BioCyc Quick Start Guide for New Users

Welcome to BioCyc! Here are some tips to help you get started.

Step 1: Select an Organism or Database

Most searches and other operations apply within the context of a single database: either an organism or MetaCyc. At the top of most BioCyc pages (including this one) is a section that tells you the currently selected database. If this is not the organism you wish to explore, your first step should be to select your organism of interest using the Change Current Database button.

In the database selection panel that appears, start typing the name of your organism (genus, species or strain). As you type, a list of matching organism names will be shown. Click the one you are interested in. Other options for identifying an organism of interest are given at the the Help link at the upper right of the panel. Click OK to complete database selection. You will be taken to the summary page for your selected database. Your browser will remember your selected database until you change it.

Step 2: What Can I Do Next?

Here are some options for exploring the contents of your selected database:

Step 3: Create a Free Account

After some amount of exploration, you will be asked to create an account. We require all users to be logged in to a free account, even if their institution already has a subscription. Creating an account is free, comes with a one-month free trial to all premium BioCyc content, and enables access to advanced features such as SmartTables.

Step 4: Learn More

There are many more tools available on the BioCyc website. The Website User Guide and video tutorials can help guide you. Some topics you might be interested in: