sdaA
G7074	EG60032	b1994			P0CE53	insH-6
EG10046	EG10046	b2957		30045	P00805	ansB
G6296	EG60016	b0540			P0CF68	insE-3
G6940	EG13995	b1744	ydjS		P76215	astE
G6112	EG13150	b0228	yafM		Q47152	rayT
G7624	EG12756	b4471	yhaQ		P42630	tdcG
G0-10537						insAB-2
EG10964	EG10964	b0693		31559	P24169	speF
G7672	EG60045	b3218			P0CE57	insH-10
G6941	EG13996	b1745	ydjT		P76216	astB
G6725	EG40009	b1404			P0CF89	insI-2
EG11276	EG11276	b3707			P0AD89	tnaC
G6213	EG60013	b0361			P0CF53	insD-1
EG10249	EG10249	b2366		834	P00926	dsdA
G6083	EG60001	b0016			P0CF91	insL-1
G6942	EG13997	b1746	ydjU		P76217	astD
G0-10531						insEF-4
EG10045	EG10045	b1767		1030	P0A962	ansA
G7548	EG60042	b2982			P0CE56	insH-9
EG11623	EG11623	b2797		33324	P30744	sdaB
G6697	EG13372	b1374	ynaD		P0ADI0	pinR
EG11407	EG11407	b1189		884	P0A6J5	dadA
G6168	EG60010	b0298			P0CF66	insE-1
EG11005	EG11005	b3708		101	P0A853	tnaA
G0-16637	EG60057	b4710				insB9
EG12407	EG12407	b0828	ybiK		P37595	iaaA
G0-10528						insEF-5
G6644	EG13908	b1297	ycjK		P78061	puuA
G7905	EG60051	b4284			P0CF90	insI-3
EG11558	EG11558	b0037	yaaM	36828	P31552	caiC
G7255	EG60039	b2394			P0CF93	insL-3
G7291	EG14191	b2461	ypfD		P76556	eutP
G6534	EG60024	b1027			P0CF69	insE-4
G7285	EG14185	b2455	yffX		P77445	eutE
G0-10544						insCD-4
EG50006	EG50006	b2441			P0AEJ6	eutB
EG11750	EG11750	b3411	yhgA		P31667	rpnA
G7270	EG14170	b2438	yffI		P76540	eutK
G7895		b4273			P0CF58	insD-6
G6645	EG13909	b1298	ycjL		P76038	puuD
G7125	EG60036	b2088			P0CF70	insE-5
G7289	EG14189	b2459	ypfB		P65643	eutT
G6489	EG13134	b0949	ycbI		P43672	uup
EG50007	EG50007	b2440			P19636	eutC
G6327	EG60019	b0582			P0CF92	insL-2
G7283	EG14183	b2453	yffV		P76553	eutG
G6139	EG60007	b0265			P0CF08	insA-2
G7271	EG14171	b2439	yffJ		P76541	eutL
G0-10541						insCD-1
EG11822	EG11822	b1301	ycjA		P37906	puuB
G7776	EG40010	b3557			P19768	insJ
G6646	EG13187	b1302			P50457	puuE
G7076		b1996			P0CF55	insD-3
G7290	EG14190	b2460	ypfC		P76555	eutQ
G6297		b0541			P0CF81	insF-3
EG10036	EG10036	b1300			P23883	puuC
G6131	EG60004	b0256			P0CF88	insI-1
G6634	EG14257	b1266	yciV		P77766	yciV
G0-10538						insAB-3
G7248	EG14153	b2385	ypdF		P76524	ypdF
G7761	EG40001	b3444			P0CF12	insA-6
EG11373	EG11373	b2558	yfhD		P0AGC5	mltF
G7029	EG60047	b1893			P0CF28	insB-5
EG10246	EG10246	b0211	yafG	30876	P0AEZ7	mltD
G6223		b0372			P0CF80	insF-2
EG10950	EG10950	b4392		34819	P0AGC3	slt
G6085	EG60002	b0021			P0CF25	insB-1
G7457	EG13085	b2813	ygdM		P0A935	mltA
G0-10535						insAB-1
G6470	EG13133	b0909	ycaL		P43674	ycaL
G7583	EG60043	b3044			P0CF44	insC-5
EG10956	EG10956	b1272		31951	P0AG14	sohB
G6723		b1402			P0CF54	insD-2
G7652	EG12790	b3158	yhbU		P45527	yhbU
G6169	EG60011	b0299			P0CF79	insF-1
G7410	EG12699	b2701			P41052	mltB
G0-16638	EG60056	b4709				insA9
EG12258	EG12258	b3531	yhjM		P37651	bcsZ
G0-10529						insEF-2
EG11862	EG11862	b3898	yiiI		P32153	frvX
G7908	EG60052	b4294			P19767	insA-7
EG12198	EG12198	b1733	ydjC		P37794	chbG
G7480		b2860			P0CF56	insD-4
EG12033	EG12033	b2165	yeiN		P33025	psuG
G6667	EG60025	b1331			P0CE52	insH-4
EG11237	EG11237	b3338	yheB		P13656	chiA
G6363	EG13656	b0660	ybeZ		P0A9K3	ybeZ
G6433	EG13476	b0833	yliE		P75800	pdeI
G6540	EG13870	b1034	ycdX		P75914	ycdX
EG11097	EG11097	b0410	yajD		P0AAQ2	yajD
G6207	EG13294	b0354	yaiL		P51024	yaiL
G7648	EG12785	b3154	yhbP		P67762	yhbP
EG11164	EG11164	b3037	ygiB		P0ADT2	ygiB
G7734	EG12920	b3382	yhfY		P45551	yhfY
G0-16698						naRNA5
EG11015	EG11015	b3919		88	P0A858	tpiA
EG11263	EG11263	b3322			P03825	gspB
G7129	EG14062	b2097			P0A991	fbaB
G0-16635						ryeG
G6397	EG13231	b0767	ybhE		P52697	pgl
G7853	EG12490	b4190	yjfP		P39298	yjfP
EG10489	EG10489	b1136		615	P08200	icd
G0-10652	EG14484	b4679	yohP		C1P609	yohP
EG10982	EG10982	b0729		17842	P0AGE9	sucD
EG11488	EG11488	b1639	ydhA		P28224	mliC
EG10979	EG10979	b0726		146	P0AFG3	sucA
G0-10440		b4514	ybfQ		Q2EEQ8	ybfQ
EG10980	EG10980	b0727		145	P0AFG6	sucB
EG11684	EG11684	b3655	yicH		P31433	yicH
EG10402	EG10402	b0720		687	P0ABH7	gltA
EG12391	EG12391	b1705	ydiE		P0ACX9	ydiE
EG10356	EG10356	b1612		18292	P0AC33	fumA
EG11851	EG11851	b3886	yihY		P0A8K8	yihY